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The children of the poor and the children of the rich have lost this thing! On the importance of the horizon


This article comes from a question:

How do you know what you are good at, or where is your talent?

In the beginning of a person's life, it is difficult to know his talent at the beginning. What kind of life is it suitable for, what kind of life is it suitable for? These problems cannot be written on the face when they are born.

In the above question, the answer I gave was: It is a very normal thing to not know what your talent is. If you are ambitious and want to follow your talents and do a big business, you must Grab all possible opportunities and work hard to improve your horizons, reach out to higher-level people, do more meaningful things, and see more spectacular scenery - the so-called ancient dragons - "ride the fastest horse, climb the highest Mountain, eat the hottest dishes, drink the strongest wine, play the fastest knife, kill the most embarrassing people." (I heard that there have recently been variants such as "drinking the strongest wine, the wildest dog of the day" and will not discuss it here.)

My answer to this question is as follows:

Seeing this question, I am sincerely happy with the subject.

In this world, more than the average person just lived in confusion, and never thought about his talents in his life, what he is suitable for. The subject can take this step, of course, it is a happy thing.

Before answering this question, let me tell a little story. This is a custom in my hometown.

Whoever gave birth to a child, when the child is just getting old, is going to hold an activity called "Catch Week". Specifically, it is to put some things around children, such as pen and ink, coin abacus books and a variety of toys, etc. What is the most interesting thing for children? If he holds the abacus and holds it, he will become a businessman in the future; if he first grabs the stationery, he will definitely be admitted to the university to become a cultural person.

Of course, this is just a custom. Children don’t understand anything. Of course, they are chaotic, and what they catch has nothing to do with the career they are doing in the future. This is just a good expectation for the elders.

The story is here, what kind of inspiration does this have for us?

Think about another thing.

Why do we often say that knowledge changes fate? Most readers living in the city don't know much about it, but as long as you walk to the poorer rural areas of the Midwest, everything will be understood. You will find that the children there are running wild without wearing their tops in the summer. The adults at home are not able to provide family education when they go out to work. Many children go out to work even if they have not finished their junior high school for three years.

When I was undergraduate, I was fortunate to have contacted a peer in this area. He told me that the people there didn't understand anything. The only activities she had before going to college were the villages in her hometown and the high schools in the county. When other children dropped out of school to earn money, his family was under pressure to go to school. Before going to college, his knowledge of the outside world was almost obtained through books. He knew that human beings have a glorious history, know how prosperous the commercial streets in first-tier cities are, and know what kind of life is happening to their peers. Law, I know a lot of things that many dropouts don’t know. It is conceivable that my classmates will be the pride of the family, and those who have dropped out of school early may lose their chances of chasing their dreams forever, let alone tap their talents and specialties.

Speaking of this, the meaning I want to express is very clear: talent is not something you want to know, and many people have suddenly understood their talents for many years. Before I understand what I really want to do, I hope that you will be able to take advantage of some opportunities like my classmates to improve yourself and broaden your horizons. Just like a child who is just a year old, can reach out. There may be more things, so that you can understand where your talent is and what you like to do. Your talents can't be like playing video games, where the talent points are added where they are added. Your talents should still be revealed in the process of constantly touching and trying various things.

To sum up, here are some suggestions I can make:

1 Try to improve your horizons and patterns. You need to touch as much fresh things as possible, reach out to people at a higher level, and see what the world looks like in their eyes (know, discover a bigger world...).

2 Do not forget the initial heart, strict self-discipline. You need a life goal and then work hard toward this goal. Regarding the importance of life goals and how to make them, please refer to my other answers ( What do you do if you don't want to work hard in some moments? ), as I often say, a person's life goals are as important to him as the importance of a map for a trip. What kind of achievements you can achieve in your life depends to a large extent on what you have set in your early years. Find a time, think about your life goals, and then steadfastly implement it.

3 Try different challenges and be brave enough to break through. If you can do both of these things, it doesn't matter if you don't find your talents yet, and go on step by step to grasp the various opportunities and challenges in your life. As the saying goes, reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. It is better to read thousands of miles than to read. When you are young, you may wish to try something new, and your worldview will be enriched and matured. Perhaps, inadvertently, you will find your talent.

In this answer, I cited the classmates around as examples. In fact, I have a deep understanding of the importance of my own vision.

I am from a small city of ten or twenty lines, and my family is very general. Because my mother is a teacher, there are so many books in the family (and "Jin Ping Mei"!), so I always turn a few pages after a meal. I don't want you, this is one of the important factors that I can get into a major university in the future and get a Ph.D.

why? Of course it is because of the eye.

The book is written, although it is only a look at it, but it has an indelible effect on the shaping of a person's world outlook on life. Of course, the information provided by several famous books is still too small, so I am often troubled by the horizons compared with the well-off peers.

Sometimes I think, if I can come back, I will choose management or economy for my undergraduate major. However, when I was selected for chemistry, it was only because of my high school chemistry. If I can come back, I will not choose. In the undergraduate pursuit of a girl who should not pursue, wasted too much time on this, how much time to spend on TOEFL IELTS... but unfortunately everything can not be repeated, no one has ever told me these reasons, the vision is too The low price is constant trial and error, and the cost is too high.

People who have money don't have to worry about it. The problem of using money to settle is not a problem. You can check out the online section: Buffett's book will only tell you that he knows to visit the NYSE when he is 8 years old, but he will not tell you that the father of his congressman took him to the board of directors of Goldman Sachs; The book will not tell you that his mother is an IBM director, she is the first big business for her son... and so on, in addition to the good connections of my parents, the vision is also a very important factor. Are they working hard? No, the birth is different. The person born on the top of the mountain, the eye is better than the child born in the mud, where is it?

Therefore, we must work hard to improve our own pattern and vision.

When you are young, you must not play at home and play games. Be sure to go out and walk as close as possible to higher-level people, do more meaningful things, and see more spectacular scenery. If you are humble, you must redouble your efforts, not to die or to guard a small tomb.

Finally, extract the verses of Tagore as follows to readers:

Passengers must knock at the door of every stranger

to knock on their own doormen.

They must drift outside and

finally walk to the deepest inner temple.