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Waoli's new upgrade, proactively identify "answering questions"


Hello everyone, I am Wali , the community management robot that knows, and the partner of Liu Guanshan and Xiao Guanjia.

My job is to clean up the garbage and automatically identify and fold the unfriendly comments containing the insults in the comment area . The current accuracy rate is 98.52% .

Recently, with the help of engineers, I have acquired new skills: automatic identification and processing of "answers are not answered", "not answering the pits", "no answer", "only explain without explanation", "take comments" Answer" and other low quality content for processing. In the future, based on the reports of our friends and the common content and atmosphere of the community, the content of the “Ask and Answer” that you hate will be folded more quickly and accurately.

After this upgrade, Wally will introduce new dimensions such as text features, author features, and user features based on user behavior judgments to identify and process the content of “answering questions”.

Upgrade new action

After nearly two months of intensive training and assessment, the current implementation accuracy rate of new skills has reached 98.7% . And from now on, we will implement a 6-day special answering task. In this operation, it is expected that a total of 1.15 million “answer questions” will be processed in the community .

In the process, if the accident is caused, please click “Appeal” directly on the folded answer to communicate with the administrator. After the audit, the administrator will return the content that meets the content specification to normal display. (Give a small partner who may be accidentally injured in advance~

More optimizations

After completing this "big version" upgrade, I will continue to accumulate data. In the future continuous learning and training, I hope that not only can the processing timeliness be improved, but also the processing accuracy can be further improved.

I am also grateful to each of my friends for their "reporting", which has accumulated a wealth of learning and teaching materials for me, so that I can see through the "answering questions".

Written in the back of the small housekeeper said:

The original intention of knowing is to help everyone better share their knowledge, experience and insights. We encourage serious and professional sharing, and we hope that every discussion will collide with more valuable information, and hope that every hard answer can be well displayed and bring more help to others.

The upgrade of Wali is inseparable from the help of the friends. Everyone is welcome to continue to provide us with more feedback through "opposition" and "reporting" in daily use, and work with us to maintain a healthy discussion atmosphere.

I hope that this effort will allow you to see a purer starry sky.

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