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The chaos of Liangzhou’s chaos


Battle of Shaoguan

Cao Cao will definitely not fight with Ma Chao in Shaoguan. The "meat grinder warfare" is by no means the style of Cao Cao's use of soldiers. However, Shaoguan is an obstacle in front of him, so Cao Cao urgently needs a way to break the game.

Before, Taiyuan merchants clashed in Daling, and the Xifeng Guardian Xia Houyuan General Xu Huang smashed the merchants. Later, Ma Chaoqi was sent to the military. Cao Cao asked Xu Huang to be in the county of Heitong County, Hedong County, assisting the Taishou Dufu guarding Hedong. At the same time, he rewarded him with cow wine and let him go to worship his ancestors (Xu Huang is a native of Hedong County).

When Cao Cao ordered the army to gather in Shaoguan, Xu Huang also led the army. Cao Cao asked him: "I want to cross the river to the north bank, and bypass the Shaoguan attack on Ma Chao, but Ma Chao will definitely compete with me. Do you have any good suggestions?"

Xu Huang replied: "I came from Shaoyin on the way to Shaoguan. I saw that the rebels gave up the garrison of Pu Hanjin (the name of the Yellow River Ferry, connecting Hedong and Zuo Fengqi). I knew that these people did not understand it. Strategy, now as long as the prime minister gave me the elite soldiers to cross the Pushangjin, I set up a camp in the north bank of Surabaya (Zuo Fengyi), in order to attack the rebel flank, the rebels will be defeated." Cao Cao said.

Chen Zhi "Xu ​​Huang Chuan": Han Wei, Ma Chao and other anti-offright, sent (Xu) swaying Yin Yin to Fu Hedong, to give cattle wine, to make the tomb of the ancestors. Taizu to Shaoguan, fear not to cross, call to ask. Xia Wei: "The public squad is here, and the thief does not pay homage to the garrison, knowing that it is not a murder. Now the sect of the sergeant, the sergeant of the sergeant, is the first to be placed in the army, to intercept the thief." Taizu 曰: "Good." So that he would ride four thousand people to cross the river.

Cao Cao followed suit, first showing strong in Shaoguan, and making a gesture of attacking Shaoguan. In fact, in the dark, Xu Huang and Zhu Ling took a ride of 4,000 people and took the boat north (or marched from Hedong land). Pu Hanjin successfully landed on the west bank of the Yellow River, and then Xu Huang began to occupy favorable terrain and build camps to ensure the safety of the ferry.

At the time of Xu Huang’s construction of the camp, the rebel general Liang Xing still discovered the action of Xu Huang, and he took the opportunity to ride more than 5,000 people. He sneaked into the army of Xu Huang at night, and Xu Huang calmly fought and defeated Liang Xing. I firmly controlled Pushangjin.

Chen Zhi, "Xu Huang Chuan": As a smashing gate, the thief Liang Xing will ride more than 5,000 people to attack (Xu), shake it, and the Taizu army will cross.

After receiving the report of Xu Huang, Cao Cao also decided to give up the confrontation in Shaoguan, and decided to let the main force north to Hedong County, ready to reinforce Xu Huang and Zhu Ling.

Ma Chao saw Cao Caojun abandoning the duel. He actually had to cross the river, and he personally led more than 10,000 cavalrymen to rush to the customs and went straight to the Cao Cao military camp on the south bank of the Yellow River. At that time, Cao Cao and his relatives Xu Wei, the generals Zhang Wei and others stayed together in the South Bank. When Ma Chaojun was killed, Cao Caojun’s heart was on the north bank. Naturally, there was no resistance. Everyone was fighting to cross the river to escape.

When the situation was critical, the school’s Ding Fei put the cattle and horses out of the army. As a result, many rebels gave up the attack and turned to snatch the cattle and horses. Of course, these rebels are certainly not cavalry, and the cavalry led by Ma Chao continues to attack Cao Cao.

