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Since using the Ali's framework, the product manager has never asked the designer!


Everyone knows that product managers and designers play an important role in the development and design of products. In an ideal state: two people look at each other and smile at each other to work together to complete each project. .

However, the reality is often not the case. In our group, for example, in the case of a particularly large number of projects, product managers often chase the designer's world-wide run, and say good things, just to change the layout of a page.

Why is this happening? In general, several companies are carrying out several projects at the same time. The designers in the company have become scarce resources for a long time. The product manager is full of designers in the world. Why? Because there is no designer, the following work cannot be carried out at all.

The designer is responsible for the interaction design and page layout work, the product manager can do it directly. So you don't have to ask the designer.

It's easy to say, but in real life, although the product manager can handle the content induction and functional process of the product, but lacks design knowledge and ability, it can't be expressed through the page layout and interaction design. It is difficult to complete the designer's Work, so there will be a scene in which the above product manager is chasing the designer in the world.

Is there any way to continue the page layout and interactive process design independently of the designer's lack of resources?

Have! Have! Have!

Thanks to our Ali dad, I developed the magic framework of Ant Design , selflessly contributed various page components and supporting code, so the product manager can easily get a good page layout and interaction design ability.

Ant Design has a large number of page layout references, as well as a very rich and varied list of excellent pages, and all of this can be directly dragged and used, WYSIWYG, a lot of savings in the energy and time of the prototype, speed up Product development efficiency.

In the absence of a designer, product managers can directly page layout and interaction design to express the product's content induction and functional flow. Then, after the production is completed, it is directly delivered to the development engineer. The development engineer can directly refer to the specification code of Ant Design to develop the product. The most important thing is to reduce the cost of communication. The development engineer can understand the ideas and needs of the product manager at a glance. The product manager and the development engineer can talk in the same language, which reduces the communication cost.

How to quickly build a prototype with Ant Design

1, preparation tools

Prototype map design tool platform:

A full set of Ant Design component libraries:

2, component demonstration

How easy is this component library to look at this animation effect demo:

Complete page layout, also comes with a lot of dynamic effects! Such a component library can quickly meet your product prototyping and design needs.

I have never thought of Ant Design, the front-end framework, which can magically solve the problem of limited product manager design capabilities. Is it eager to try, download the reference component and try it yourself!

These components are so good, how can I use them?

1. Go to the component library / page library of Xiaopiu Select Square , search for " Ant Design ", and click "Refer to My Public Library" in the lower right corner of the searched component library. (When searching the page library, remember to switch to the web side on the right side)

2. Or go directly to the "Ant Design" component library and click the reference button in the upper right corner~

3. After the reference is successful, you can see our rich resources on the left side of your project editing page [Component Library / Page Library]! Drag and drop components to your own page and change it is yours! Since then, even if the designer is busy, he is not afraid~

Resource address:

Ant Design component library

Ant Design component collection

We don't just have the component resources on the web side, but also the prototype resources on the mobile side. Click on it to get a good look!

Ma king: "Ant Design" prototype resource sharing Sophia: WeUI (micro-channel) prototype resource sharing iOS component library
material design component library

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