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Is it better for her, the less she will take you seriously?


Is it better for women, the less women will take you seriously?

I received a message from a fan some time ago.

He is a college student. He said that he likes girls in the same school for three years and has been chasing her for two years.

When I first added to the girl WeChat, the chat was very pleasant. I often talked about two or three in the evening. The progress is also smooth. After a few days, they have already entered the double, went to the cafeteria to eat together, went to the library together, and went to the weekend. I also go out to watch movies together from time to time. Except for no physical contact, it can be said that the relationship between two people is no different from that of a couple. He felt that he was on the verge of a footstep. One day, on the way back from the movie, he was trying to hold her hand, but he never thought, but the girl retracted with the electric touch. It’s dark, or I don’t know how embarrassing it is... He feels that the fire hasn’t arrived yet, it’s his offense that offends the girl. In the next two months, he didn’t continue to try to pull up the relationship, still as before. ambiguous……

You may be very beautiful, but it is very painful. If you can’t stop it, he confessed to the girl.

The girl said that she does not like fat people, nor does she like people with poor grades;

He said, you don't like fat people, I can reduce it, I don't like people with poor grades, I can work hard to improve myself.

In the next year or so, in order to study hard and work hard, he put down his beloved League of Heroes; for the girl who said that I don’t like long-haired boys, he did not hesitate to cut it off. For a long time, the girl said that she liked the smell of tobacco on the boy's body. He learned to smoke... What can be exchanged for it? In exchange for more and more girls are cold, about to come out, Girls often find various reasons to block, and finally come out, not with girlfriends, or watching videos all the time to play mobile phones. When chatting at night, they always talk about them long. Girls have one sentence, but one thing is worthy of recognition. Yes: Girls are still very happy when receiving gifts. Everyday gifts and lipsticks can always make him see hope when he is desperate. Because of the reason for hard work, but also because the days are too torre, he reduced from 200 pounds of fat to 130 pounds of standard body, he felt that the time has come, drums, and again to the girls, this time the girl is very sincere with him Say: Actually, I have a boyfriend, it has been five years!

He instantly thundered five thunders, feeling more uncomfortable than eating a dead fly, although he has not yet eaten!

What do you mean in the end, which one are you coming from? He was tore up with the girl at the time. You don't like me, can you tell me? You have a boyfriend, tell me if you can, tell me if you can, don't accept me, can you? I drink a big deal big deal I attempted suicide by hanging ...... you feel like this is fun right, empty hanging my time and feelings of youth, hysterical face to swear only in exchange for the girls as ever clear cloud: nobody let What do you do, say you didn't ask me anymore!

He was thinner. In a month's time, 180 centimeters and 130 kilograms of standard body became the current 110 pounds of weak chicken...

He found me, not painless to say, 阡 老师 teacher: Do you say that the better for women, the less women will take you seriously?

Who has never had a stupid old time, who has never met some green tea and scum?

Listening to his story, I am very heavy. How many years ago did you not be like this? Like a person, I want to do everything I can to pursue her, try to give her the best, afraid she is not happy, afraid she is not happy, contrary to her own mind to do things that she does not like at all; just to buy her a necklace You can not eat breakfast for a whole month. In order to take a face with her on the road, you take her class schedule, you are more punctual than the bell; inadvertently listen to her saying that she likes tobacco-flavored boys, since then you are not leaving the mouth; know that she likes to go up The boys, since then you have quit the League of Legends and the turret, work hard, lose weight, just smile for her... Yes, you have paid a lot, but, however, you have paid so much, and even violated your own I have done so much for her, what have you got? Do you dare to say that you are just selfless and do not want to ask her for it, acknowledging that it is so difficult to pay for it?

It’s not that you can’t be good for girls, you have to look at your identity!

In love relationships, men tend to take an active and leading role.

Yes, men should take the initiative, but then, how to take the initiative, you must also depend on the depth of the relationship.

What kind of relationship, what kind of thing to do, is an ordinary friend, it is necessary to maintain the distance of ordinary friends: not to talk shallowly, not to spy on each other's privacy, not to output hard value, not to be familiar with yourself... in your pursuit of each other In the process, please always think about a question: What kind of identity do you care about her, good for her? What kind of identity do you send flowers and send a ring to buy lipstick? Confessions, public confession, and even public marriage, I ask, do you know each other, what do you like about each other? If you tell me, the so-called feelings, good character, virtual words can not be imaginary, I suggest you still have to. Because you show your love, not sincere, not at all!

Imagine: You will invite a stranger to eat for no reason, you will buy a lipstick for a girl who is not familiar with you, or even give her money to spend?

Dating to eat and drink coffee, boys take the initiative to pay the bill is a gentleman's performance, but the cold and warm, buy flowers and send packages, is directly transferred to the other party money, I will not understand! Perhaps you may say that there is an intersection, anyway, you can contact, as long as he is willing to accept my gift, willing to spend my money, we are still possible, she will slowly like me. Please, you have grown up, have passed the age of fantasy, please stop your self-hypnosis. In fact, the relationship is unfamiliar, but the premature output of hard value, too good for the other party, will only push the relationship between you to the other extreme: hackers and prostitutes, big money and support lady. Maybe you will think that my point of view is very rough, but, but... you think about it, in addition to this identity, she has other identities to accept you? We must know that we will not give an ordinary friend or even a stranger, send flowers and send money to send clothes to send lipstick... for no reason, no traitor is stolen.

It is not that the better the woman, the less she will take you seriously . It is to say: everything depends on the relationship.

If a girl has never promised you to be your girlfriend, please don't have too many friendships, too much friendship, tea, water, cold, not to send her too expensive gifts, cars, bags and watches... ...exposing your sense of need, putting too much pressure on the other party, the good girl refuses to refuse you, and the bad girl will treat you as an ATM, a grandfather and a spare tire. Think about the past many years, you have done a spare tire, do you have this jack to force, is the feeling of the ATM really cool? Remember, no one forced you to prepare a spare tire, and no girl can get the lipstick and cosmetics from your clothes without your consent, unless you are willing... don’t end your time, spend your time, pay Do your best to get one sentence: no one wants you to do this, then you haven't asked me!

The love that begged is not love, but compassion , and even more disgusting and disgusting.

Good love, the personality of each other must be equal, so good love must be started from friends. If a girl is a queen-like expression for you for a long time, then you may want to change a girl to adjust the adjustment, cold her for two weeks, a month... After a month, find some heads, some topics to take a look . On the show of catching up, from time to time often find the other side to chat, and even send some expensive cars and bags, will only attract girls' disgust and dislike, or treat you as a grandfather and spare tire... ... It is very important to give yourself a insistence (three months), so that she sometimes has the opportunity to understand you, let her know that the boy is not tall or handsome, but his character is good, his temper is good, and his kindness is good. What you need to know is that persistence is not pleasing, not harassment, not hard on the hard, not guilty!

I don't have to ruin the other party. After all, she didn't promise you today. I won't promise you tomorrow. It doesn't mean she won't promise you next year. I won't promise you the next year. I won't promise you ten years later. You just have to put her on. Friends circle is fine. It should be noted that she is a lot of her here, I can not let you keep one person to the dark.

It's all original, it's not easy to be embarrassed, please leave your little star, love you.

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