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Famous Enterprise Internship Dressing Etiquette Guide (Niu Fen Edition)


The summer vacation is over, and the annual internship season is here.

The classmates who got the famous intern offer were excited, squatting, and a little bit awkward:

What should I wear on the first day of work? What are the basic rules of office?

I have been living in a campus and home environment, and my students are new to big companies.

To this end, I have compiled a practical guide and hope to help my classmates.

As a very unique Shanghai, perhaps unique, student headhunting, Niu Fen recommends high-quality students to go to famous companies for internships every year.

These companies are famous because they have been baptized in the market, with history and culture.

Dressing and office etiquette are part of the culture.

Internships should be integrated into the culture of the internship unit, which is to be consistent with the dress style of the internship unit staff. Generally, they are dressed in a neat, generous and decent style.

The famous companies I have come across are generally dress culture. The image, dress and office etiquette requirements of the managers are:


1. The
hair is neatly combed, the face is kept clean, the boys do not have long hair, and the girls are not too bright and glamorous;

2. The
hands are clean, the nails are trimmed neatly, the boys do not leave long nails, and the girls do not apply visible nail polish;

Boys' beards should be repaired and cleaned without leaving long beards;

Keep your lips moist and fresh breath;

Girls should be light makeup, not heavy makeup.

Workplace dress

Boys wear shirts, suits, dark leather shoes (with dark socks), tie; summer, long, short-sleeved shirts, tie;

Girls with sleeved shirts, professional suits, leather shoes (no toe before, no exposed); long, short-sleeved shirts in summer.

(Summer office is generally air-conditioned, you can put a business suit on the office to prevent colds)

Office etiquette

Interns should be in the same position as the employees of the company. They should maintain a good posture of sitting, standing and walking. They should not be loud and playful, pay attention to maintaining a clean and quiet office environment, and not eating in the office area;

(If you bring a meal, you can go to the pantry, small meeting room, etc.

2. You
should learn to use the items and equipment needed for daily office work and cherish the unit property. If there is a malfunction in the use of office equipment, the maintenance personnel or the official staff of the unit should be notified in time. Do not disassemble and repair it yourself to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Keep your personal work area clean and tidy, and keep your work materials and personal items in a safe place to avoid loss or damage. You may not arbitrarily read other people's documents, materials, etc. without the consent of others.

Keep the secrets of the units, and do not arbitrarily read or copy the documents outside the scope of the internship arrangement;

Use the phone to pay attention to the language concise and concise, answer the phone should use "hello, please speak" and other civilized and polite language, can not be handled by themselves, should look for the formal staff of the unit to deal with, or should make a telephone record;

Office hours are not free from work. If you need to leave for a short time, you should inform your colleagues. When a colleague is not in the seat, he should take the initiative to help the colleague answer the call, and ask if you need to leave a message, make the necessary records, and promptly report the colleague.

Reception visits, business negotiations, should be carried out in the designated negotiation area of ​​the unit, generally do not lead guests into the office area.

8. During
office hours, the mobile phone should be adjusted to vibrate or mute;

9. When
receiving customers, you should be full of energy, initiative, enthusiasm and generosity, pay attention to maintaining the image of the unit;

10. Obey the unit work discipline and work schedule, and ask the formal staff for consultation.

Intern taboo

Do not install games in the unit computer, do not play games during work hours;

Do not review homework during office hours, and do not read books and materials that are not related to work during office hours;

Behave solemnly, avoid frivolous; self-protection, avoid forbearance.

Famous companies are willing to accept us for internships, that is, we are willing to let us know about it, learn it, make friends, and show our excellence.

Internship in a famous enterprise means that one foot has already stepped into a famous enterprise. The rest of the foot looks at you.

The internship season is here, go to work!

(Niu Fen recommended many students to internships in famous companies in Shanghai. He (she) wrote a lot of articles, sharing in the famous investment bank / commercial bank / public fund company, the world's top 500 / China industry TOP, internships and feelings You can see it on Niu Fen’s WeChat public account "Niu Fen will pass.")