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Know that the "achievement badge" is online.


In order to more intuitively record the community behavior of each of our friends, and to better help other friends to quickly and easily understand their sharing in the community, we launched the " achievement badge ." Currently, the achievement badge is already online in the App, click on the "My" page at the bottom, then click on "Personal Homepage" to enter the "Personal Homepage" to find the "Badge" module.

The answers, articles, or ideas shared by each of our friends have helped many people invisibly. A city needs people who live in it to build together. It is the same, and it is inseparable from the joint efforts of our friends. Everything that everyone puts in the community will be recognized, and the badge is the record and expression of these achievements, and to a certain extent is a milestone in the community. The first issue of the "Grade Badge" was launched on the 13th, and the lovely Liu Guanshan left a mark on each badge.

Where can I get a badge?

Open the Know App, click the bottom navigation bar to enter the "My" page, then click "Personal Homepage", go to the "Personal Homepage" to find the "Badge" module, enter the "Badge" to receive your achievement badge: "I know all The two badges of "Word" and "Curious Baby" can be obtained by answering or asking a certain number of questions; you can get the "Certificate for yourself" badge by perfecting your personal information; the "Socialist" badge can be obtained by paying attention to other friends. The more friends you make, the higher your level will be. The "Daily Strolling" badge is literal. The friends open the app every day and log in continuously. In addition, there are badges such as "column writer", "required", "being eloquent", etc. The specific rules can be viewed in the badge system .

We are grateful to each of our friends for their careful sharing. The "salt" of wisdom that we share helps many people see the bigger world. However, due to the maintenance of the community atmosphere, we have imposed a single-day behavior limit on the badge to ensure the fairness of the badge mechanism. In the follow-up, we will also launch more types of badges to present the sharing of friends to a richer perspective. If you have any questions during the use process, please contact us.