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Please accept, this sincere full of Shanghai Cantonese style morning tea evaluation


And an old Guangdong living in Shanghai, talking about where to sigh morning tea: "Yu Baoxuan was before the peninsula and Fulinmen, the peninsula was the old four seasons of Weihai Road, before the four seasons was the second floor Chinese restaurant on the Nanjing Road, on the Nanjing Road, before It is the second floor of Canglang Pavilion on Huaihai Road. I have to go back to the Tang Palace in 1998."

The times have changed, the store has risen and fallen, and the fashion is 20 years ago. It still does not reduce the heat. Many Cantonese restaurants in Shanghai provide morning tea in the afternoon, which is quite random compared to the evening.

I can't give up the morning tea because the morning tea snack is a Chinese-style Brunch. It is very pleasing to the elderly and Xiaobao. At breakfast, the taste buds are not opened in the middle of noon. Everyone can find their favorite snacks and continue to have a pot of tea. They can also talk for a long time.

In March, we finished the " Guide to Morning Tea List " and started the half-year evaluation. We selected some of our favorite, friend-recommended or famous restaurants, and finally got this morning tea recommendation.

On September 21st, the "Shanghai Michelin Guide" came out, Penguin Jun was forced to read, and found that there are so many stars and recommended Cantonese cuisine, and many of them have been tested! But what if you just go to morning tea?

The article is particularly long, so the results are given first, and the specific evaluations are listed below in this order.

Penguin favorite:


These are willing to go often:


There are controversies on the highlights:

New Rongji| Dynasty dynasty|尚席|利苑|翠园

Can't love it:

Jade | Famous City King | Jin Yu | Long Feng Lou | Tang Palace No. 1 |

The fat friends who evaluated:

Reputation : This evaluation only represents the taste of Penguin . Recommended restaurants are only in the order of no order, considering only snacks rather than whole dishes. Since the Shanghai restaurant is too much, if you have a heart and we have not tried the restaurant, welcome to leave a message! We will make a test!

I wish you all the warmth and heart.

Recommended store

Tang Court ★|High quality and high environment

Tang Ge is on the 5th floor of the Langham Hotel in Xintiandi. Its brother shop in Hong Kong was promoted to Michelin's Samsung restaurant at the end of last year. Shanghai Tangge was led by Chef Tan Shiye (a proud disciple of Hong Kong Tangge Executive Chef Yan Weiqiang). In the "Michelin Red Guide Shanghai 2017" announced on the 21st of the month, it became the first and only Samsung restaurant in the mainland. The brothers are all Samsung restaurants and the unprecedented achievement of the Chinese restaurant in the Michelin Guide.

After being awarded the Michelin-starred restaurant, Tangge has reached a point where it is hard to find. Penguin went to Tangge for tea in the spring and summer. The menu is the same as the evening. The price is higher, but the selection is not enough but it is enough. A variety of snacks are included.

Recommended are:

Crystal shrimp dumplings (80 yuan / 4 pieces): the appearance is not amazing, and even feel that the skin is not transparent enough. With the entrance, the skin is soft and smooth, and the toughness is gratifying. The shrimps are fresh and lively. The traces of the soup are hung between the skin stuffings. It is a benchmark.

XO Sauce Fried Radish Cake (60 yuan): I still feel that it is not good. The taste of the bacon is completely soft and not rotten. The XO sauce enhances the umami taste. The tongue can feel the fine radish that melts into one. (In fact, the radish radish cake is really suitable for frying, not easy to smash, fragrant In the cake), very good.

Scallop scallops with scallops (80 yuan): Slim and succulent fried crispy, slightly soy, filled with scalloped shrimp paste, fresh and sweet.

Chenpi patch porridge (60 yuan): Based on the grouper slices, a little fresh, plus a thin thin skin of old tangerine peel , the overall warm and peaceful.

Almond Tofu (40 yuan): soft and smooth, aroma in place. A small piece of mango that I don't like.

Pork-baked crisp (60 yuan / 3 pieces): the filling is too sweet and too wet, so that the meringue is easy to soften, not recommended here.

The tea fee is 25-50 yuan per person and a 10% service charge is charged. The service in the store is enthusiastic, but there is room for improvement in the details of adding tea.

In general, the quality of snacks produced by Tange is top in Shanghai and the price is high. I don't know if the store will make adjustments to the snacks after taking Samsung.

Address: 5th Floor, Langham, Xintiandi, 99 Madang Road

Hakkasan★|Showing outside can also be Huizhong

Founded in London, Hakkasan has a Michelin star under the management of global chef Tang Zhiwei and has been selected as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world by Restaurant. The Shanghai branch opened at No. 18 on the Bund in 2014. Last year, it ranked 46th in the Asia50 restaurant in San Pellegrino . It was included in the Michelin recommended restaurant this year . Since the opening of the store, Hakkasan's team of chefs has been led by the executive chef Malay Chen Jialai, and the production and style are relatively stable, which is very popular among diners, especially foreigners.

Gold foil foie gras shrimp dumplings (88 yuan / 3): the face value is quite high, the skin is thick and the toughness is good, the standard shape is curved, the dyeing is exaggerated with a piece of gold foil decoration, the shrimp is very tight, and a small foie gras is inside. . However, the individual feels that creativity is greater than the taste.

However, there was no such thing on the menu when I went in August... I don’t know if I can still eat it later.

Quicksand bag (33 yuan / 3): The filling is moderately salty and sweet, the oil is sufficient, the outer layer of the skin is extremely tenacious, and the interior is soft and tender.

Fish roe ribbons are sold (38 yuan / 3 pieces): the belt is fresh and tender, and the filling is delicious.

Gold and silver egg lean meat porridge (34 yuan): added salted and preserved eggs, the egg itself provides salty taste just right, lean pork is also a pass. With the porridge attached with 3 different spices, salty and light.

Amaranth tape with sausage powder (38 yuan): the tape is cut into thin slices, and the intestinal powder is smooth but slightly thick.

The crispy skin is good but the filling is slightly weak. The cheese shell (32 yuan / 3) honeycomb shell is beautiful, but the taste of the steamed bread is too convergent; the durian cake (38 yuan / 3) has a good crispness and the filling is dull.

The service fee is 10%, and the basic care is attentive. The lunch market is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The production of morning tea, exquisite and even some small surprises, look at the Bund view is also good. Another heart is that the wine list is good , it is rare to have a place to eat and drink. There is also dim sum late nights.

Address: 5th Floor, No. 18, Bund, 18 Zhongshan East Road

Yu Bao Xuan (Bund shop) ★ | Peugeot is not wrong

Yubao Group started in Singapore, and Shanghai's flagship restaurant was selected as the Bund source of the former Yifeng Yanghang Building. When the store was opened in Shanghai four years ago, the group's president, Mr. Liang Zhisheng, brought the entire elite team to Shanghai and decided to bring the magic to the capital. The most authentic and top Cantonese cuisine. Over the past four years, Yu Baoxuan has achieved a very stable and good reputation in Shanghai. It is the first choice for many hackers in Shanghai to taste Cantonese cuisine.

On the lunch menu, there are 40 kinds of snacks, 16 kinds of porridge, and the monotonous ones are also served with sauerkraut shrimp balls or Cistanche crispy ducks.

The standard models are all done in place:

Jingying bamboo shoot dumplings (36 yuan / 4): skin crystal clear and refreshing, bamboo shoots sweet and crisp, shrimp and pork ratio is very good.

Chaozhou steamed fruit (27 yuan / 3): With the "pot gas" that the masses like to see, the stuffing is fresh, and the peanuts are more brittle.

Yubao Beijiao is sold (27 yuan / 4 pieces ): the skin is thin, the meat is mixed with pigs and shrimps, and the dried mushrooms are delicious.

Signature product sandbags (30 yuan / 3): But the performance is average, the standard stuffing sand inside, but the egg yolk is slightly heavier, the skin is slightly less tenacious.

Preserved egg lean porridge (42 yuan): the product is regular and gentle, the fritters are neatly decorated, the preserved eggs are round slices, the shredded pork is long strips of silk, both of which are porridge seasoning. The fragrant simmered pork powder (33 yuan) is smooth and the pork is full.

Honeycomb horns (30 yuan / 3 pieces ): The outer layer is a model, the honeycomb formed by the deep-fried mud is crisp and light, and the filling material is also mixed with small pieces of meat. The whole is slightly salty. But the last time I went to change the style, the inside of the crisp layer increased, and the taste became a sweet mouth.

