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First of all, regarding the cover, Xiaomei has a few words to clarify.

In the previous guide film, Xiaomei picked up the younger brother to make a cover. This time, she couldn’t help but choose him.

So the head of the regiment asked me to vomit me: How is Liu Weiran? So many guests, can you only see one Liu Liuran?

The little girl was silent for a second, and she answered a "of course" in her heart. Then the front face told the head:

No, it is not like this. You misunderstood me. Am I the kind of person who is obsessed with beauty? of course not. I chose Liu Xiaoran, of course, because his appearance in this issue is too high. These are all professional choices made around the subject of the article.

Yes, it is like that. (Look at my pure eyes. gif)

Head: ... (I will watch you silently. jpg)

Keke, although there is a little bit of selfishness, but the younger sister is not a big talker.

The process of solving the case in the first case was wonderful, and the performance of the detectives was quite good. It really relied on logical reasoning to catch the murderer.

This kind of IQ online performance also made the audience satisfied, and they offered five stars.

In order to reproduce the wonderful points, Xiaomei has already brushed three, but who knows the more details that the brush finds.

Therefore, if the case is sorted out, if there is a place where the discussion is not in place, please also ask the detective friends to give us advice.

(The head of the group interjected: If you have a problem, you can spray it easily, otherwise the girl’s mentality may collapse...)

I said before that the first phase of the scene was a bloody one. I took an art center and rebuilt the scene.

Looking back a few seasons, there will be good plays in all new scenes.

On the one hand, the setting of the exhibits can be more flexible, on the other hand, the plasticity in space is more, hiding a secret passage, a secret room, or having another heavy space or something.

This kind of scene is used well, and the story can be very exciting. And in terms of cost performance, it can't be a one-time consumption, and it is bound to come to a serial case.

Too many spoilers, I still skip the praise and expectation of the venue, and directly enter the case.

Interested in a piece to try to reason to find out the "real murderous" little friends, welcome to take notes while taking pictures~

(Pretend there is a split line here)

The first case of the fourth quarter: escape from the nameless island. Action!

On the afternoon of November 2, 2108, several tourists came to an unknown island.

First, let's take a look at their identity.

Liu flyer : Just like a person, a leaflet (a dragon juvenile hahaha).

Baiyueguang: Selling shoes, because every month sells light, so it is called moonlight...

Dr. Zhang : Pediatrician, still as famous as his name.

Ou Xiaobian : The public number writer, dream 10w+. (In the same way, let the young girl shake hands with you?)

He Chao : Master of Science in Astronomy, born in the countryside, the hope of the whole village, serving as a waiter.

Casting a net : a fisherman, also with a little apprentice.

Although the identity looks like a passerby, Caesar is actually the detective of this time. The little apprentice is a detective assistant and is also added this season.

I believe that everyone should have found that the name of each story is very unsatisfactory, as long as it corresponds to the identity of the character.

Everyone's identity looks simple. But this is only the first step, and their relationship with the "dead" will be revealed step by step.

Then there is the timeline.

Each of them was invited to the nameless art gallery of the nameless island. They took a boat at different times and they all fell asleep on the boat and arrived at different times.

After going to the island, they all met a strange pair of twins, male and female, and they repeatedly read strange words in their mouths.

Until 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the call of the net was taken out of the room, and the crowds met and then found the "corpse" together.

The "dead" is awkward and well-known to the media.

He stood dead, leaning forward on a mobile phone tripod with an arrow in his back.

The second step is to search for evidence.

This step should be the most attended by the guests, because you must find some evidence in person to trigger the story behind. If some story lines are not triggered, the guests can choose not to speak out.

The third step is to concentrate on the reasoning, and at this time, the results of the search will be analyzed one by one.

Then there is the second round of search and centralized reasoning.

So next we will combine the case.

First look at the "murder weapon."

That is, the arrow on the back of the "dead" is the most likely cause of death.

The arrow was fired from a salute barrel hidden in the branches behind the "dead", which contained many white powder.

In addition, a string was attached to the trigger of the salute, and a little hard candy was attached to the other end of the rope. The nature of this sugar is high temperature resistant and not soluble.

On the other hand, there is a mouse at the foot of the "dead" and a few spiders on his body. There is a small opening that is cut at the corner of the glass window.

A cage with spiders was found outside the corridor, with a description of "a spider that scares people to scream" and is not toxic. There is a knife that cuts the glass inside.

So it can be inferred that someone cut the glass and put it into the spider, trying to scare it.

Then there is the mouse. It is a sugar-sucking mouse, loves to eat sugar, and smells of sugar will fly over.

It can be inferred that someone made a mechanism with hard candy on the trigger of the salute, and then released the sugar-sucking mouse to trigger the organ.

The first key point - the time to put the mouse is the time triggered by the organ.

To determine the trigger, the "dead" is in the position of the salute barrel, and the "murderer" must go to the scene to confirm, and then release the mouse.

In addition, there is an anonymous email. It is this email that ensures that the "dead" can appear on the tripod of this mobile phone at 5:30 on time, because someone has to tell him the secret of his daughter's death.

The tripod is fixed in place by strong glue and cannot be moved.

There were further discoveries during the second search.

Everyone found a marble under the arrow on the back of the "dead" and then found a marble launcher on the scene.

The timing trigger mechanism is also set on the marble launcher. From 1 to 5:30, the rope on the switch will be cut off by the minute hand of the upper big clock and fired on time.

So, is the dead weapon a bullet or a marble?

This part is some evidence and reasoning found from the scene of the "dead", and there are more contents related to the cause of death.

Please pay attention to this part. According to experience, when the case is too complicated, the judgment through the confirmed on-site evidence may be closest to the truth.

Let's take a look at the further exploration of the identity of each suspect.

During the search process, a group called " Hero Alliance " was discovered . The group's green giants, the members of the group are Lei Ren, Black Leopard, Beauty Captain, Singular Master and Pipe Man (the Man Wei powder are calm).

After analysis, it can be associated with each suspect.

But members of each group do not know each other.

The people in this league are all keyboard men. When you see reports of unfair things on the Internet, you can perform your own so-called justice regardless of the truth.

Originally, they attacked the parties according to the article of Yan Xiangyu. As a result, an article that questioned the opposites appeared, and they turned to the spout.

This time everyone gathered here, in fact, under the arrangement of the green giants of the group, they decided to make a difference.

Everyone is responsible for a prank.

in chronological order:

Dr. Zhang first adjusted the space of the room in the squatting room, and his name was about "heating him"...

He Chao is responsible for installing the salute, filled with itch powder, and his name is "itching him"...

Bai Yueguang is responsible for fixing the mobile phone tripod, and when there is a mobile phone, there will be a flash device "flashing him"...

Liu flyer is responsible for putting spiders, "scare him"...

Ou Xiaobian is responsible for putting rats, but also "scare him"... (hmm?)

One person, a mischief, seems to be harmless, but in the end it constitutes a killing.

And knowing what is going on in the whole game, only the green giant, that is, the "murderer."

So it can be inferred that the Green Giant is likely to have two identities, and the "murderer" is among them.

The next step is the relationship between each suspect and the relatives, and their respective motives for committing crimes.

After a clue trigger, everyone's identity is more clear, and behind it is a love and hate.

Or follow the timeline for explanation.

The first is He Chao . He Chao had a twin sister. She was beaten and injured by a car. After that, she not only failed to cure her, but also pushed her down the cliff and pretended to be an accident.

He Chao investigated the death of his sister. It is his motive to avenge his sister.

The whole process of killing people was witnessed by her daughter. She could not resist the conscience and jumped from the rooftop to commit suicide.

Not long after, there was another girl who also fell from the roof.

Two things were put together as a serial killing case, and later seized the so-called "murderer" innocence. But innocent escaped legal sanctions because of mental illness.

So the Heroes Union conducted their first mischief.

Still like this one, the next person in the arrangement of the Big Green is responsible for one. They thought it was a prank, but in the end it led to an explosion of the innocent family and innocent death.

This is the first time the Green Giant has committed a crime.

Afterwards, the so-called "murderer" of the bombing was actually arrested and finally killed in prison. He is the husband of his daughter and the brother of Liu’s flyer.

My husband did kill the innocent, but killed him. The bombings destroyed the innocent bodies.

After the Liu flyers were investigated, the innocence was murdered by the prime minister, which means that the brother was indirectly killed by the shackles. This is his motivation to avenge his brother.

Dr. Zhang was the ex-boyfriend of her daughter. They were forced to break up because of obstruction.

Dr. Zhang has always had a hard time forgetting her daughter and knowing her true cause of death. It is his motive to avenge his ex-girlfriend.

Hao shoes are not pushed down by the innocence. She committed suicide because she could not withstand the pressure of rumors, and it was exactly what she did.

Seeing the name, she knows that she is the girlfriend of Bai Yueguang who sells shoes. Bai Yueguang knows her true cause of death, which is his motive.

As for Ou Xiaobian, she is a colleague. 甄相谛 谛 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 , , , , , , , 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣 谣

But there was another colleague who had been killed because he was unwilling to give him a pot.

Ou Xiaobian knows this and has the evidence. The threat is also to kill her.

Therefore, self-protection is her motivation.

Almost every suspect has a person behind him who is dying, and their deaths are more or less related to each other.

It should be noted that these contents are all obtained by the detectives through a search and a little bit of reasoning and "interrogation". The amount of information is really large.

Then, the first wave of scalp numbness appeared (high energy ahead) -

Remember that everyone met different twins when they went to the island? In the process of analyzing the case, people gradually discovered that these twins were actually the "dead" before!

Seeing the resurrection of the dead, even two! It looks exactly the same!

What is the plot of this, horror film? !

However, this is currently not directly related to the case, or it is back to the case.

In fact, here, the main line of the case has been sorted out almost.

The important reminder is that the younger sister also told me indiscriminately that you can't guess who the real murderer is.

Finally, there is a wonderful place to add for everyone, which is the culmination of the reasoning process in this case.

In the last concentrated reasoning, Liu flyers dive "killer"! (There should be a spotlight here)

Yes, he admits that he is a "murderer." However, I thought that I was a "murderer", but I suddenly found out that it was not, so I decided to raise my hand "self-destruction".

What is this wonderful process like?

Let's talk about a marble device in front of it. This device is quietly installed by Liu flyers. The purpose is of course revenge.

When he saw the marbles in the body of the "dead", he thought that he was a "murderer", so he began to play all the way to the top.

However, after some thoughts, he suddenly found himself not a "murderer."

Next, it is time to test whether you have listened to the teacher seriously during the middle school.

This is a picture question (probably).

Questioner: Liu Xueba.

Let us explain the situation in combination with the actual situation on site:

The arrow is directly behind the "dead", and the marbles are slanted and the trajectories of both must be straight.

The two things are in the "dead" body: the arrow is inserted straight, the marbles are below the arrow, there is only one wound, no other traces.

Did you find the problem?

The Liu flyer thought that he was a "murderer" because the marbles were underneath, that is, the marbles were first fired and killed.

However, the positions of the launch points of the two are positive and oblique. If they are to be intersected at one point, it is bound to leave a positive and a diagonal wound on the back of the "dead".

But now there is only one straight wound. What does it mean?

There is only one possibility: the arrow is fired, and the marble is then pulled out by the arrow and put into the wound, then the arrow is inserted.

Conclusion: Marbles are not a murder weapon, and the Liu flyers that install marbles are not “murderers”.

Want to understand this, the little girl just wants to applaud, learn to dominate!

Tips can only be here. You can try to reason and find the "murderer" by combining the above.

If you feel that it is not clear enough, you are welcome to see the original film. After all, there are too many details, and the younger sister can only pick the key points and cannot point them out one by one.

And the reasoning process is really exciting, and every detective has a bright eye.

As always, Xiaobai will focus on the clear ideas. Teacher He is almost horrible. Reasoning alone has almost restored the entire crime process. The little girl was shocked by the chin when she was in the second brush.

So, Teacher He, is this the real light? After all, it is "炅"! (Note: Hey, Guangmingyi.)

The venue of the next issue has not changed, it is a continuation of this issue. After all, in this case, all kinds of stalks have been ambushed, and everyone’s appetite has been hoisted.

The twins mentioned above are enough to be curious, and there are bells that have been counting down. The sun will shine for a while, and the weather will suddenly change from the room. A little suspense is enough to make people creepy.

And the trailer that really makes the little girl stand upside down is the top that never stops spinning.

Inception! Want to play so big? !

God, me, me, I am really...

so excited!

Come on the next issue!

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