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Whitening product analysis, everyone said that the use of whitening products is useful to you? | Goddess Evolution


Hello everyone, I am Procaster.

The previous article talked a lot about whitening knowledge, this time specifically talking about products, that is, whitening essence. To analyze and analyze how these net red products are white, how to use them, how to use them.

A total of 11 essences mentioned by the previous monkeys:

  • Olay small white bottle
  • Da Chuang Spot Corrector
  • Le Dun CC
  • Snow muscle lotion
  • City Doctor 377
  • Eucerin Spot Corrector
  • Xiuli color repair
  • HABA Snow White
  • Ke Yan's Spot Corrector
  • SKII light bulb
  • 黛珂Essence

Because each person's skin is different and the specific skin care needs are different, Pupp can't give a very accurate recommendation. But these product analysis can give you a reference to help you find a more suitable whitening essence.

Let's get started~

Image source: taobao

There are three main whitening ingredients in small white bottles: "nicotinamide" + "ascorbyl glucoside" + "undecyl phenyl phenylalanine".

Among them, nicotinamide is the classic component of Olay, and it is also the main component of the small white bottle. It ranks 4th in the ingredient list and its content is still quite high.

Many students commented on the principle of nicotinamide, so let's talk about it here.

The principle of nicotinamide whitening is to reduce the transfer of melanin to the epidermis, in addition to speeding up the metabolism of the epidermis, allowing the cells containing melanin to fall off and then achieve the whitening effect.

In fact, in addition to whitening, nicotinamide has many other skin care effects. For example: to prevent the loss of skin moisture, reduce the degradation of collagen, as well as control the secretion of oil and anti-inflammatory.

To sum up, nicotinamide can whiten, moisturize, anti-aging and relieve acne muscles. Know why Magnolia likes nicotinamide so much~

Two other whitening ingredients, ascorbyl glucoside, is a derivative of VC, a very common whitening ingredient that is converted to VC in the skin to prevent melanin production.

The whitening effect of another ingredient, undecylenoylphenylalanine, is very limited. On the one hand, the content is relatively small, and the permeability is also relatively poor, so it is difficult to have much effect.

In general, small white bottles still rely on nicotinamide to play a whitening role.

Although the effect of nicotinamide is very good, it is very sensitive to pH. If it is inconsistent, it will hydrolyze the strong pungent niacin. After use, there may be problems such as redness, tingling and itching of the skin.

Therefore, when you use a small white bottle, you should avoid using it with other acidic products, and it is best to try it out in a small area to see if you can adapt.

There are three other indirect whitening ingredients: "tocopherol acetate" + "magnesium aspartate" + "titanium dioxide".

The first two are antioxidants. In fact, the state of skin oxidation is related to melanin formation. Reducing oxidation is also an indirect way to reduce melanin. Titanium dioxide is a physical sunscreen. Although the amount of essence is really limiting its effect, it still has some effect.

In addition, the small white bottle also contains white mica (titanium dioxide is also white), and red coloring agent CI 16035, so the essence will be white powder when applied to the face, giving you the confidence to stick to it is also very good.

Image source: taobao

Da Chuang's spotted essence is really a cheap bowl, and many small partners buy it for body milk.

This essence looks at the formula, and the ingredients directly related to whitening are "citric acid" which ranks very low. Of course, the concentration of acid substances does not need to be too high to function.

Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid, which can exfoliate. When the stratum corneum containing melanin falls off and the keratin is thinned, the skin will be slippery and white.

Acid products are very irritating, but Daiso is not good, mainly because its main ingredients are moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing repaired allantoin.

In addition, this essence also focuses on placenta ingredients, which is also highlighted in the product name, which is obviously a selling point. However, this component of Pop is more worried.

After all, the composition of placenta is more complex, containing many immunoglobulins, peptides, hormones, enzymes and other substances, the biological activity is very high. But because of this, the effect of such a complicated thing on the face is simply unpredictable, and it is better to use it cautiously.

Image source: taobao

Le Dun CC is the product that everyone calls the highest.

As a whitening essence, the formula of Le Dun CC is particularly direct. The first place is the whitening ingredient "ascorbic acid", which is VC.

In the process of melanin production, one step is that "Dopa" is oxidized to "Dopa", and then reacts to form melanin. The principle of VC whitening is mainly to reverse this process, and finally interfere with the production of melanin, which is actually a manifestation of VC antioxidant.