The barbecued pork was good, but the meringue and glutinous rice dumplings (30 yuan / 3) meringue and fillings did not meet expectations.

A large piece of abalone juice stuffed chicken feet (58 yuan) meat toot, large peanuts taste savory, "the soup wants bibimbap."

The tea fee is 10 yuan per person, the service fee is 10%, the tea is quickly packaged, and the attitude is not picky (the weekend will be a lot worse). Penguin feels that Yu Baoxuan is more balanced from the quality of the dishes, the preparation of the ingredients to the dining experience, and the price is very reasonable compared with the quality.

Address: 4th Floor, Yifeng·Bund, No. 99, Beijing East Road, Huangpu District

These are willing to go often

Home all seven blessings | chefs after the famous store

Founded by the founder of Fu Linmen's seven sons (and also the head of Fu Linmen for 50 years), Quan Qifu is a new brand, but it has accumulated enough traditional Cantonese cuisine experience. As one of the duties of Cantonese cuisine in Shanghai, Cantonese cuisine is recognized as a high standard. Dim sum is also a special feature, value for money.

Honey sauce pork crispy (42 yuan / 3): the meat of the filling is good to the touch (not like many restaurants will use the fresh leftover meat), the seasoning is suitable, the pastry layer is light and thin.

Pine nutrient powder (39 yuan / 3): It does not use the popular glutinous skin, but instead uses the rice flour skin used in the early powder, and the internal peanuts are replaced with pine nuts, which is excellent with the citron. Think carefully. Crystal shrimp dumplings (52 yuan / 4) shrimp bombs fresh, hanging juice.

Pan-fried radish cake (39 yuan / 3) is anti-traditional, the radish block traverses the entire cut surface (so that it is fragile). The outer skin is slightly brittle and soft inside. The taste is very consistent with the radish masses. fantasy. The steamed phoenix claw tiger skin is very crispy and fragrant!

The fried two-intestine powder is soft and sticky, which is not ideal. The fresh squid rotted skin rolls are not transparent and the color is white. It is better to change into a scallion cake (it is a huge hemp group), crispy and delicious.

You may wish to change the customary pork roast into a half-red crispy chicken (210 yuan), and the meat is smooth and soft. Lobster soup soaked in rice to try your luck...

The tea is from 22 yuan per person. The service fee is 10%, the service has to be lucky, and the services in the weekend hall are often not taken care of. Desserts such as almond tea, the selection of materials carefully and naturally will not be bad.

Address: Room E2-03, 2nd Floor, Kerry Center Phase 1, 1515 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District

Summer Palace|Only serve your home + black question mark

The summer residence of Hong Kong Island Shangri-La is the second Michelin star. Shanghai Jingxiang also has a summer palace (most Shangri-La Chinese restaurant called Shang Palace), which was named Michelin recommended restaurant. Mainly based on the local dishes and Cantonese cuisine, it combines some Huaiyang cuisine (yes, you can see Zhenjiang meat). Shanghai's favorite radish cake, rotten skin and fried two-in-one powder are here.

Pan-fried radish cake (25 yuan / 3) bacon diced fresh flavor, radish grain ratio is just right, sweet and salty balance. The outer layer is fried to a slightly crispy, very good. The seaweed fresh shrimp rot skin roll ( 28 yuan) is extremely brittle and thin, the color is even and thorough, the oil is slightly sweet, and the shrimp is satisfied.

Yuanbei red rice sausage powder (33 yuan) red rice bag with a layer of golden crispy crispy silk, filled with shrimp, the layering is excellent. Crystal shrimp dumplings (33 yuan / 4) fresh bamboo shoots, clams, shrimp, pork ratio is good. Unfortunately, the skin is a bit sticky.

A bit of abalone is not a success. The lettuce squid ball porridge has too much orange peel.

There are also some black question marks that make me:

Sesame sirloin crispy with a buttery aroma, can the savory stuffing taste more like mashed mud? The yolk quicksand stuffing is poor, and the egg yolk tastes too weak.

