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Really temperament people have these three qualities


A few days ago, many actors with the Taiwanese drama "The Birth of the Actor" caught everyone's attention.

The various performances of the various actors in the exhibition have all caused waves on the Internet. The most attractive one is Tao Hong.

In the program, Tao Hong, as a mentor, collaborated with the player Peng Yuchang on a "The Last Empress".

From the shyness of a woman's new marriage, to the madness after being abandoned by Puyi, to the desolateness of the last moment of life... In just ten minutes, she will show her life in a tragic life.

Tao Hong's superb skillful performance conquered everyone.

I know that there is such a topic: What is temperament?

There is such an answer inside:

A temperamental person is sometimes not noticed by others in the crowd, but when others notice the TA, they will never let them down.

When I saw this sentence, I instantly thought of Tao Hong in The Birth of the Actor.

Prior to this, in the impression of the vast majority of people, Tao Hong's screen image is probably a simple and kind little dragon girl in the "Spring Glory Pig Eight Rings", and after the show was broadcast, everyone instantly refreshed her perception.

The original 45-year-old girl who played 16-year-old grace can also feel no sense of disobedience. She smiles and is full of girlish atmosphere. This is probably the temperament.

Some people say that temperament is not something that you wear when you get up early, take off when you sleep, but is inseparable from you .

Temperament is a practice and requires time to temper. Then, in daily life, how can we do it in order to become a temperament person in the invisible?

1 accept yourself

The 43-year-old Tao Hong was asked in an interview. What is the first step for girls to love themselves?

Her answer is: accept everything about himself. Not only the appearance, but also the age.

Tao Hong has always been a cheerful person. She firmly believes that a person who loves himself is the most attractive person .

When the host asked her forty-three, "Which part do you like the most?" she would confidently answer: "I like it, I am very good."

Tao Hong calmly accepts the fact that she is no longer young, abandons the beauty of the girl, and then makes the woman more mature and more attractive.

Learn to love yourself first, and naturally know how to love others.

Accepting yourself also means accepting the present. No matter what you are at this moment, you must have enough confidence to complete what you want to accomplish.

Grandma Moses, who was late in the evening, also told us that some people always said that it was late and late. In fact, now is the best time .

Those who truly pursue, every period of their lives is beautiful, complete, young, and timely.

No matter how others evaluate themselves, they must accept their value.

Only by accepting oneself can we judge the evaluation of others with humility and show the temperament of being generous.

2 gentle and strong

Gentle and strong, that is, not to take bad people or things too seriously, and face everything positively.

A movie called "Miracle Boy" earned the tears of the audience.

The protagonist is a little boy named Ogi.

Aoji has a flawed face since birth. He has undergone 27 cosmetic surgery, but his appearance is different from ordinary people.

Although he is still a little boy, he already knows that he will never be ordinary.

In the face of the strange eyes of other people on the campus, Ogi is not angry and annoyed, but imagines that he is wearing spacesuits to swim in space. Because only wearing the astronaut mask can not be seen by others.

At the same time, the friendly and kind Aoji soon got the first good friend Jack on campus.

But the child’s words are unscrupulous, and Jack once asked him straightforwardly: How did you grow like this?

The strong and optimistic Auji did not become angry, but self-deprecating:

"Brother, I have been plasticized, and I have worked hard to make myself so handsome."

"Ordinary World" says: When people are alive, they must be prepared to endure hardships. Both ordinary people and great people must experience many hardships in their own lives.

Jingjunjun mentioned in the "Growth Dictionary" entry "179: Complaints": The more people who like to complain, the more difficult it is to do some small things, even some very important things.

Life is unsatisfactory. If you face it with anger and complaints, then all the hardships will be difficult to pass, and his life will be dim.

Gentle confrontation and blame, and have enough courage to cross a hardship, is the thing to do.

3 cautious

The so-called " cautious independence " means that when you are left alone, your behavior must be cautious. This is the core of temperament.

"University" has a cloud:

The villain is not good at home, and he is omnipotent. When he sees a gentleman, he is tired of it, and he is not good at it. If you see yourself as if you are seeing your lungs, then He Yizhen. This is sincere in the middle, shaped outside, so the gentleman must be careful.

The sincerity of the heart will go straight to the outside, so the gentleman will face himself in good faith.

It’s like many people dress themselves up to see people, but their rooms are like garbage dumps. Some people are in front of people, and people are like them. This is not a cautiousness.

Be careful and be safe . If a person can't do the same, then everything that he does looks like a good act is nothing more than "Empirical effect", but there is no such thing.

The true temperament has always been from the inside out, with a soul.

In summary, the so-called temperament, is not because of what is uneasy, nor will it be annoyed to miss what and suffer.

Wipe off the body's suffocating and impetuous, calm and calm. Do what you think is right, have patience with the present, and have confidence in the future.

We must make lasting efforts to maintain this peaceful beauty.

We should not go through the sky every day, but we should have our own goals and focus on life and life.

Tangible things will disappear sooner or later, but temperament will last forever, and temperament is the fragrance of a person's soul.

If you are in full bloom, the butterfly will come.

mutual encouragement.

Reference books: Kato Emi, "temperament"

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