"Cao Yu Chuan" said that when Ma Chaojun came over, Cao Cao was still sitting on the bed and refused to get up. Zhang Wei and others saw Ma Chaojun's offensive violently, and they took Cao Cao on board. "Xu Wei Chuan" said that Xu Wei helped Cao Cao to board the ship. At that time, many soldiers also rushed to board the ship. The load of the ship was overweight and almost turned over. Xu Wei took the knife and slashed himself. This succeeded in driving the ship into the river.

At that time, the Yellow River was in a hurry, and the boat drifted downstream for four or five miles. Ma Chao led the cavalry to pursue the enemy and shoot arrows at the river. The boatmen on Cao Cao’s ship were shot dead by arrows. Xu Wei held a saddle in his left hand to protect Cao Cao, his right hand to row, and finally sent Cao Cao to the north bank of the Yellow River.

"Xu Wei Chuan" said that Xu Wei took more than 100 people from the Tigers. After seeing this, it is estimated that all of them were confessed on the South Bank. The official of the Xiangxiang government, Dou Fu (the grandson of Dou Wu), was also shot in the battle. dead.

The battle of Shaoguan was once again in a dangerous situation (and the last time) in Cao Cao’s life, and it was all by Xu Wei’s courage to save his life.

The generals of Cao Caojun on the north bank of the Yellow River, do not know how the war situation on the South Bank, and did not see Cao Cao on the shore for a long time, all panicked. When Cao Cao and Xu Wei arrived at the camp, everyone’s heart was laid down, and they were sad and happy. Cao Cao laughed and comforted everyone: “I was almost trapped by Ma Chao’s little thief today.”

After Cao Cao arrived in Hedong, he found that the local county towns were stable and no one was involved in the rebellion. I was very happy. Think about it, Cao Cao also praised Jia Wei in Hongnong County some time ago. He believed that no one in the world could compare with him. In a few days, he found that the ability and achievements of Hedong’s guarding Du Fu were already in front of him.

In July, Cao Cao led the army to Pushangjin and set up a base camp. Du Fu continued to provide logistical supplies to Cao Cao Junying. Cao Cao looked in his eyes and was happy.

Chen Zhi's "Du Fu Chuan": Han Yu, Ma Chao's rebellion, Hong Nong, Feng Yu, and many counties in the county. Although Hedong is connected with the thief, the people have no disagreement. Taizu West was levied to Pusang, and the thief was a squadron.

In addition, after the war, there were also generals who asked Cao Cao: "At the beginning, the rebels were in charge of the squad, and the north of the shui shui was empty. Our army did not enter the left Feng Sui from Hedong Pushong, but it was the first time to go to the squad, and after a while, our army Beidu Yellow River implements this strategy. Why is this?” Cao Cao explained: “If our army gathered in Hedong County from the beginning, the rebels will immediately control all the ferries, and we may not be able to win Pushangjin. I gathered the soldiers first to go to Shaoguan, and let the rebels mistakenly think that we must fight at Shaoguan to attract the rebels to Shaoguan. When Zuo Fengqi was empty, I sent Xu Huang and Zhu Ling to win the left Feng Wei. Then I announced that all the Beidu Yellow River."

This is Cao Cao’s explanation of his own guilty after he wins. Speaking aside, four years later (215 years), Sun Quan also played a similar stimulus in Xiaoyaojin.

Cao Jundu

Cao Cao's army from Puhan Jindu River, control left Feng Wei, that is, the north bank of Lishui, so, Ma Chao rebel army in the camp of Shaoguan and Cao Caojun became a river across the river.

Just when Cao Cao’s army was from Puhan Jindu River, Ma Chao proposed to Han Han: “We should mobilize the main force to cross the river to Yubei (ie, left Feng Wei) to attack the military camp of Xu Huang and Zhu Ling, as long as they control the port Jin, no more than twenty days, Hedong County’s military food is eaten up, Cao Cao will retreat.” Han Wei replied: “We can let Cao Cao cross the river to occupy the north, and when they cross the water, we will defeat them in Surabaya. Isn't it more fun?!" Ma Chao's suggestion was not adopted. It is said that afterwards, Cao Cao heard Ma Chao’s suggestion and said: "The horse is not dead, I am dead without a place of burial!"

Chen Zhi's "Ma Chao Chuan" 裴 《 《 山 山 山 山 山 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Hedong Valley does everything, and he will go." Hey: "You can listen to the ferry, squat in the river, don't take it easy!" Cao Gongwen’s sorrow: "The horse is not dead, I have no burial ground."

In fact, Ma Chao’s suggestion is only to prevent Cao Caojun from crossing the Yellow River and to control the Hexi area (Zuo Fengzhen). This is what Cao Cao fears; and Hedong’s military food is sufficient. In history, this battle lasted until September. At the end of the middle, Hedong’s military food was not finished. It seems that Ma Chao really does not know how much Du Fu's rations are.

Ma Chao and others are no longer in charge of the customs, but in accordance with Han Wei's strategic layout: mobilize heavy defensive drowning. After Cao Cao’s army arrived at the north bank of Lishui, he began to cross the river again. In order to ensure the success of crossing the river, Cao Cao dispatched suspected soldiers to pretend to cross the river. In the secret, he sent soldiers to take the boat into the drowning water, set up a pontoon, squatting in the night, and splitting troops to build a camp in Weinan.

After the rebel army discovered that Cao Caojun had sneaked into the camp in southern Anhui, he also launched an attack on the night and was defeated by the ambush set by Cao Cao. This record is from "Wu Di Ji", which can prove that Cao Caojun has won at least one game. In fact, "Wu Di Ji" went on to write " (Ma) Chao and other Minnan, and sent a letter to the west of the river to ask for peace, Gong (Cao Cao) No , I thought that I omitted the "Cao Caojun who was defeated by the Jiannan camp". After all, the biography is going to be defeated.

Reasonably speculate that it should be that Ma Chao and other rebel forces gathered together to conquer the Cao Cao military battalion that was just built in Weinan, and then smashed the troops in Weinan and continued to set up confrontation.

This was also a strategic retreat of the rebels, and then the river bank of the gully was vacant, and Cao Caojun crossed the drowning water and tried to establish a camp. I think that the time of "Wu Di Ji" records that "Ma Chao first summoned Cao Cao" should be at the time of "rebel army south". Ma Chao’s content of summation is roughly required to be based on the autonomy of the Yellow River to the west. However, Ma Chao actually wants to think that nothing has happened, and continue to divide the place? Cao Cao will certainly not agree!

Chen Zhi "Wu Di Ji": The thief retreats, refuses to swear, the public is more than a suspected soldier, the submarine is carried by the boat into the raft, for the pontoon, the night, the division is camped in southern Fujian. The thief night attack camp, the ambush broke. (Ma) Super is waiting for Minnan, and sending a letter to the west of the river to ask for peace, the public is not allowed.

The time was advanced to August, and Cao Caojun began to order the entire army to cross the drowning water and set up a camp.

Even if the rebels have let out the banks of the gully, it is not easy for Cao Cao to establish a camp here. "Cao Yuzhuan" said that every time Cao Cao crossed the river, Ma Chao would rush with a cavalry and destroy Cao Caojun. The process of building a military camp, coupled with the presence of a lot of sediment at the location of the river, is not easy to build. General Jiang Gui suggested to Cao Cao: "The weather is cold, we can pile up the sediment and then pour the water. The wall of the camp can be made." Cao Cao listened, let the soldiers carry the skin with water, and cross the river. Building the city wall, the next day, the city wall really built the city, so the follow-up troops of Cao Caojun were able to pass through the drowning.

Yan Songzhi did not agree with this story. He looked at Wei Shu and thought that the weather in August was not so cold, so he suspected that this story is not true.

