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When you know about publishing and modifying content, sometimes it will not show up, how will it be solved and improved?

First of all, apologize to the affected users, we are speeding up the solution.

Except for some well-known reasons (I hope everyone understands), the current problem is related to the defects in the product.

First, text modification can result in new content not being able to appear. We have identified this as a design flaw, and now engineers are working on it and will definitely try to fix it as soon as possible.

Second, there are users in the process of answering questions, posting columns, and text modification. Once the content cannot be displayed, the time to wait for the release is too long, and it is not known for any reason that it cannot be released. There is no clear user prompt in the process. This series of situations is a flaw in product design, which has a serious impact on many users who know the normal use, greatly deteriorating the writing experience. We will soon come up with new solutions to optimize this part of the experience.

Apologize again to the affected friends.

We know that the product team hopes to provide you with the best writing experience in Chinese Internet. We will keep the respect of the original author for a long time and continuously improve the writing product experience. Please rest assured!

19:26 update:

The first issue has been fixed and brought online. Adjustments for the entire module are in progress.

August update:

The improvement for the second part has been gradually on the line in the previous detailing see what is the recommended answers and articles modifications?