The steamed chicken feet of the cardamom are sweet and oily, and there is no shadow of the cardamom. The chicken feet are crisp enough. The soup of Guangdong cuisine is full of roots, and there is no way to eat it elegantly. Called "靓汤灼", I don’t know what it is, I simmer it with oil.

The steaming point is generally better than the crispy one. Look at the menu with onion oil rice noodles, thought it was Japanese rice-winged Udon, the result is a common onion oil noodles. The service fee is 15%, and the service is unsuccessful. The tea fee is 30 yuan per person. On that day, only the fragrant tablets and Tieguanyin can be selected.

Address: 3/F, Jing An Shangri-La Hotel, No. 1218 Yan'an Middle Road, Jing'an District

玺粤轩|I can't sleep in the morning to eat snacks.

Yu Yue Xuan is a large-scale Cantonese restaurant near the Jintiantiandi. The restaurant's executive chef , Li Yunhao, has more than 30 years of experience in kitchen cooking. He has served as the head chef of Liyuan, Maxim's Palace and Hongxing Club. Of course, just go for a snack... Open the door at 7:30 every day to meet the "fast early" guests.

The favorite black truffle wild mushroom dumplings (32 yuan / 3 pieces) has a thick taste of truffles, and the granules should be warmed beforehand, bringing out a soft taste and aroma.

Crystal shrimp dumplings emperor (38 yuan / 4 pieces): the dumpling skin viscosity is just right, the shrimp fresh spring, enough to meet the standard.

XO Sauce Steamed Chicken Feet (28 yuan): XO sauce is very generous and eats a lot of dried babe. The overall spicyness is high, but I think the porridge is very good. The whole seasoning, materials and consistency of preserved egg lean meat porridge are good.

The radish radish cake (24 yuan / 3 pieces) was cut into radish grains and waxy grains. Compared with the shortcomings of too much radish in most stores in Shanghai, it took the other extreme: too many radishes and fragile.

Also somewhat ribbed

For example, the soft skin of the milk and yellow sand drifting bag seems to have pumpkin powder, and the hard wound is a creamy filling.

The honey-salted pork is crispy, and the snake is added with a lot of brushed polysaccharide oil. The pork is salty. The intestines are too thick...

High cost performance. The tea fee is 7 yuan per person. There is no logic in the order of serving, but it is actually the first step. If you don’t hurry in the morning, even if you are alone, it’s good to have one or two pieces.

Address: 2F, No. 9 Jinan Road

Minghao|Currently made the ancient dessert

Most of the impressions of famous people are Hong Kong-style expensive seafood shark fins. It seems that the store has recently been remodeled and intends to take a more intimate route. In fact, the afternoon market is full of over 50 kinds of snack menus, from traditional snacks such as abalone horns, pheasant rolls, and slippery pigs, which are hard to see in other stores in Shanghai.

The traditional XO sauce fried carrot cake (22 yuan / serving) is neatly arranged, adorned with scalloped silk. An entrance with complete elements.

Long belt jade pear fragrance (49 yuan / 4) belt and pear slices are stuffed together with shrimp glue, hang a thin layer of powder micro-fried, eat the sweetness of the pear, the umami taste of the belt, the grout increases the taste but Not greasy. This is the famous dish of Hong Kong Longjingxuan. Shanghai seems to have only the famous tycoon can eat it.

The ancient French beef sold (29 yuan / serving) is actually a fresh beef ball with flesh-colored flesh, lived with a very heavy tangerine peel, and adjusted with sesame oil.

The small abalone of the jade abalone is really hard... it is difficult to bite, and the peas are filled between the abalone and the crispy bottom (a little meat and vegetable concept).

The crab shrimp dumpling skin is relatively easy to break, some are dry, the crab added by the filling is not obvious, the rose is colored in the skin, and the color is still Hakkasan beautiful.

Almond Dew (39 yuan): The cup is filled with hot drinks, and it is ready to drink. The foam on the upper layer is full, the protein is added, the liquid in the lower layer is thick, and the aroma of almond is melted in the frankincense.

Sometimes, the old snacks that are not common can bring a sense of freshness. There are a lot of choices for Minghao, try those rare ones from other stores in Shanghai .

