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Everyone has an AI assistant. "Human-machine coupling" follows me.

Don't deify artificial intelligence, and it is a serious matter with it.

Today, start with a foreign name - ABC era !

  • A is artificial intelligence (AI)
  • B is big data (Big Data)
  • C is cloud computing

The arrival of the ABC era means that people and artificial intelligence are increasingly inseparable. In the just-concluded Boao Forum for Asia, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of the Board of Science and Technology of Xingfei , talked about the relationship between people and AI in the sub-forum “Let artificial intelligence come to the ground” .

The little friends who know about artificial intelligence know that this is not the first time they have been on the “hot search”, but the historical heat has not been able to get rid of the final cold and fruitless ending. The artificial intelligence is unprecedented in heat, and the technical foundation is far thicker than before. So, back to the topic of letting artificial intelligence "fall", how can we avoid repeating the same mistakes? How should we treat "replaced"?

TA can't replace simultaneous interpretation

The latest artificial intelligence products of Xida Xunfei, Xunfei Translator and Xunfei have helped to promote the Boao Forum for Asia. The application of machine translation has been affirmed to a certain extent. Xunfei Translator can provide translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, French and Western languages. Chinese-English translation can also support offline translation. The real-time transfer accuracy of Xunfei has reached 95%. And can provide translation function.

Speaking of the Xunfei translation machine, Liu Qingfeng said: "The Chinese-English translation function of Xunfei Translator can be used offline, thanks to the optimization of the algorithm , so that the translation can be operated and used on the chip. Of course, deep learning There is a lot of room for optimization, plus chip optimization, the future combination of cloud and offline is the trend . If users want the best results, they can transfer data to the cloud and let the machine learn; if you need to learn by yourself, you can choose local. Use." So the continuous optimization of the translation machine depends on the continuous use of people.

When the Xunfei translator was first introduced, many people worried that simultaneous interpretation would soon be replaced. On this issue, Liu Qingfeng has always said this on many occasions: machine translation has made great progress and can help people in some scenes. In dealing with the issue of language communication, there is still a big gap between the simultaneous interpretation of the conference and the high-level translation of the "letter, da, ya" .

Xunfei has been working hard to help the simultaneous transmission to improve work efficiency and reduce mistakes through voice transfer and translation technology , and to form a new mode of simultaneous interpretation of human-machine coupling, which is not to replace simultaneous interpretation.

Click on the link to view the original text: Keda Xunfei: Rejecting the artificial intelligence technology needs to be practical

In October last year, HKUST also signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai International Studies University. The two sides announced the joint establishment of the Shanghai Foreign Studies University-Keida Xunfei Intelligent Interpretation and Translation Research Laboratory. In the future, simultaneous translation in machine translation and human-machine coupling will be carried out. Active exploration and cooperation in translation assistance training. We are serious about making human translators work more efficiently and making machine translations more precise.

TA is a good assistant to become a doctor

When it comes to the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field, there are audiences at the forum to propose that artificial intelligence will replace the doctor's question. Liu Qingfeng replied: "The application of the University of Science and Technology has covered 52 counties in Anhui Province, our The AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment system can see more than 150 common diseases, reaching the level of first-line general practitioners, and it is improving every day. However, it is not a substitute for doctors, but to help doctors work more efficiently and make doctors more More time to communicate with patients. "

For example, when the doctor has a particularly large number of patients, the machine can communicate with the patient first, understand the basic symptoms of the patient, form a basic judgment, and help the doctor save the time of the consultation. In addition, the machine can work tirelessly for 24 hours, which can greatly reduce the workload of doctors. Xunfei's medical image assisting system can help doctors to see the film, form a preliminary judgment, and then edited by the doctor to give the results of the consultation, becoming a doctor's assistant .

At present, Xunfei Medical has officially started the pilot application of the “Intelligent Assistant” in the artificial intelligence general practitioner-assisted diagnosis and treatment system in Anhui. In the near future, artificial intelligence may become an indispensable excellent assistant for every doctor, and better serve your health.

In the future, everyone may have a TA

When talking about the future development of artificial intelligence, Liu Qingfeng believes: "In the next few years, artificial intelligence can bring a lot of help to everyone. In the future, everyone can have an AI assistant , which is very helpful for you to complete every day. The work may be just 10% at the beginning, and after a few years it can help you do 50% of the work, freeing us from heavy repetitive work."

Liu Qingfeng hopes that artificial intelligence can make the future society have more temperature, whether it is education, medical treatment or justice. " In addition to technical problems, more humanistic care is concerned. " The development of artificial intelligence will make many industries better than now. Human emotions can be released to help people live more easily and interestingly.

Human-machine collaboration, artificial intelligence + industry is the most promising future for artificial intelligence. In the future, after the artificial intelligence assistant helps us solve many basic tasks, we can do creative things. Everyone is different, and more unimaginable miracles can be created.

The Boao Forum for Asia has closed, and the story of artificial intelligence is constantly being updated. What kind of excitement will the human future with AI still show? This question, let us and the AI ​​hand in hand together "wait and see" ~