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Old-age life changed by mobile payment, 72-year-old Suzhou Zhu Laobo this year


My colleague transferred this report to me. After reading it, I was very touched. I was looking for the "Gusu Evening News" to be authorized and shared with everyone.

On February 21 last year, Zhu Laobo, who lives in Suzhou Donggang New Village, was the first to receive the Alipay Parenting Manual for Parents. The birth of this handbook was derived from a report in the Gusu Evening News.

Now, one year has passed, how is Zhu Laobo's online shopping experience? Is Alipay easy to use? The reporter made a special trip to visit.

Buying fish food and robbing Fuka for more than 2,000 yuan a year

into Zhu Laobo's home, the most striking is the big fish tank in the living room, a group of red tropical fish swimming back and forth. "This fish is called a blood parrot. You have to eat special fish food to maintain the red color." Zhu Laobo told reporters that since the beginning of online shopping, the "periphery" of this blood parrot is basically online shopping. "Online shopping for fish food is half cheaper than the flower and bird market, the accessories are broken, and it is also sent to the door after the 'Amoy'." In the

speech room, Zhu Laobo took out his online shopping diary from the back room, which was recorded in the past year. Shopping details, what you bought, how much you spent, how much money you have on your account, etc., remember clearly. The reporter found that in the 53 shopping records of the year, the first one was February 23, 2017, that is, just learning to use the skills for two days. On this day, Zhu Laobo used the newly installed Alipay to charge the mobile phone fee and bought the fish. Food, also completed an offline payment in the community store. "The main things I buy online are two major categories. One is that it is inconvenient to buy or not to buy at home. The first one is that the online price is obviously cheaper."

Zhu Laobo, 72, studied aerospace engine professionally. Working in Hubei, my wife is a Wuhan native. In the past, every year in the New Year, the old couple who settled in Suzhou wanted to send some Suzhou specialties to relatives in Wuhan, especially the Chinese New Year. This is an indispensable important link. "In the past, I went to the store to buy it. I bought it in the post office and then queued it. This year is especially convenient. I bought it online. I entered the address of Wuhan directly." Two days ago, the three hoofs of Zhu Laobo’s online shopping have been delivered. In the hands of relatives.

In addition to online shopping, Zhu Laobo did not miss the Alipay activities that young people are keen on. In the past two days, he also participated in the activities of sweeping the blessings and robbing the Fuka, and “patriotism”, “harmony and blessing” and “friendship” were in hand. He is still eagerly looking forward to sweeping out "rich and powerful" and "dedication". "I didn't have an annual bill at the end of the year. I saw that last year, online shopping was more than 2,000 yuan." Zhu Laobo felt that life was very different because of online shopping this year.
Many people will not use smart phones, and the penetration rate of the elderly is still not high.

"My mobile phone has two students in the primary school and the middle school. We are all my peers. They use Alipay and buy online. Some people's smart phones are not used at all, and they are always afraid to press the wrong keys." Zhu Laobo is an enthusiastic person. After learning to use Alipay, he once organized old classmates to concentrate on communication activities. Many people feel that it is a very good experience to get together to learn and feel new things. "Study is learning, it is not much to use and use."

Zhu Laobo told reporters that it is more troublesome to register at the beginning of Alipay, download APP, register account, set password, etc. It's easy to figure out, plus a lot of people are not familiar with the phone function, but also worried about being cheated on the Internet, so it is more difficult to get started.

Through a year of exploration, Zhu Laobo believes that using convenient tools such as Alipay can quickly find the doorway as long as it overcomes the obstacles of conception and learns. For example, you can specially prepare a bank card for binding Alipay, and deposit a small amount of money on the card to purchase online. For example, when paying offline, insist on letting others scan their own code, not randomly scanning other people's code, etc. A good way to protect your account security.

Zhu Laobo said that on the two days, I saw on the TV that the elderly lined up to buy train tickets. After many times, the team did not buy it. I immediately thought that I would not buy it online, but also specially studied it with Alipay. The ticket process also studied the 12306 online ticket purchase method. “I have been thinking about whether I can use the community, the old university or the library branch, etc., to give the elderly a popular class in this area, to teach everyone to use smart phones, and to use convenient tools such as Alipay.” The old man is expecting more elderly people like him to catch up with the "Tech Express" and feel the convenience of the Internet.
Let more elderly people enjoy the convenience of science and technology, and they need young people to take the handle.

"Dear Mom and Dad, in order to enjoy the convenience brought by technology like young people, no longer waste the trivialities in life, I will prepare for you. This "Alipay Getting Started Manual." This is the words written in "Getting Started Manual for Parents". The reporter learned from Alipay that tens of millions of people over 55 years old have used Alipay, Taobao payment, transfer, mobile phone recharge, and balance treasure, etc., which is the most popular Alipay service and function for the elderly. In March last year, Alipay issued 8,000 copies of the Alipay Parenting Manual for parents in eight cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

The reporter opened the "Investment Guide for Parents" and found that Alipay selected the most commonly used functions such as paying the phone, paying for water, electricity, payment, and balance treasure. For example, how to pay for mobile phone bills and pay for water and electricity. , go out without cash, use Alipay to buy things in the supermarket and so on. In this primer, Alipay also gives the elderly a lot of advice and reminders, such as "Install Alipay, don't let strangers do it for you", "Save your account password yourself, don't tell strangers at any time", " If you encounter problems, please call Alipay official customer service hotline 95188 and so on. The manual also features large fonts and detailed pictures to explain the steps.

In the initial stage and in the process of using it, the elderly who have just started to contact the Internet and use their smartphones need to be “hands-on” by the young people around them. In the interview, Zhu Laobo repeatedly mentioned his son-in-law. In addition to finding information, taking notes, and practicing and exploring, the son-in-law is the person who often helps him solve problems. Many of the links that do not understand and out of the situation are solved by the son-in-law. of. Have we cared about the new needs of our parents? Can we help the elderly around us to ride the technology? Maybe it can be done with a little help.

Source: Let the father and mother can also share the Internet convenience online shopping for one year, Zhu Laobo has something to say