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The store has not exploded yet? It’s hard to follow the explosions.


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Then share today, a friend asked, two years of operation shop , I do not know what kind of considered explosion models , looked at the data, which is a bit awkward, and will not look at the data, analyze the market do not understand, do not drive It is purely a question of three questions, how can there be good data feedback in this operation.

The explosion is the dream of every treasurer, and it is also the best. Today, I will share with you the experience of creating explosive models. I hope that each shopkeeper can make a burst of money for his own shop, so that the baby in the store can be hot.

We do shops to make money, since it is making money, the store can not do without the explosion, because the explosion represents the popularity and flow of the store, the more the sales, the more the buyer will recognize your baby, not only that, but also the explosion Drive the rapid growth of the store's traffic, and a breakthrough in the store level, the explosions are generally divided into two types, a single explosion and explosion group, in the case of poor shop base in the early stage, you can first make a single explosion, and so on a single explosion. And then hit the explosion group.

Having said that, it is hard to do the explosion. In fact, it is not difficult. The methods and techniques are correct. It is clear how to break the explosion. The premise of the explosion, the operation process, how to maintain it, there is a clear The idea, because Taobao has been constantly standardizing, is to make us more secure, if the mind is not flexible enough, can not adapt to this market, can only be eliminated, as the flow is increasingly fragmented, most of the treasurers can not keep up with the thinking The first step did not go well, the money was smashed, but the shop still didn't do it. It used too little heart and complained too much, so it felt that Taobao was getting harder and harder.

What are the benefits of our explosions for the store?

We all know that buying things online is different from offline. Shopping online can be seen and tangible, but online is mainly based on feeling and vision. You say your baby is better, if there is no sales and Buyers' real evaluation, consumers will not easily believe that most consumers are habitually choose to sell high-quality baby and then rank, and then enter the store, in the Taobao search ranking, shop baby sales accounted for A certain weight.

So if the sales of your shop baby is very high, then when the consumer searches for the baby, your baby’s ranking can be stable. If the baby is ahead, there will be more opportunities for display, and consumers will give priority to you. The baby of the store, so this is one of the reasons why we are exploding.

Explosion can not only improve the rating of the store, but also improve the conversion. Of course, a good rating also affects the baby's search ranking. The impact of the single item explosion on the store rating is not obvious. If the store has multiple explosions, then these explosions The money will be directly scored, and the baby's comprehensive search ranking will be more and more advanced.

In addition, the explosion of the store can not only increase the exposure rate, but also bring more natural traffic to the store. The sales volume of the baby will also increase. The more sales, the more consumers can buy, and thus the more High conversion rate, the greater the volume of the store, the higher the credibility of the store, and finally brought to the associated marketing, so the explosion is the main force of the entire store, if the store has multiple explosions, high collection popularity, sales, evaluation of these data, The whole store also has a high weight.

How to create a burst?

What kind of baby has the potential for explosion, it is worth promoting, this is undoubted, the previous period must be selected, the operation method is of course important, but the store has a good style is equivalent to half of our success, online In such a big market, there is never a shortage of products. When choosing money, we have to choose a lot of treasures, and we must have a stable supply to ensure the quality of the baby.

Explosive baby has the conditions

Seasonal product

Prerequisites should choose the products of the season. The operation should be prepared in advance. The traffic of the store is in the initial stage. It is not the state of traffic decline. It can't be started until the season. If you want to explode, it is important to start. The time is very important. Do it well, and by the end of the season, the baby will be able to explode quickly.

Baby try not to choose a niche category, look at the market search heat to choose, niche products do not have many people to buy, basically do not search, there will be no tens of thousands of sales, and will not be explosive.

Baby quality clearance

We must ensure the quality of the baby, and the stable supply, want to make the store have a stable explosion, the source of goods and quality is the core, just like the men's clothing store I used to operate, the sales volume of one month is 5,000 pieces, the baby is going to When there is a continuous outbreak, the quality has a problem, the return rate and the bad review are too high, and the conversion has been lost, directly affecting the explosion.

Baby's pricing

Some shopkeepers don't know how to price the baby. Of course, the pricing is not how much you want to decide. We make the store to make profits, not simply sell goods, so the pricing should also consider the profit of the baby, the profit is high, we The operating space is large, the average baby has a promotional price and the price of peace, pricing should pay attention to, the price should not be free to change, you can get a coupon when adjusting, balance the price, more help than you adjust the price.

To make a burst of money, you must set a good price, in order to better cut into the market, baby cost-effective, value for money, and then analyze the market and similar baby prices, you can use the business staff to analyze the market, mainly depending on your competitors Pricing, and their baby and your baby also make a comparison, analyze your baby's advantage, see the baby difference, in the course of operation, also show your baby's advantages clearly, usually pay more attention to some activities, such as gathering Cost-effective and panning, look at the best-selling baby during these events, and analyze why these babies can explode quickly and you will gain something.

a lot of praise

The premise of the explosion is that the praise must be enough, because consumers will look at the evaluation when they enter the store to buy products, in order to recognize our baby, praise has also played a role in the transformation of the store.

More collections

Some merchants do not attach great importance to the collection. Here, the emphasis is on the higher the collection index, and the potential of this baby’s explosion is not much better.

Details page

The details page will look at the artist's skills. A baby wants to make a burst. The details must be attractive enough to highlight the baby's selling point, so that others can see the impulse to place an order. Have a clear goal and go to a targeted design.

Since we know the factors that make up the money, we must seize the opportunity, seize the traffic entrance, make the explosion, always look at the shops in the same industry, and see what products the peers are doing. They can directly do the same and compete.

Said so much in the front, but also to explode the process, if the heart is still not bottom, then look at it, the first to do the explosion is of course to use the data to speak, there is no good-looking data, are white, how to see the data?

Keyword quality score

Some friends never look at the quality points when driving. They have been entangled in why PPC can't go down. First of all, if you want to improve the quality score, you should improve the relevance of the title and keywords to the baby, so that your quality score will not be low. When adding keywords in the early stage, the quality score is also 8 points. There is a good method, the correct operation idea, the upper point is not a problem, and the PPC will also decrease with the increase of the quality score, so that it can be obtained with limited funds. The biggest return.

Digging keywords

When you dig a word, you should also pay attention to the keywords that are highly relevant to the baby. The promotion is based on accurate traffic. Because the competition of these keywords is not very large, there may be a lot of traffic, but you can look at the conversion rate and click rate. It will be too bad, it will be done fine, and there will be too many problems in the adjustment period.

The importance of the title

Now most buyers basically look at the promotion map into the store, but it doesn't mean that no one will read the title. The title should be creative. The Taobao system will recognize it later. According to the baby's title, you can match the right people, so if your The title is not well written, the label of the crowd is easy to mess, the system will not match the right people, there is a good title, the relevance is high, so that the store can play a finishing touch.

Delivery time and territory

The through train should also pay attention to the geographical area. In the early stage of promotion, it is generally used to click and convert high areas. Because this is the weight of the initial account, it also has a certain effect on the quality score, and there is time to put it. The trend of traffic, look at the data for one week and half a month, analyze the best drainage effect during what time period, convert it, then go to the delivery, then adjust the discount ratio of this period to get the maximum flow.

After the test, under the premise of a data foundation, the data can be further adjusted. The next step is to focus on whether the natural flow of the baby has been improved, and the conversion rate is an upward trend. Then our baby is very promising. You can go to the main push, play the explosion, if the traffic is not improved, there is no conversion, then this paragraph will not be necessary.

Everyone knows that there are more and more businesses that open through trains, but now driving is not only to explode, the main thing is to drive the overall natural flow of the store, which is the purpose of most businesses to drive, if it is open, there is no effect, then You have to find a problem from yourself, and the store will definitely focus on natural traffic in the later period, which will increase the overall traffic and sales volume of the store.