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What is the direction of the HR student interview with the student intern interview?


For interviews with interns, the questions given by HR are generally based on the basics of interviewers. Here are some of the key points that an experienced HR provides about interviewing interns.

☑Enterprises want to know the quality and evaluation points of the interviewer:

❶ Thinking and judgment

Is it possible to accurately understand each other's questions, find answers quickly, and answer and ask questions closely?

仪表 Instrumentation and cultivation

Whether it is appropriate to dress properly, whether the question is serious, honest, and whether the manners are elegant and generous.

❸ Language ability

Whether the conversation is coherent, whether the theme is outstanding, whether the idea is clear, and whether the speech is persuasive.

能力 Ability to communicate

Is it possible to listen to and respect the opinions of others, and whether they can properly express their opinions when they have different opinions?

❺ Self-confidence and responsibility

Do you have confidence and courage to take responsibility when dealing with people?

团队 Teamwork ability

The spirit of working with others, the quality of understanding others and mutual respect, the spirit of healthy competition, being leaders or obedient in the group.

question and answer interview in HR point frequently raised: the personal side

❶ Introduce yourself and your family

This question is mainly about understanding yourself and your family background. Just answer it as it is.

❷ What are your advantages?

Fully introduce your strengths, but it's best to use adjectives less and speak with facts that reflect your strengths. Chinese people are modest, and they must not feel arrogant in the face of state-owned enterprises or middle-level testers of foreign-funded enterprises.

❸ What are your shortcomings?

When introducing shortcomings, it is best to introduce them from a good point of view. Because some advantages are shortcomings from different angles, and some disadvantages are also advantages. It can introduce their own shortcomings from the weaknesses of college students. Of course, if there are defects that cannot be hidden, you should not evade. For example, if you have been punished, you should introduce it truthfully. Of course, you can talk more about the current understanding and the situation of later correction. In short, introduce the advantages, not arrogant, try to put a low-key point on the advantages; introduce the shortcomings, do not have to be nervous and uncomfortable, try to show embarrassing points. It is necessary to give the other party an impression of being objective, impartial, self-reflective, and able to clearly understand themselves. The so-called people are self-aware.

❹ What is your parent’s attitude towards finding a job this time?

If your parents object to your departure from the family and you follow your parents' opinions, you don't have to apply for a foreign unit. If you don't object, you must also discuss with your parents beforehand. When answering this question, you can tell the other party that you have discussed with your parents to show that your application is very cautious. Of course, you should mainly emphasize your attitude so as not to be considered a person who has no opinion and cannot decide independently, that is, a child who has not grown up.

❺ Do you have any plans to go abroad, graduate students, etc.

Different units have different attitudes towards this issue and cannot be generalized. You can also ask the unit about your attitude towards this issue.

什么 What major are you studying now?

If you are not voluntarily entering the profession, you can explain the situation at the time. If you are voluntarily, explain why you are interested in the relevant knowledge. Whether it is voluntary or not, it is best to emphasize how this expertise can help your future development. If the major is related to the unit you are applying for, don't answer that you are not interested.

❼ Evaluate your college life

Emphasize your learning, work, life attitude and your achievements, as well as the impact of university life on your life. You can also briefly mention some areas where your efforts are not enough. Many students have been teachers' assistants during their studies, and it is very important to introduce the meaning of the topic and what you have done specifically. If the interviewer is not a professional, don't use too many jargon. If you are a professional, just mention that you should avoid making each other a fool, and you will not be afraid of your strength.

什么 What duties, organizations, or events have been held during the school year?

Introduce your internship, social survey, student science and technology activities, work-study and other activities and achievements. It's also a good idea to introduce the importance of the practical work experience you have gained in these activities to your future work. It also shows that you are a good person. The above is some of the key points for most companies to interview the fresh graduates. For the interviews of recent graduates, the average company will not be very demanding, but as a fresh graduate, you must be fully prepared before the interview. The interviewer must Go to the enterprise with a mindset of seeking knowledge. Try not to be childish, shy, or very skinny, which will make HR feel that you are not suitable for the job. (Automatic identification of QR code)