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[Application Type] Fatal Mistakes in Study Abroad Application-01


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[Application Type] Fatal Mistakes in Study Abroad Application-01

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This article will list the misunderstandings and minefields from the preparation of the application to the final admission (unconditional offer instead of AD or conditional offer) in a question-and-answer format, summed up by several Oxford and other G5 partners in the UK. Due to the large amount of content, it will be released multiple times. Studying abroad, if there are problems with the most basic cognitive level, will affect the entire application process.

Q1: If 19fall is enrolled, is it possible to wait until August-September to prepare?

A1: If you hold a few high-water articles, world-class internships, bulls, and a school-based/master background, then you don’t have to worry about it in August-September. If it is not such a big cow, then the sooner you prepare, the better. The "Little Classroom Series" has also emphasized the relationship between preparation time and admission probability.

Many students have already set the goal of G5, which is not only conducive to the final application, but also conducive to the entire university career planning. Why not? The second excellent document (PS, RP, WS, etc.) is the need for long-term accumulation of materials and highlights. In the application season, it is difficult for a woman to be a master, and the content is basically stereotyped. Only structure, logic and language can be changed. In the follow-up article, I will detail the preparation of the 19 early bird schedule for your reference.

Q2: Can the UK master/MPhil/DPhil apply for each batch of applications?

A2: 19fall enrollment, UK universities apply for 2-4 batches of open windows each year, in September-November, January, March, and some will reopen in May. Another way is to have no DDL, and people will be full. Therefore, it gives the illusion that many students can apply when they apply.

I have been working part-time for two years in the Oxford Department and know the principles of this enrollment method. The first batch (9-11 months) will be the main application, the most applicants will be given, and most of the offer will be given. Students are divided into 3 grades, A file directly admitted (profed after the magnetic prof or hardware is very strong), B file reconsider, C file directly 甩. Students who do not record in the B file reconsider will consider the applicants in the second batch (around January), and each round of evaluation will be deduced by analogy. Therefore, if you choose the application channel after the second batch, the PROF is basically finished, and the position is less pitiful. Once again, you have to compete with the applicants who have been brushed down. If you are lucky, you can argue into an open pool or defer.

Q3: Is GPA a hard requirement?

A3: This issue has been emphasized many times. Every year, there are many students who are particularly concerned about their schoolmates. Here is a unified answer: not hard . G5 will say that GPA should reach 3.6-3.8 (depending on each project), but it is not a hard condition, and there are not many people who can apply. Seeing that many famous schools are still answering the GPA card G5 admission is very heart-wrenching, in order to block the application of the school brothers and sisters is really an unscrupulous means. About GPA:

Is GPA and research capability positively related? Undergraduate GPA is very low, domestic graduate students, want to apply for foreign PhD, undergraduate GPA influence?

First, the GPA of different algorithms will be different. Secondly, some students rank 5/120. Because the low GPA of the subject score does not meet the requirements, a ranking proves that the problem is completely solved. In addition, the real card in the school or department is the hardware, that is, internship, scientific research, projects, etc. These minute-by-minute GPA requirements.

Q4: Is the language a hard requirement? Is the higher the better?

A4: Not hard, not the higher the better . There are a lot of other articles and answers about the language argument. I won't go into details here. At present, there are still many students who have doubts about whether they can apply for IELTS scores. First of all, British universities, including G5, can give you an offer without language, so there will be a conditional offer. Secondly, there are multiple argue solutions for languages ​​that are not up to standard, such as language assessment, interview opportunities, small test, etc. In addition, if the language has passed the standard of the ideal school, then don't spend any extra effort to brush high scores. It is a stepping stone. " Bronze bricks, bricks, bricks, bricks and bricks can knock the door is a good brick ." Therefore, it is the last word to focus on getting the con offer.

The fact that you do not know the application for studying abroad: