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Improve the ability of interpreting, from what aspects can you start listening?


Two weeks ago, I received a high-level instruction from Ms. Mi, and I couldn’t help but be shocked: I was spoiled again _(°:з”∠)_

It is said that oral translation is not separated from home, although interpreting and translation learning are the same, but the two are very different, and the training methods and ability requirements are naturally different.

The interpretation process (in the case of communication) is divided into three phases:

It can be seen that to do interpretation, you must go through these three stages.

Of course, the requirement for interpreting is not only that, it has requirements for your physical and mental qualities, encyclopedic knowledge, speech and communication skills, business etiquette and so on. In short, interpretation is a process of lifelong learning.

This series will be divided into four parts: listening , brain writing , notes and handing . Please look forward to the following content, updated about three weeks. (Don’t worry, slow work out!)

Before entering the topic, we must first understand what problems should be solved to improve listening? What is to be solved is the sense of language, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and sentence, background knowledge, speed of speech, accent and so on.

Below I will explain how to solve these problems by introducing several programs in CRI (China Radio International) 's "Easy Frequency Modulation" (EZFM) application. The software screenshots are as follows.

Due to the revision of CCTV English official website into CGTN, the old version of the easy FM is also revised accordingly. The old version and the new version differ in terms of broadcast time and programming. The content of this article is subject to the new version.

Old official website:

The new official website:

This program is especially suitable for students preparing for MTI , English and American literature students, and people who like English and American literature. Of course, the most important thing is that this program will let you relax immediately and immerse yourself in the beauty of literature.

Column introduction : Chinese and English bilingual aesthetic appreciation, feel the beauty of listening to literature, enjoy the joy of learning the language.

Broadcast time: every morning from 6:30-7:00

Recommended reason:

❶ The content is clear at a glance: the program is guided by the main content, which is divided into Daily Quote, Poem of the Day and Beauty of Words.

诗歌 Poetry and music: The content is accompanied by music, including guitar, piano, violin and so on. The title of the soundtrack and the author are sometimes introduced in the program, and the knowledge of music can be accumulated. Let you learn the nutrients of knowledge in wonderful music;

❸ Strong literary atmosphere: mainly poetry and prose, all famous masterpieces, the author of the article introduced in detail, the translator also mentioned. Although learning is hard, it can also have poetry and distance;

朗 Read the sound quality: first read the paragraph and then read the English. Long readers are the hosts who easily tune the various programs. Whether it is Chinese or English, listening to them is a pleasure;

❺ Have a manuscript

Column introduction : The first time to report China's hot news and major news events in the world , interspersed with the reporter's oral report or online interview, and provide an overview or comment on important news events.

Broadcast time: 7:00 – 8:00 every morning

Recommended reason:

节目 The program is rich in content: from China to the world, political and economic history, science and education and entertainment are all-encompassing;

❷ Information is timely and prompt: quickly grasp the news of China and the world, and grasp the fresh information for the first time;

❸ Have a manuscript

If you think that 1h is too long, you can change to a short Hourly News, and every hour will be played on time, similar to BBC News, for 5 minutes.

What, the speed is too fast? Nothing, the next fine will introduce "Special English."

My understanding of general listening is that the choice of listening materials can be very wide, such as textbook listening, music, television, film, literature and so on. But in any case, it is not recommended to listen to anything . It may feel good at the time of listening, but if you don't look back, you will forget it soon. Listen to two points:

Concentrate on : Listening, especially English listening, requires a high concentration of mind, requires the brain to keep thinking, and after listening to it , it is best to simply repeat the oral content, and develop such a habit, the hearing level will be significantly improved;

Listening repeatedly : Any content, even Chinese, may not be completely remembered after listening to it. If you want to absorb a certain knowledge, it is recommended to listen to the same content over and over again. You can listen to it on the bus, go home and concentrate on listening, then look for opportunities to listen to it several times.

Note: CRI has a lot of high-quality programs, such as the English talk show Round Table, the symposium Today, etc., I hope everyone will find out.

Special English here refers to CRI's slow English program, not the VOA's slow English program. Compared with VOA Special English, CRI Special English is not rich enough, like the slow version of regular news, there is no education, economy, technology, health and other sections. However, English learning is enough.

Columns introduction : The world is changing fast, but you can learn it at a slower pace.

Stylish and beautiful, elegant English, listening to news and learning English.

Recommended reason:

❶ Simple background knowledge: many are Chinese news, familiar with topics ;

满足 Meet different people: British and American native speakers take turns to have both authentic American pronunciation and pure English pronunciation;

满足 Meet the learning needs: slow speech speed, able to hear every pronunciation, continuous reading, sound saving, etc., suitable for imitation, follow-up and dictation ;

❹ Have a manuscript

Note: The dictation is recommended for no more than 5 minutes.

Recommended reason :

❶ Clear classification, rich materials, but some content is not time-sensitive. Suitable for a wide range of people, the difficulty is clearly differentiated, is the best choice for your listening practice;

❷ The software automatically breaks the sentence, can be sentenced/continuous dictation, original text, translation, comment comparison, dictation results at a glance;

Recommended reason:

❶ Automatic segmentation, single sentence/continuous, interval repeat, double speed playback, multiple listening mode, convenient operation;

多种 A variety of learning and training methods, free to choose;

❸ Join your favorite group, download the required listening courseware, or create your favorite content and share it with others;

More features: waiting for everyone to explore.

Listening learning is also a subtle process. Listening to more sense of language naturally comes up. There are not many materials, and even the best tools are only auxiliary. Only methodological science and perseverance can finally reach the other side.

Finally, I ended this article with a rumor in "America Reading" and shared it with everyone.

In delay there lies no plenty;

Then come kiss me, sweet-and-twenty!

Youth's a stuff will not endure.

——William Shakespeare

There are not many days to come;

Twenty, please kiss me;

The grass is dead, and the youth is easy to pass.

——Liang Shiqiu translation

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