Chen Zhi's "Wu Di Ji" is quoted as "Cao Yu Chuan": When the public army crosses the river, it is a (ma) super-riding conflict. Zhai Zibo said that the public said: "Today's cold, you can take the sand as the city, and fill it with water. It can be made overnight." The public is the one who uses the sac to transport the water, the night to the city, and the city. Standing, the public army can do its best. ◎ Note: Or suspected that September should not be frozen. ◎ Chen Songzhi according to "Wei Shu": the public army in August to Shaoguan, Haoyue Beiduhe, then its annual and August also, so far can be cold!

Regardless of the truth, according to the record of "Wu Di Ji", "September crossing the river", this intention should be the meaning of Cao Caojun all crossing the Lishui in September.

Jia Yi

After Cao Cao’s entire army crossed the waters, Ma Chao and others repeatedly challenged and Cao Cao ignored them. Ma Chao once again asked for peace with Cao Cao. This time Ma Chao still insisted on cutting the evidence to the west of the Yellow River, but expressed his willingness to surrender his son as a hostage.

To know that Ma Chao’s father and brother are in Xudu, Ma Chao is dare to fight and chaos. How can Cao Cao believe in Ma Chao this time? However, Jia Wei persuaded Cao Cao to pretend to agree, and Cao Cao listened.

After the messenger left, Cao Cao asked Jia Zhang how to go next? Jia Wei calmly replied: "It’s just away . " Cao Cao was a wise man and immediately realized.

Chen Zhi's "Jia Zhen Chuan": After the ancestors, Han Yu and Ma Chao battled in Weinan, and they waited for the peace and harmony. (Jia) thinks that it can be faked. He also asked about the plan, 诩曰: "Leave it." Taizu 曰: "solution."

Then, Han Yu invited to meet with Cao Cao before the scene, Cao Cao agreed. At that time, many generals dissuaded Cao Cao to say: "Cao Gong talks with the enemy. It is not possible to care about it. It is best to stand behind the wooden fence to prevent the other party from riding." Cao Cao listened.

Han Hao took Ma Chao, Minhang and other people to the front line, Cao Cao only took Xu Wei.

Cao Caojun set up a wooden fence in front of the front line. Cao Cao and Xu Wei stood behind the horse, and Han Han and Ma Chao and others went forward. Ma Chao took advantage of his bravery, and wanted to take the opportunity to rush forward to catch Cao Cao, but he always heard that Xu Wei around Cao Cao was also very brave (probably the pursuit of Ma Chao when the crossing of the river crossed the river), Ma Chao saw the Cavaliers behind Cao Cao (that is, Xu Wei) was born to be majestic, and then asked Cao Cao loudly: "There is a tiger in the vicinity of Su Gong, where is it now?" Cao Cao turned back and pointed to Xu Wei, Xu Wei immediately stared at Ma Chao, Ma Chao was guilty, and did not dare Move forward.

Chen Zhi, "Xu Wei Chuan": After the Taizu and (Han) 遂, (Ma) Super and other single-language language, the left and right are not allowed, only the (Xu) 褚. Excessively negative, the yin desires to spur the ancestors, the plains are brave, and the suspect is riding. I asked Taizu曰: "Is the public Huhou person safe?" Taizu Gu pointed to the shackles and looked forward to it. Super dare not move, it is nothing.

Later, Han Wei went to talk to Cao Cao alone.

The fathers of Cao Cao and Han Yu are the same year of filial piety (the "Wu Di Ji" is calculated as 174 years), Cao Cao and Han Yu are equals, so when they talk about each other, they don’t talk about military, only that they were The story of Jingshi Shuyang (brain supplement, it can be speculated that in July and August of the first year of Zhongping, Cao Cao was printed by Jinan in Xiangyang, Han Yu led the Liangzhou Army to strengthen the capital, and the two met.) Where, the two laughed. In fact, this is Cao Cao’s implementation of Jia Yi’s “division”.

"Wei Shu" also recorded: the rebel forces present on the scene of Cao Cao, several times before and after, Cao Cao smiled and said to the rebels: "Do you want to see me? I am not a human appearance, not four eyes, two mouths, only However, there are more ingenuity." Cao Cao set up an iron horse to ride a thousand people to form a ten-fold array, and the rebel army was even more shocking and fearful.

Chen "Wu Ji" Pei note cited "Wei": Zeijiang see the public, learned to worship at once, Qin, Hu audience, before and after the re-Da, smiled and said male thief said: "Ru Yu Tso concept also still evil? People, there are not four eyes, but many wisdom!" Hu before and after the big view. Another iron rider is five thousand for the ten-fold Chen, and the glory is fearful.

——I feel that this record is a bit imaginary, because Cao Cao and Han Yu talked in front of the line, Ma Chao couldn’t hear so close, Cao Cao did not have a loudspeaker, let alone the rebels farther away.

After Han Yu and Cao Cao talked, Cao Cao saw the squatting far away, and shouted loudly: "You have to remember to be a dutiful son!" Because he had seen Cao Cao before he was in Minhang, and asked his father to go to the Xudu court to be an official. Now that he has been a traitor, Cao Cao did not kill his father. On this condition, he hoped that Minhang would be a dutiful son and give up chaos in order to save his father's life.

Chen Zhi's "Zhang Chuan Chuan" quoted "Wei Lue": and Taizu and (Han) made an appointment with Ma, and (阎) followed, Taizu Wang said: "When you read it as a dutiful son."

Actually at this point in time, Ma Chao’s father, Ma Teng, was not immediately killed. Cao Cao shouted loudly and could also be seen as shouting to Ma Chao. At this time, Cao Cao still left them a retreat.

After Han Han returned, Ma Chao and others asked him: "What did Cao Gong say to you?" Han Yu replied: "Nothing." Ma Chao and others became suspicious, thinking that there was a promise between Cao Cao and Han Wei.

On his day, Cao Cao sent someone to write to Han Han. This letter may have been made by the military division. According to the "Principles", Cao Cao asked 阮瑀 to write to Han Wei. At that time, Cao Cao and Cao Cao rode outside, squatting on the horseback, and then writing it to Cao Cao. Cao Cao saw it again, but could not change one. word.

Chen "Wang Can Biography" Pei note cited "slightly Code": Dynasty tasted so (Ruan) Yu Han Sui for the book and, when appropriate Dynasty nearly out, Yu entourage, due in immediately with grass, as was the book. Taizu’s desire to make a pen is fixed, but he can’t increase it.

Of course, Cao Cao has falsified this letter and smeared some of the key words. It seems that Han Yu deliberately altered it. (I really want to make up the plot, I can speculate that it is the story of the Romance. ). Han Hao didn't know what it was. After he read the letter, he passed it on to Ma Chao and others. When Ma Chao and others saw the smeared letters, they even more suspected that Han Han deliberately altered it in key places.

The "differentiation" that Jia Zhang gave to Cao Cao was to let Han Yu and Ma Chao and others create estrangement and suspicion. So, when they decided to fight, they would not go all out and worry about some changes. For example, when Ma Chao didn't want to fight in front of him, Han Yujun announced his rebellion and copied his own path.

Battle of Minnan

On September 15th (time is determined by Fan Shu, "The Emperor", Cao Caojun and the rebels launched a decisive battle in Weinan. Both sides put all their elites into it.

At the beginning, every time I heard that the rebels had new reinforcements, Cao Cao would be happy. Everyone was not sure why. After the war, Cao Cao explained to everyone: "The Guanzhong is long and narrow. If these traitors are guarded by their own risks, I will go to crusade against them. I have not been able to make it for a year or two. Now they all come to fight, although there are many people, but they I am not united, I can destroy them in one fell swoop. I am so happy that I have such a cheap thing."

Listed below are the two sides participating in the war.

  • Han Wei, Minhang, Cheng Gongying; Ma Chao, Ma Wei, Pang De; Cheng Yi, Li Kan, Yang Qiu, Hou Xuan, Cheng Yin, Zhang Heng, Liang Xing, Ma.
  • Cao Cao, Xia Houyuan, Xu Wei, Yu Gui and so on.

Cao Cao sent a light soldier to fight, and when the situation was glued, the tiger rider was attacked from the flanks and the rebels were defeated.

This "tiger ride" is interpreted as a tiger leopard ride, or the iron ride that Wei Shu said. It doesn't matter, but it needs to be explained that Cao Chun died in the previous year (210 years) and Cao Cao could not choose a suitable successor ( The inspector who is in charge of the tiger leopard ride, feeling that no one can replace Cao Chun, so he gave up. About a few years later, Cao Zhen was an adult, Cao Cao took the tiger leopard to ride with Cao Zhenduo. This is a postscript.

Because of Cao Caojun's "Tiger Ride" participation in the war, Ma Chao was proud of it before, and the cavalry of the mighty winds could not resist, and the defeated the school, Xu Wei killed thousands of people on the battlefield, Cheng Yi, Li Kan, etc. People are fighting and dying.

Ma Chao ran back to Hanyang in Liangzhou, Han Han ran back to Zhangzhou Jincheng, and Yang Qiu ran back to stability. The Guanzhong area is completely settled.

Chen Zhi "Wu Di Ji": Gong is fighting with Kr., first picking it with a light soldier, fighting for a long time, but the vertical tiger riding a pinch, breaking it, Yu Chengyi, Li Kan and so on. (Han) 遂, (Ma) Super and so on to go to Liangzhou, Yang Qiubao settled, Guan Zhongping.

After the war in Guanzhong

Xu Chu in Tongguan war, Cao Cao get out the cover, and in the power of Weinan wartime have beheaded, probably cut up into suitable, Li Kan, who heads so thanks to Wu Wei Xu Chu ZhongLangJiang after the war. The Wu Weijun he led was also one of the banned forces of the Cao Wei Empire in the future. His "Tiger" name has also been famous since then.

Hong Nong was too defensive of Jia Wei, and the county soldiers were recruited to support Cao Caojun. The county soldiers were insufficient. He suspected that the county’s Putian Tudor (unknown name) had concealed the fleeing people. Therefore, Jia Wei went to find Tudor and asked him to think that he was not subject to the dispatch of the Taishou. Therefore, the words slammed into Jia Wei, and Jia Zhang was on the spot, and he was arrested and sentenced to break his leg. It is definitely illegal for Jia Tong to fight with his classmates, and then he was removed from the prefecture (presumably the Secretary of the school, Zhong Rong, law enforcement). After Cao Cao’s class teacher, I heard about Jia’s business. Because he liked Jia Zhang in his own heart, he levied him into the prime minister’s house. After becoming a red man of Cao Cao, I really can do whatever I want!

Chen Zhi's "Jia Zhen Chuan": Afterwards, he sent troops, and (Jia) suspected that the Tiantian was hiding in the dead. Tudor is not a county, and the words are not smooth. I am angry, I accept it, count it with sin, and fold it in Laos. However, Taizu’s heart is good and he thinks that he is the main book.

Zhang joined the Cao Cao in the identity of Si Li, and was promoted to Jing Zhao Yin after the war. According to the records of "Wei Lue", it is said that "and Guanzhong broke, (Yang Pei) on behalf of Zhang both led Jing Zhao Yin", and the "Zhang Chuan Chuan" records conflict, can only say that it is different.

At this time, Zhang was quite trusted by Cao Cao. At that time, Hanxing County was too defensive, and Cao Cao asked Zhang for advice. Zhang recommended Pusang to tour Chu . You Chu is the son of Guanzhong, a famous scholar in Guanzhong. You Yin was killed in the "Wang Yun case" by the priest of the school, Hu Wei, and the private enemy. Hu Yan died of a month after the death of Ying Yin. Guanzhong people said that it was Yu Yin. Ghosts demand. You Chu "is generous for people, the ranks are slaughtered, where the rule is to rule, it is not easy to kill ", is a good official of personal good, he later had a role in desolation.

The clerk of the school, Li Zhongzhong, entered the Xiangxiang House and worshipped the former military division. The successor of the school is suspected to be Li Fu in his 70s.

Chen "Jia Kui Biography" Pei note cited "Wei slightly": (Li Fu) moved slightly Sili Xiaowei, when he was more than seventy men, and it is absolutely no decline in sperm, and without prejudice to the surgery so slightly.

Cao Cao had urged not to disturb off in Zhu Jiang Wei covet , by Cao Cao attention was brought back to Cao Cao Ye City, and later after the establishment of Cao Cao Wei, Wei became one of the first sijung covet.

General Lou Gui medals lot, but no thanks to the Monkey records, Cao Cao often with emotion: "! Son Peter (Lou sundial words) trick, but than I ah"

After the Cao Cao class teacher, Xu Xiang ’s official Xu Wei sat in Chang’an as a long history of the prime minister, and then turned into a thorny history of Zhangzhou, which was in line with the meaning of Xiahouyuan Pingxi, but it was speculated that it was removed after the chaos of Ma Chao.

Hedong Taishou Du Fu provided most of the logistics supply for Cao Caojun. When Cao Cao was a class teacher, the remaining rations still had more than 200,000 baht. Cao Cao specifically ordered the addition of official ranks to Du Fu's two thousand stones. Thousands of stones).

Chen Zhi "Du Fu Chuan": and the thief broke, the remaining animals more than 200,000. Taizu ordered the slogan: "Hedong Taishou Du Fu, Confucius said "禹, I have nowhere to swear." Increase the rank of two thousand stones."

Jia Hong , who wrote Cao Yuwen for Tamar Chao , was also forgiven by Cao Cao. After all, Cao Cao’s love was eager, and he was recruited into the Xiangxiang government to serve as a military.

The rebel aspects are documented as follows.

Also written in the front: In the battle of Weinan, Cheng Yi and Li Kan died; after the war, Ma Chao, Ma Wei, Pound went to Hanyang, Liangzhou, Han Han and Minhang, Cheng Gongying and others returned to Jinzhou, Yangzhou , Yang Qiu Going to stability.

Liang Xing went to Lantian, and Cheng Yin and Hou chose to enter Hanzhong and went to Zhang Lu.

In October, Cao Cao led the army from Chang'an, and led Zhang Wei and others to attack and settle down. Xia Houyuan's governor Zhu Lingxian settled the rebellion of the two counties, and then settled with Cao Cao. The rebellion Yang Qiu surrendered, Cao Cao forgave his sins and restored his title (Yang Qiu was a knight before the chaos) and allowed him to continue to separate the law. Yang Qiu did not rebel afterwards, and he entered Cao Wei to discuss the generals and got a good end.

Cao Cao accepted more than 5,000 soldiers surrendered by Han Yu and Ma Chao, and handed it over to the Difficult General Yin and other people to manage, with Zhao Wei as the Guanzhong guard, let them guard Guanzhong. Later, Zhao Wei cooperated with the Yin Department to defeat the rebel in Xinping County, and defeated the warlord Lu in Chen Cang, and stabilized Guanzhong.

Just in October, Cao Cao received a letter from Yucheng. It turned out that the rebellion of Tianyin and Su Bo broke out in the inter-state of Zhangzhou. Cao Cao was anxious to return to the city.

Before Cao Cao left, Yang Lan, a military officer from Liangzhou, said to Cao Cao: "Ma Chao is quite awkward in Liangzhou, and the heart of the Hu people. If the prime minister withdraws, he will not strictly prevent Ma Chao, and the counties may no longer be in the county. Obeying the court." Although Cao Cao understood the meaning of Yang Lan, he still rushed and was not well arranged. The Chang'an area is handed over to Xia Houyuan and Xu Wei to take charge of military and government affairs.

Guanzhong’s catastrophe, according to the records of Wei Shu (Wei Wei Chuan), the tens of thousands of deceased, the stability situation that was difficult to get before was destroyed, and many people entered the mountain to take refuge (probably in the area of ​​Lushan), according to According to Zhang Luchuan, there are tens of thousands of people who have entered Hanzhong from Ziwu Valley.