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How can I become a true career planner?



This is a text that is in arrears.

Just after the Lunar New Year in 2016, I received a WeChat from the old Xiangyang students one after another, and asked: "How can you become a true career planner like you?"

Inadvertently became a "model", for those of me who are emotionally extraverted, I am a little scared, but I feel responsible.

I think this is not a question that can be said clearly in one or two sentences. During the teaching of National Career Planner last year, countless students have asked me this question.

In order to be able to give a question to the teachers who asked me this question (I think) is a more "good" answer. The answer I gave at the time was: "There are too many students asking this question. I am going to write an article to tell."

When I really wanted to write down, I found this to be a more responsible article. How to answer this question scientifically and professionally? ! It seems that there is still some unqualifiedness in my current professional level. However, if I say it, it is like pouring water, and I can’t get it back. I can only talk hard about how to become a true professional planner, combining the teachings of senior teachers and the development of my own.

The "law" and "surgery" of the career planner

I would like to start my understanding of this issue from the words of Teacher Wang Yimin on the CCDM China Career Planner course. Teacher Wang emphasized in class: " As a career planner, you not only need to master the theory and technology of consultation. Methods, etc., also need to have a perception and insight into the height of life. "

My simple understanding of this sentence, as a career planner, needs two points:

One is solid theory and technology;

The second is the height and depth of understanding of life.

To become a career planning consultant, you need to acquire two theories and techniques: the theory and technology of career (career) planning, the theory and technology of consulting;

To become a career planner, the two theories and techniques that need to be learned are: the theory and technology of career (career) planning, and the theory and technology of training.

What is more important for people-related work, whether it is a "consultant" or a "trainer", she is engaged in the work of leading people's spiritual development, and needs a high degree of perception and insight into life;

If you want to have a high degree of perception and insight into the life of others, you must first have a high degree of perception and insight into your own life, based on self-experience, and form a high understanding and deep understanding of life and life.

The above understanding, then look at the self, analysis: Which one is preventing you from becoming a true professional planner?

From the perspective of Xiangyang's career system, if you are just a National Career Planner, if you want to become a career planner, it is best to take two more courses and study career planning in the CCDM China Career Planner course. Theory and technology, learning the theory and technology of consulting in "BSC Business Consulting."

From the three major systems and fifteen elements of Xiangyang's career, that is, you have explored the career orientation system, and now have the opportunity of the career planning industry, then upgrading your business value has become a top priority.

Some friends also asked "how can they become", but the concern has always been "professional opportunities." My understanding is: Only when business value is improved, your career positioning can be refined, your career opportunities will be more and more, and your possibilities will be more and more.

The above questions can actually be summed up in one sentence: professional planners must first solve their own professional confusion with professional techniques and methods. In addition to clear professional positioning, they also need clear target design and feasible channel design.

Why is it easy for beginners to solve their own confusion? I observed that there are two main reasons:

First, understanding is not yet (not yet, not impossible);

The second is that I have not used techniques well in myself, but I have thought too much about how to use these methods on others.

Therefore, for beginners, try to use every theory, every model, and every technique on your own body, and practice it to start from yourself (this reminds me of the story of Shennong's taste of the grass).

I still remember a video we watched in the course of CCP National Career Planner - "China on the tip of the tongue", a famous chef, who needs to practice a good skill; a true professional planner is also.

Kung Fu is to practice.

Career planner's "Tao"

Everyone who learns has three levels of technique.

Teacher Wang said "the perception and insight of the height of life", I understand it as the "law" of the professional planner, but also the "dao", it can also be said that it is more "dao".

It not only affects whether a professional planner can become a highly experienced career planner, but also influences the acquisition of career planning theory and technology, which affects the improvement of consulting technology and training technology.

Among the three aspects of career planning technology, consulting technology and training technology, the acquisition of career planning technology is relatively easy, and there is a very mature career planning technology in the career of Xiangyang. Most of the workplaces have rich experience and have certain professional competences related to people. People, through the "spoken heart" learning process, can basically grasp.

The mastery of consulting and training techniques is relatively difficult, and training techniques also require a certain amount of training and deliberate practice.

Among them, consulting technology, especially to test the height, depth and temperature of the career planner's life, many people understand the consultation as "the impact of life on life", I personally recognize it.

Emotionality, listening, and attention in consulting technology... sounds easy, but it is difficult to do.

If a consultant wants to fully enter the customer's psychology, the first thing is to let go of himself. To let go of yourself, you need to accept all of yourself first.

If you can't fully accept yourself, the consultant will see oneself after another in the client. Positive positive projection is good. Negative negative is one challenge after another. Many growing professional planners will It is retreating from these challenges.

And consulting is not just about accepting customers, but also igniting customers. If a consultant does not have a high sense of life and insight, how can he continue to bring positive power to others.

A true career planner is actually his own heart.

And repair and grateful - to the family members who are fellow initiates on the career planning road.