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Small Q brush

There are countless scenes in the daily life of the small partners. There is a versatile QQ screenshot tool on the computer to help, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is not easy to get it easily on the mobile phone. The mission of Xiao Q is very clear. Become the easiest and most efficient mobile phone screenshot tool. To this end, we provide an intuitive, simple, and cost-conscious interface. Open the app to mark it, and 6 gadgets can handle various images at will, and express it more clearly;

Text map

A tool that can be edited online and generate data reports in real time. It is pre-configured with a large number of templates and color schemes to maximize the user's data and content presentation!

Sunflower remote control

A free remote control desktop, remote boot, remote management, integrated remote control management software that supports intranet penetration. It supports remote text function. You can edit files at any time on your computer or mobile phone without any modification. A file will still be copied with a USB copy. It also supports remote switches, with sunflower boot stick hardware for remote booting, camera monitoring and more. very useful