Although VC has many advantages, its disadvantage is that it is not stable enough. The oxygen in the air, as well as light and heat, will accelerate its degradation.

The stability of VC derivatives is much better, so the more stable VC derivative "ascorbyl palmitate" has been added to Le Dun CC. This substance possesses all the activities of VC and can be whitened, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, all the same.

In addition to VC, another major component of Le Dun CC is the antioxidant “tocopherol acetate”, which can indirectly have a whitening effect.

Because this essence is mainly VC, the stability is poor, so it is better to use it at night.

Image source: taobao

Xuejijing has always been famous for whitening, and the hottest product is lotion, even hotter than the essence of their home.

The ingredient list is swept away, and there are two kinds of ingredients for direct whitening: "Kumuna seed extract" + "citric acid".

The Chuanbei seed extract has an inhibitory effect on the key enzymes of melanin, tyrosinase and melanocytes, so it has the effect of whitening and freckle.

Citric acid is also mentioned above, mainly by exfoliating to whiten. At the same time, it is matched with the calming and repairing component of dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, so this lotion will not be very exciting.

The soothing ingredient of dipotassium oxalate is often found in Japanese skin care products because the problem of over-cleaning of Japanese girls is not as serious as it is.

In addition, there are three indirect whitening ingredients in the Sekkisei lotion: "East Angelica Root Extract" + "Tocopherol Acetate" + "Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (Chemical Sunscreen)".

Like the Olay white bottle, the combination of the two antioxidants and a sunscreen is of course very limited.

Although there are many whitening ingredients, it is a lotion after all, so the most important function is hydrating. Another point to be reminded is that this water contains alcohol, and sensitive skin should be carefully selected.

Image source: taobao

The main ingredient of City Doctor has been written on the packaging, which is 377, the name is "phenethyl resorcinol".

In the previous article, we talked about "hydroquinone" and "resorcinol". They can effectively inhibit the activity of "tyrosinase" required for melanin production. The whitening effect is particularly good, but it is also mentioned. These two substances are not safe enough.

377 is to hang a phenethyl group on the m-diphenol, and the safety is improved. Although whitening is slightly inferior to resorcinol, it has greatly exceeded most of the whitening ingredients.

In addition, it is also used with "retinyl palmitate" and "tetrahexyl sterol ascorbate", which are commonly used ingredients for whitening products.

The former is a VA derivative that increases the renewed metabolism of cells in the stratum corneum, allowing new keratinocytes to replace old cells that already have melanin deposition, while also resisting oxidation. The latter is a derivative of VC, which has been said to reduce melanin production.

The indirect whitening ingredient is the antioxidant tocopherol (vitamin E).

After analysis, this product should be regarded as a relatively strong whitening product , whether it is 377 or retinyl palmitate is very strong, but also has some irritating. Although the effect will be faster, but you should be cautious when choosing , first try it, use it from a small range.

Image source: taobao

Eucerin is a German medical skin care brand. The idea of ​​whitening essence is very special: in addition to water and silicone, the ingredients are actually Oaklin, which is a very common chemical sunscreen ingredient.

Of course, this is also true, sun protection is the root of whitening. However, in the fixed thinking of Pope, I always feel that the whitening essence should be based on whitening ingredients. Obviously, my thinking is not flexible enough.

The main whitening ingredient of this essence is "4-butyl resorcinol" + "glycyrrhetinic acid".

4-butyl resorcinol, like 377, is a derivative of the whitening drug resorcinol, which inhibits the activity of "tyrosinase". The whitening principle of the latter liquorice acid is the same.

Although this essence contains a lot of octopine, it can't be used alone as sunscreen. On the one hand, the amount is used. On the one hand, Oaklin itself can only resist a part of UVA and UVB, and cannot reach the full wavelength.

Another point to be reminded is that the essence contains deformed ethanol, plus 4-butyl resorcinol, which may be irritating.

Image source: taobao

There are two editions of Xiuli's color, and now there is a regular version on a cat's flagship store. Let's just say this.

The whitening ingredient in this section is mainly "Olive Leaf Extract". It stimulates macrophages in the epidermis to "eat" melanin and then achieve whitening. At the same time, the extract also has a certain inhibitory effect on the activity of melanocytes.

