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Oscar’s oolong today can only rank third in his history.


Oscar's best film of the day

No accidents were awarded

Politically correct

Telling about homosexuality and black tragic encounters

Moonlight Boy

And this is not the most embarrassing thing

When the best film award guest, Warren Beatty, just read "The City of Philharmonic," the world thought that the Oscar tonight would end. However, what is embarrassing is that after the speech of the main ticket of "The City of Philharmonic", the story came to a 180-degree reversal, and Warren actually missed it... The best film is actually "Moonlight Boy." This big oolong is simply the best in the year - oh!

The Philharmonic City team is excited to come on stage to deliver the award speech

We are deeply impressed by the screen...

I can't imagine how I would die if I was in this way. Maybe only "Yang Han Dad" can understand it.

No last

Only the more awkward Oscar

At the annual Oscar Awards Ceremony, we have to make a few oolongs. According to the degree of their embarrassment, we have a big summary!

10. Jennifer Lawrence falls

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar for best actress with the film "The Line of Happiness Behind the Black Cloud." At that time, she was wearing a Dior white mopping tutu dress and went to the podium. The embarrassment was that she accidentally fell on the steps.

When she fell, she also won the standing ovation of the audience. Lawrence joked and said: Let's help her alleviate this embarrassment.

The cousin’s big cousin’s cousin’s cousin is a piece of cake.

9. Seth MacFarlane, "We have seen your Mimi"

Also at the 85th Academy Awards, host Seth MacFarlane sang an opening song of the extremely trivial "We Saw Your Boobs", which was all black in Hollywood. Female star.

Whenever I sang the named female star, the camera will also be aimed at the female star sitting under the stage, so the audience in front of the TV saw the women including Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts. The star is angry on the face of the face. After the award ceremony, many people also criticized McFarlane for being too unproductive and too disrespectful to female stars.

Angelina Jolie in "Neon Love"

Nicole Kidman at "Open Eyes"

Charlize Theron Eye

The full MV is here:

At the time, "New Yorker" called this Oscar " a hostile, ugly, sexist night." But many straight men said that they liked this MV very much.

8. Björk laid an egg

At the 2011 Oscars, Björk, the Icelandic geek, was nominated for the original song "I've Seen It All" in "The Dancer in the Dark." But what made people collapse was her dress. She wore a weird tights with a goose around her neck. The most embarrassing thing was that she really got an egg on the red carpet...

7. Angelina Jolie and her brother's love kiss

On the 2000 Oscar red carpet, Angelina Jolie took her brother to kiss in a way that was almost lover. When I won the best supporting actress of the year, I said, "I just love my brother now," which completely triggered the rumor that his brother and sister were in love.

6. Streaking

At the 46th Academy Awards, David Niven introduced Elizabeth Taylor when a streaking man ran to the stage and flashed a V-shaped gesture. For this unexpected incident, the central government caused the audience to laugh , the host David Niven joked: " This man may only have the chance to get laughter in this life, it is to rely on stripping clothes and self-destructing shortcomings. This is not very interesting. "This ? " immediately resolved the embarrassing situation on the scene.

Can you imagine such streaking in the 1947 Oscar? As a performance artist, photographer, and gay, Robert Opel was on the stage when he announced the best film winner!

5. Rob Lowe incarnation Snow White singing

In 1989, Rob Lowe attempted to change his image after a sexual video scandal. In this Oss, his exaggerated performance in the opening dance made many people seem to have had a nightmare, and this ruined the 22-year-old newcomer Eileen Bowman's great star.

It didn't take long for Disney to bring the college to court on the grounds of infringement (playing Snow White). What is even more tragic is that 17 Hollywood heavyweights from Billy Wilder, Gregory Pike, Julie Andrew Stoll Newman publicly protested jointly and accused the show of shaming the Academy of Oscars and the entire film industry.

4. Destroyed a party because of the host

At the 83rd Oscars Awards 2011, in order to attract young viewers, a pair of youngest host partners, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, came in. It was a nightmare. Halfway through the party, there have been complaints, and Franco is even more pointed out by the husband. He is called: "Maybe let him be a web host."

The most embarrassing thing is Anne Hathaway, who plays like a monkey on the stage, and her companion Franco is only turning her eyes!

Probably I feel that this atmosphere is too boring and dull. Melissa Leo, who won the best female match with "The Fighter", made the atmosphere "active" a lot...

3. Dean Brody and Harry Berry

At the 3-year Oscar Awards, Adrian Brody became the youngest Oscar winner in history with his outstanding performance in The Pianist. Excited Adrian Brody was on the stage and kissed Harry Berry, who gave his award to his last film. After two or four seconds, they saw Harry Berry. A look of stunned...

2. Wretched John Travolta

On the Oscar red carpet in 2015, John Travolta gave Scarlett Johansson a wretched kiss, just like the wretched uncle you saw on the subway, for his long-awaited goddess. It just can't stand it! The humorous Americans also made him an expression pack.

Kissing the world's invincible John Travolta

1. Sam Smith thought he was the first gay to win an Oscar.

In 2016, Sam Smith won the Oscar for Best Original Song with "007: The Ghost Party" soundtrack "Writing's on the Wall." (This is simply too politically correct!) He said that among the Oscar winners, he was the first comrade to publicly come out.

However, he is not. At least 10 homosexuals have won Oscar before him... So a large number of LGBT people and fans of Lady Gaga started to spray him (Lady Gaga is also the nominee for this award, and the awards are very high). How much is it sprayed to him? Sam Smith left Twitter directly.

All right

Do you think this year's Oscar is in history?

What is the number?

With such political correctness

Evaluation movie

The most embarrassing Oscar, I guess it must be


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