Address: 1st to 3rd floor, Keen International Center, No. 66, Shanxi North Road, Jing'an District

There are controversies on the highlights

New Rongji | Taizhou tastes a bit heavy

Xinrongji is a very famous Chinese restaurant in Shanghai. The dishes are mainly Taizhou cuisine, which combines Cantonese cuisine. The dinner family gathering is “not easy to make mistakes”, and the snacks in the afternoon are also very popular.

溏 heart-burning and selling (38 yuan / 4 pieces): a stuffy quail egg in the stuffing, whole mouth, yellow and meat, fusion.

Linhai food cake tube (35 yuan / 4 pieces) Taizhou friends are not forgetting the hometown food, saying that the Chinese family will gather together to eat the cakes that are now fried. The end of the table is neatly rolled up, but there is no shortage of pots.

The following are all produced, but I feel that I suddenly stepped into the territory of the Emperor. In terms of flavouring rather than quality , my friends have differences:

Tyrant sand bag leather joined the black toner (formerly also sprinkled with gold leaf decoration, has suddenly gone), the outer layer of soft leather toughness, sand trap too sweet, a little salty egg yolk.

Bamboo shoots and shrimp dumplings are heavily flavored. Sauce Emperor steamed chicken feet ingredients are good, the sauce is still too sweet.

The fragrant organic radish cake was originally served as a radish cake with a slightly sweet chili sauce from Zhiyuanzhai . It is now replaced with a sweet mouth. However... the radish cake becomes so sweet, the sweetness is almost the same as the horseshoe cake...

The fire of the fish porridge porridge is broken, soft and sticky. But the seasoning is really heavy. How can the morning tea porridge be so heavy?

The flavor of the snacks is mostly biased, perhaps influenced by the taste of Taizhou? ...the service is not available. Compared to dinner, it is not cheap (but very tasty) big menu, the afternoon price is affordable, the business is very good.

Address: 2nd Floor, Hengji 688 Plaza, No. 688 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Dynasty meeting | surprise point is very unexpected

The Dynasty Group originated in London in the 1990s and now has many outlets. The Bund store has long windows, and the guest shop is quiet. On the rainy day, watching the dripping water outside the eaves, brewing a pot of fragrant tablets, the mood is calm.

Jade belt with sausage powder (58 yuan): the best table for the whole... fresh and soft, the skin bombs are fresh!

Golden brick radish cake (28 yuan) crispy golden crisp, soft and tender inside, very good. Chaozhou steamed fruit (32 yuan / 3) filling is very positive, pork, fried peanuts, dried beans, very small amount of leeks, the particles are cut correctly. The only downside is that the skin is too sticky.

Unfortunately, a few basic models are not perfect.

Supreme shrimp dumplings are not good for sale, the outer skin is not even steamed, and the shrimp is over-processed for the pursuit of elastic teeth.

The crispy quicksand pack has a heavy brown sugar and a slightly sweeter filling.

The fleshy and tenderness of the honey sauce is good and the seasoning is very good. Unfortunately, the pastry is slightly wet.

Acacia chicken feet (48 yuan) seasoning thick and salty sweet balance, but the smell is not enough. Preserved egg lean meat porridge tastes more common, probably in pursuit of salty taste, shredded pork.

The level of snacks is not very stable. The last time I went, I felt that the basics of the basics were not satisfactory. Tea 12 yuan / person, and occasionally the waiter can not introduce the dishes, the service is good.

Address: No. 5, Bund, Bund Street, Huangpu District

Shang Xi | I really want to eat Long Jing Xuan

The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong has the world's first Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, Longjingxuan. The Pudong Four Seasons is also said to have been guided by the combination of local and Cantonese dishes. Most snacks can be ordered individually.

Black truffle shrimp dumplings emperor (48 yuan / piece): a large one, Cheng face skin blown can be broken, wrapped in the size of the nail-shaped truffle slices to enhance the fragrance.

Sweet crab powder fresh meat crisp (20 / piece): hot gravy filled with cake skin, fresh meat embedded with silk crab powder, so delicious. The best fresh meat moon cake in the year!

Wind-sand crispy radish cake (48 yuan): crisp and not oily, the radish's aroma is melted into a soft cake, and the waxy taste is enough to increase the level.

Abalone chicken crisps (48 yuan / piece) small and exquisite, abalone and meringue stick together, soft bullets are not sturdy, but the Hong Kong-style suede is too dry. Crab seed squid dumplings (42 yuan / 3 pieces) of crab seeds are crisp, but there is no desire.

The apricot-flavored quicksand bag (20 yuan/piece) made into a pig's shape looks like a tear to the eye makeup. The bun is too sweet, the stuffing is curd-like and can't be sanded, and the egg yolk is heavier.

The tea fee is almost 100 yuan / person. The service fee is 15%. I feel that the snack is not as good as I expected. It may be a little bit of the main dish.

Address: 2/F, Four Seasons Hotel, 210 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area

Lee Garden (IAPM store)

Michelin got the chain of hand sour

Liyuan's brand was founded in Hong Kong in 1973. Now it has opened branches in Singapore, the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao (and more Michelin evaluations, so many people responded to Liyuan = Michelin restaurant), many branches in the mall, the standard It will also give people a sense of stability that is preconceived.

Good stomach, don't miss the three-layered meat. Morning tea is used to ordering a piece of vegetables. I think his home's white kale (49 yuan) can be used as a benchmark. The roots have been cut a lot, and the tender parts are kept. The cut strips are just right for two to eat, the taste is crisp and there are no grooves.

Pan-fried radish cake (29 yuan): the balance of radish and bacon is just right. The molding is slightly softer.

Original fresh shrimp dumplings (33 yuan / 4 pieces): the outer skin is too sticky "sticky chopsticks can not fall", shrimp and meat ratio is good. Tide-type small powder fruit (29 yuan / 4 pieces) filling elements are all together, unfortunately the peanuts are slightly less, mushrooms to grab the taste.

The white jade beef sausage powder is too thick, and the added sauce is too salty, which does not reflect the beef flavor. It is quite interesting to add the mushroom. The ribs Chencun powder is too thick and tough (the Chencun powder is a bit difficult to re-enact in the restaurant).

Steamed chicken feet with oyster sauce, fried before steaming, chicken feet crisp; compared to the taste of Guangzhou, the seasoning is slightly sweet, the cardamom tastes slightly weaker. The preserved egg porridge porridge itself is seasoned too fresh and salty, the meat is tasteless, and the sense of violation is strong.

Golden pillow durian crisp pastry is good, crisp and thin, striped and smooth, good to sell. The fillings are less subtle, too sweet and the durian is weak.

A 10% service charge is charged and the tea fee is 6 yuan/person. Most snacks are in a tepid state. The steamed filling is good and the skin is a bit problematic. Seasoning is salty. Because there is no recent comparison, it is not compared with other city branches.

Address: L4-401, Huanmao Plaza, No. 999 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District

Jade Garden | Just a friend's circle morning tea

As far back as 1971, Maxim Group created the first Crest in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Shanghai's Cuiyuan, the location and the value of the snacks are very good (very important for the circle of friends), very in line with the modern people's psychology, always in line, is considered one of the best Cantonese restaurants in the magic city.

However, in the eyes of the elders, "their years, it seems that Napoleon is getting bigger..."

The bird cage snack (158 yuan / 7 kinds * 2 pieces) is basically necessary for each table, including the three kinds of signature steaming points of Cuiyuan (bamboo sharp shrimp dumplings, belt slippery seller, east starfish dumplings) and 4 kinds of fried Dim Sum (South African abalone, fragrant scallions, golden silk crisps, phoenix shrimp horns). The belt is slippery and sells well, and the shrimp dumplings have no work; the fish dumplings are styling steamed buns, which are actually shrimp stuffings. Crisp stuffing is generally too much juice.

Quicksand milk yellow bag (26 yuan / 3): very amazing! It is a standard liquid quicksand with a raw salty egg yolk granules. It is salty and sweet, and the aftertaste is fresh.

The abalone juice claws have not been fried, not enough to be smashed. The fried radish cake is slightly owed, and too much pepper is put...

Dinghu plain powder is very soft and thin, the filling is also very soft, there is no peanut crisp, lack of layers. The scallop chopped green onion soft and hard sea eagle roll is the sausage powder fritter wrapped in shrimp glue, the shrimp glue is not distributed too evenly.

The boat porridge did not have a bit of dried fish or fish fillets, and the seasoning was salty. If you like to drink soup, try his soup, which is good.

The tea fee is 12 yuan per person, and the service fee is 10%. However, the waiters are running almost no service, and even asking people to pay the bill takes 20 minutes. Consider the next person.

Address: 4th Floor, South Block, Jing'an Kerry Center, Jing'an District

Can't love

Emerald Restaurant, Crystal Jade

The Jade Group's restaurants are everywhere in Singapore. The civilians go to the Emerald Ramen Xiao Long Bao and go to the Emerald Palace. There are also branches in the United States and South Korea. A family in Shanghai is open in Xintiandi, with a lot of guests at noon.

Shrimp dumplings (40 yuan / 5 pieces) leather is good toughness, shrimp and meat ratio is just right. Bean casserole cake (26 yuan) skin crisp, not bad.

Some slightly minor problems:

Pan-flavored radish cake (22 yuan) too much cake, the radish tastes too light. There are many kinds of bacon and red rice. The lobster soup is expensive (138 yuan), the soup is rich, and the lobster is sweet.

There are many things that can be spit:

The pork is crispy and thick . There are certain problems in cooking or materials, such as insufficient surface, oil, and poor control of oil return temperature, which will cause this phenomenon. As for the quicksand bag to take the "reverse cup not sprinkle" route, the quicksand bag made a milky yellow bag.

The filling quality of Chaozhou pink fruit is low, the dicing is random, and the taste is unbalanced. The pork-filled sausage fillings pass through, but the skin is too thick and the taste is not good enough.

The fried silver silk rolls seem to be Beijing snacks, and the interior should be clearly defined. But this is just a gimmick . The steamed phoenix claws of the oyster sauce are not fully blasted, and the savory scent

The tea fee is 7 yuan per person and the snack is mediocre. However, this restaurant, which was awarded in the newly released Michelin Red Guide, received a high rating. However, based on the observation and experience of only the refreshments, Penguin still does not recommend the morning tea of ​​the store.

Address: 2nd Floor, Nanli Mall, Xintiandi, Lane 123, Xingye Road

Famous city

If you only order these two pieces, there will be no mistakes: the golden bamboo shoots and sandbags (28 yuan / 3), the golden bamboo shoots refer to the carrots, and the quicksand stuffing has the coconut milk flowing smoothly and the skin is fluffy. Jingying shrimp dumplings (30 yuan / 4) added a taste of fresh bamboo shoots, clams, shrimp, pork ratio is good, seasoning is also appropriate.

It is quite strange that Chaozhou steamed fruit is seasoned with too much sand tea sauce. Yun Er Lily dumplings feel like a leftover groceries .

Gold net shrimp intestine powder is not bad, but I will definitely choose the summer palace. The fried radish radish cake has too much powder, and the interior is too raw and has no aroma.

The watery oily cake of the fragrant durian crisp is generally used, and the durian meat fiber can be seen with freshness. Preserved egg lean porridge is very meager.

Chencun powder ribs seasoning is very delicious, and the powder is delicious. The steamed ribs of the cardamom scallions stick to the bottom of the plate and cannot be caught.

The overall morning tea impression is average, the quicksand bag is very good. If you want to eat it, you can try it.

Address: No. 802, Yan'an Middle Road, Jing'an District

Jin Yu Seafood Restaurant

I have always heard of good quality and low price, but I was disappointed after the visit.

Shrimp dumplings (28 yuan / 4) are slightly poorer, and the proportion of pork is too small. Chaozhou steamed fruit (10 yuan) ingredients are bad, put onions, peanuts have oily taste. Three-type gut powder (15 yuan) of the intestinal powder itself tastes too powder. It is said that it is a little far-fetched. Prince's quicksand bag (15 yuan) is too sweet and too heavy. Preserved egg lean porridge (17 yuan) is very sticky, considering the store's volume, is skeptical about the production process.

Steamed chicken feet (19 yuan) chicken feet frozen for too long. Pan-fried radish cake (19 yuan) has ham to open the ocean, may not be enough in the process of steaming, taste like paste. Honey sauce pork crispy (19 yuan / 3) is like a semi-finished product of the supplier, the quality of the shortening is not good, and the barbecue is strange.

The raw materials of the snacks are unsatisfactory, and the wins are cheaper... The tea fee is 5 yuan/person.

Address: 2/F, Jinhao International Building, No. 1048 Xikang Road, Putuo District

Long Feng Lou

When the No. 1 shop opened in Mengzi Road, it was difficult to make an appointment. It was very eye-catching in the circle of friends. It even raised the popularity of Mengzi Road at that time. However, it was not a few years since the opening of the business. Penguin took the current quality and the feeling of opening a business. Compared to the squatting cliff-like decline.

The dragon phoenix dumplings emperor (34 yuan / 4 pieces) is very large, and there are many shrimps. The skin is really thick... the color is too red. The red vinegar color is suspicious and the quality is not good. The shrimp seed tape is sold (30 yuan / 4 pieces). The color of the tape is very different and it is obviously frozen for a long time.

Steamed pork ribs (32 yuan) is very very heavy garlic, still can not cover the taste of the ribs is not fresh. Honey sauce pork crispy (23 yuan / 3 pieces) ghee is very bad, obvious oily smell. The simmered simmered simmered simmered sauce was bitter.

The preserved egg lean meat porridge is thrown into the preserved egg and lean meat in the white porridge, without seasoning. Char-grilled sausage powder (23 yuan) poor pork, the skin is OK.

Yang Zhi Ganlu and protein almond tea have made me open my eyes and are as light as water.

The tea fee is 6 yuan per person. In addition to the location is good, now the Longfeng Building is still so hot in our view is a confused puzzle - poor material, no service ... not recommended.

Address: No. 889, Julu Road, Jing'an District

Tang Palace

The old Tang Dynasty Palace has more than 20 years of history and is the original memory of many Shanghainese people for early tea. It is a pity that it is not an old name, and the level is also obviously decreasing as many old brands.

The nickname shrimp dumplings (27 yuan / 4) Cheng face is very poor, the shrimp is even a bit sour . Steamed dumplings are the same.

The egg yolk quicksand bag (18 yuan / 3) can be quicksand, but there is no salty smell of egg yolk. Yipin Roasted Goose Crisp (27 yuan / 3 tastes good...

Shrimp sausage powder (27 yuan) has no advantages. XO sauce carrot cake (22 yuan) bacon diced fresh flavor, radish grain is large, the proportion of cake powder is appropriate. The failure lies in the practice of wrapping too much powder and the shell is too thick.

The champion and the first porridge (22 yuan) MSG put a lot. . . Roast pigeons are really delicious compared to other things.

Although the price is not expensive, the quality of the snacks is generally not high.

Address: 3-4/F, Jinjiang Tourist Building, 400 Changle Road


It was very popular when it opened, and it has a nostalgic restaurant with Hong Kong feelings. The decoration of the restaurant is quite distinctive. The entrance-level area is filled with porcelain that is said to be the statue of He Xiangu. The table is separated by a wood-carved barrier hall. The tablecloth is a pink color. The tableware on the Phnom Penh is also drawn with the heart of the Eight Immortals. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy. abrasion.

Honey sauce pork roast (26 yuan / 3) store sign is barbecued pork, but the barbecued pork stuffing with astringency, simmered in too much sugar. The gold medal fried two intestines (24 yuan) is simply the bottom of the life of the two intestines in life, the taste of the fritters is heavy, and the atmosphere is placed for too long.

The bamboo shoot tip shrimp dumplings (32 yuan / 4 pieces) shrimp is a bit too crisp, "catch up the peanuts." The waiter recommended the damp type of fried tea (30 yuan / 3 pieces) looks terrible, the stuffing inside is also very strange.

Mangosteen beef ball (26 yuan / 3) a large fat beef ball, salty fresh over the head of the unnatural, lack of natural fresh marble.

As far as snacks are concerned, the standard is really unidentifiable. Some of the friends who have had dinner have said that it is not good.

Address: 7th Floor, North Tower, Joy City, No. 198 Xizang North Road, Zhabei District

Seeing here is true love

Nearly a million words of the article you actually look at (tuo) to the bottom!

Eleven is coming, if you plan to spend time in Shanghai, you may wish to have three or two friends, let go of your thoughts and mobile phone, and slowly eat a morning tea.

Tips: Please mention early appointment.

In addition: If you go to the recommended restaurant, do you have a place to eat morning tea?

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