In addition to the whitening-related ingredients is the chemical sunscreen "benzophenone-4", it seems that whitening essence plus sunscreen is a very common routine.

Other indirect whitening ingredients are also natural extracts, such as rosemary leaf extract and mulberry root extract, which exert some antioxidant effects.

Overall, in this version of the color repair, glycerin, propylene glycol and other moisturizing ingredients accounted for the main, so the function is more moisturizing. As for the anti-oxidation effect of whitening is not particularly prominent, first of all, the content of functional ingredients is not much, followed by some natural extracts, the effect is not direct.

And this product contains phenoxyethanol, which is irritating.

Image source: taobao

As a mid-to-high-end brand, HABA's essence is to regulate the whole stratum corneum. Therefore, the most important ingredient is its unique “Thousand Island Bamboo Water”, which also has a certain whitening effect.

The more direct whitening ingredient is "sodium ascorbyl phosphate" + "citric acid". The former VC derivative inhibits melanin production; the latter belongs to fruit acid, which is whitened by exfoliation. Because of the irritating properties of citric acid, it is also combined with dipotassium glycyrrhizinate to exert calming, anti-allergic and repairing effects. It is also a Japanese brand, and it is dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. It is really a special preference for this ingredient.

On the whole, Pope himself likes this formula very much, especially simple, effective and gentle, is a typical essence product. But compared to the intense product of 377, the effect should be slower.

Image source: taobao

Ke Yan's Blemish Essence is completely a routine with the upstairs HABA. The main ingredient is also the main conditioning effect. It uses the "hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyranotriol" developed by Lancome, which is a mixture of glycoproteins.

As for the whitening routine, it is also a VC derivative "3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid", plus an acid substance "salicylic acid" to exfoliate.

The difference is that compared to HABA, Kie's formula is slightly more complicated, and the antioxidant component "tocopherol acetate" and some natural extracts are added, but the content of these things is relatively low.

In general, the two products are very similar, effective, but slower.

Image source: taobao

The same is true for small light bulbs. It seems that high-end products are similar to everyone. The conditioning component in the light bulb is of course the PITHATM, the home ingredient of SKII.

Then, the whitening ingredient is "nicotinamide" + "undecyl phenylalanine" + "ascorbyl glucoside".

Huh? A familiar feeling. This is not the routine of Olay's small white bottle!

Let's review: Niacinamide reduces melanin transfer and accelerates epidermal metabolism; this intermediate can seize the receptors that promote melatonin (MSH) to reduce melanin production. Ascorbyl glucoside is a VC derivative that reduces dopaquinone to inhibit melanin production.

Lianca, titanium dioxide, and tocopherol (VE) are the same as small white bottles. Although there is a slight difference in proportion, it is really very similar, basically it can be regarded as the Olay white bottle with PITERATM.

Because the main whitening ingredient is niacinamide, it is also important to avoid using it with other acidic products.

Image source: taobao

Finally, the high-end line from Kose Kose.

Among the whitening essences, the main whitening ingredients are "Palamidodecyl sulfonate" + "Glycyrrhiza uralensis extract" + "kojic acid".

Calcium panthenyl sulfonate is a VB5 derivative that inhibits melanin formation by "tyrosinase" activity.

Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract can effectively inhibit the activity of various enzymes during melanin production. It is a highly effective green whitening ingredient and also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects.

As for kojic acid, we are very familiar with it. It is a classic whitening ingredient that reduces melanin by directly inhibiting the synthesis of "tyrosinase". This ingredient is also very popular with Kose because it is particularly effective, but it has a certain allergenicity.

The indirect whitening ingredient is "tocopherol (VE)" + "benzophenone-5".

Tocopherol is mainly antioxidant; benzophenone-5 is a chemical sunscreen. This sunscreen has certain toxicity and irritation, so choose carefully.

In addition, the essence of the addition of a lot of natural extracts, such as mimosa cassia extract, small fruit coffee seed extract, coniferous echinacea leaf extract, etc., mostly play some conditioning role.

Looking at the whole, Pope personally feels:

  • The price/performance ratio of Olay white bottle and Ledon CC is really high, it is worth trying;
  • If you have a strong whitening needs, you can try the more powerful products of City Doctor 377 and Eucerin;
  • If you have overall conditioning needs, you can choose HABA, Ke Yan and SKII.

This is the case today, you can choose the products you like based on the above analysis.

We will see you next time~

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