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The pattern determines the ending: Li Yang is worse than Yu Minhong for more than 10 billion...



Recently, the circle of friends was swept by Yu Minhong’s speech at Peking University.

He spoke a lot of words that entrepreneurs want to talk but dare not speak, and they are the leaders of a generation of entrepreneurs.

At the same time, I saw a news report about Li Yang, who was also an English educator.

After the storm at home and the direct sales, it has now fallen to a lecture in the third- and fourth-tier cities to harvest the status of some low-income people.

I was completely unaware of the scene of a special documentary film directed by Li Yang English more than ten years ago.

In a word, it is really getting worse.

Of course, in terms of income, Li Yang is still a few streets of ordinary people like us.

But compared with Yu Minhong of his same era, the difference is really not a little bit.

Yu Minhong has established a listed company in the education field like New Oriental, and has become a veritable generation of "godfather of study abroad."

Now it is more of a role as an entrepreneurial leader.

Really, I have deeply understood a sentence from the contrast between the two, what is called "the pattern determines the outcome."


So what is the difference between the two people?

--- Whether it depends on personal brand or rely on the strength of the team.

Li Yang’s English is highlighted by Li Yang’s personal brand, so he has to talk about it everywhere.

However, New Oriental has created a set of English training system. Yu Minhong has devoted a lot of time to teacher selection and training.

New Oriental's famous teachers can be copied. His core lies in the system of teaching and research + enrollment + training.

In other words, New Oriental's business model can be copied, and Li Yang's biggest bottleneck is Li Yang.

---The choice of the track can be standardized, it also determines the height of your ceiling

New Oriental first started with GRE and IELTS and TOEFL related to studying abroad. The training effect in this area is well measured.

As long as the test scores of the students have been improved, New Oriental's training ability can be verified. In turn, it can help New Oriental achieve a high recommendation reputation through word of mouth, greatly reducing the difficulty of enrollment.

In contrast, Li Yang’s English is a spoken language.

The progress of personal ability in this aspect is actually not well measured. Except for a few students who can become Liyang English teachers, most people cannot judge how much they have improved.

--- One accomplishes others while achieving others, and the other is to use employees and students as their own tools to make money.

From the New Oriental, a lot of big coffee and famous teachers have emerged, such as Xu Xiaoping, the teacher of Zhenge Fund, Luo Yonghao, who is the hammer mobile phone, Li Feng of IDG, Li Xiaolai, the godfather of the currency circle, classical, Qi Li, the new media writer Li Shanglong, and so on.

In contrast, Li Yang English seems to have no decent characters except Li Yang.


How can one improve his own situation?

Seeing this, you should have already recognized the importance of a person's pattern for career development.

The focus of your concern should have become how to improve your own situation.

-- Learn how to look at change

At the moment, every industry is changing rapidly, and many people feel very anxious.

The reason is that the previous way of making money seems to have failed.

Just like a lot of 4S stores, it is too easy to make money before, but now with the saturation of the car market, it is becoming more and more difficult not only to sell new cars to make money, but even to make money by maintenance.

But at the same time, as the number of used cars in China increases, you will find that it is an excellent opportunity for the Internet used car trading platform.

Learn to focus on every new trend, but never forget to think independently.

In every industry, the ever-changing composition of trends.

In every industry, the essence that has never changed is the essence.

-- Learn how to look at time

I often share a word with business executives:

“We tend to overestimate our short-term changes and underestimate our long-term changes.”

Many people, whether they are studying speeches or other skills, always want to get it in 21 days, or even 2 hours.

This kind of thinking is very problematic.

On the one hand, we have to improve our mobility and think about doing it right away.

On the other hand, I have to give up the idea of ​​quick success and hope to see my change in just 1-2 weeks.

We must learn to be friends with time.

-- Learn how to treat money

There are some people in the family around us who look at the money and look at it.

But we will find that many people who can do big things are more transparent in terms of money.

Why do you say that?

The reason is that if you look at the top people, if you think that the interests are too heavy, it will be difficult to gain people's hearts.

Just like the former bosses, why can you gather a bunch of younger brothers who can sell their lives?

It’s not because he has mixed food with him, and he has mixed money with him.

Niu Gensheng, the founder of Mengniu, once said, "The gathering of wealth and wealth."

On the other hand, learning to use the leverage of money can also accelerate the development of the enterprise itself.

Why are many Internet companies now able to value more than 20-30 years of traditional enterprises in 3-5 years?

Because they learned to use the power of capital and the Internet to quickly achieve economies of scale.

If you want to be a good boss, you can't love money too much, and you can't understand money.

-- Learn how to treat conflicts

Getting along with others is impossible without conflict.

Even if you are with your parents and loved ones, there will be a situation where the concept is not the same.

People with large patterns are not afraid of conflict.

For example, if the company is organized like this, you will find that some people are very obedient and do what you say. Others have their own ideas, and he doesn't listen to what you say.

But for the boss, it is a good occasion to understand the character of the employee.

In this kind of conflict, the opinions are relatively large, and employees who can think independently can give more pioneering opportunities.

With high compliance, employees who can perform can give more day-to-day job opportunities that require more solid background.

Conflict can also be a touchstone for honing talent and discovering talent.


Sun Zi’s art of war has a cloud that “first wins, then fights”.

When you are talking about fighting, you have to calculate the part of the war game in the temple, and evaluate the strength of the two sides as much as possible to find the weak points of the enemy.

Once you start the war, try to concentrate your own superior strength and fight a annihilation war.

And your pattern is your real nuclear weapon...

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