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Knowing to release 2017 Memorabilia: About the world, about China, about you


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Our 2017

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What is affecting the world in 2017?

It is you, it is me, it is us.

The direction of the world

Depending on how most people think

Is going to the universe, exploring the unknown

Is technological advancement, building the future

Is pursuing change and realizing dreams

We constantly discover the limitations of thinking and explore the boundaries of cognition.

Not satisfied with the appearance, nor with the flow

Our challenges will be more and more

Because the world is not perfect, there is always pain to bear

We still have to think, accept failure

But never stop looking for good steps

Because we believe

There is love in this world.

There are many wonderful things worth pursuing to protect

The history of this world is being shaped by you and me.

Thinking can influence the world

Knowing that the impact is happening

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Index of problems in the video:

How to interpret the major achievements of the dark matter particle detection satellite "Wuk" announced by the Purple Mountain Observatory on November 30?

How do you look at the new changes in the Tami Star (KIC 8462852) that was suspected of wearing Dyson in September 2017?

What is the value of the WeChat applet?

How do you think that on September 4, 2017, the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued a document to manage the ICO? What impact might it have?

What are the actual effects of shared bicycles on urban traffic?

How to evaluate the game "Jesus Survival: Great Escape"?

How do you view Jia Yueting's resignation as LeTV's all positions and the chairman of LeTV, but still as the controlling shareholder of LeEco?

How do you think Bill Gates was elected as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering?

Why are South Korean presidents almost devoid of hospice?

How do you see Emmanuel Macron winning the 2017 French election?

Why does Catalonia want independence?

How do you see Donald Trump announce the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement?

How do you see the New York Times today exposing Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment actress for decades? And the statement that Weinstein subsequently issued?

Why "Wrestle!" Dad, is the dispute so big?

How to evaluate the film "War Wolf 2" box office into the global movie box office history TOP100?

How to evaluate the TV series "The Name of the People"?

How do you see the Fed raising interest rates on June 14, 2017? What is the impact on China? How will the central bank respond?

How do you view the virus that extorts bitcoin in computers from colleges and universities on May 12, 2017?

How do you view United Airlines UA3411 flight violence to force passengers to disembark?

How much harm might the Mexico 8.4 earthquake cause?

"Serious Zhao Xiansen" article "People are more resistant than imagination!" Is the content true? What should I do if the driver fails to perform the judgment?

What kind of parents are supporting Yuzhang Academy?

Why is there a one-sided comment on the comments on the murder of Jiang Ge’s victim on the Japanese student?

How do you see that Ma Long, Xu Wei and Fan Zhendong were fined $20,000 by the ITTF because they quit the Chengdu China Open?

If Zhang Yingying’s kidnapping case occurred in China, the national concern, how big is the probability of solving the case in 48 hours?

How to evaluate Lin Shu's novel "Fang Siqi's First Love Paradise"?

In the maternal suicide case in Yulin City, why does the maternal caesarean section require family consent?

How to help (save) the male owner of the Hangzhou Blue Qianjiang arson?

What methods does the Internet recruitment platform prevent to prevent the death of the job-seeking teenager Li Wenxing?

How big is the impact of the death of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Lincoln Park?

How to evaluate the 2018 Russia World Cup Asian qualifiers 12 strong match Syria 2:2 China team competition?

How to evaluate Italy's home draw against Sweden in the early morning of November 13, 2017, missed the Russian World Cup?

Ke Jie and AlphaGo are both negative, what impact will it have on the future development of Go?

How to evaluate Meng Mengyao falling during the recording of the secret?

How to understand the gravitational wave event GW170817 detected by LIGO from the merger of double neutron stars?

What is Dou Wei doing now?

How to evaluate the "Little Friends" gallery event initiated by Tencent Public Welfare?

How do you view Taiwan’s adoption of the same-sex marriage regulations and become the first legally same-sex marriage in Asia?

What is the deepest feeling of the film "La La Land"?

How to evaluate "Moonlight Boy" to get the best film in Oscar?

How to evaluate the Pixar animated film "Coco"?

How to evaluate the animated film "The Great Law"?

How to evaluate GAI's rap style?

How to treat the 2017 League of Legends World Finals SSG win over SKT to become the championship?

If this year the Warriors win the championship, Durant won the FMVP, how to evaluate?

Bolt is about to retire, how long can he keep the world record of 100 meters, 9 seconds and 58 seconds?

Is it possible for Nintendo Switch to shoot down the PS4 in the future?

What do you think of the official launch of the first domestic aircraft carrier on April 26?

Why is the assembly of a C919 that marks China as one of the few countries in the world that has the ability to develop and manufacture large passenger aircraft?

How to evaluate the industrial technology of the “Revival” EMUs with completely independent intellectual property rights?

How to evaluate Tesla Motors Roadster 2 (thousands of miles, two seconds broken)?

How do I evaluate the iPhone X released on September 13th?

Which world-leading bridge design concepts and construction techniques are used in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge?