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After the age of 35, I was retired from the workplace? No, being retired is never age, but these factors


The keywords of anxiety, confusion, and retreat after the age of 35 are constantly being magnified by the media people, stimulating our nerves, especially those in the workplace after the age of 35. It is even more heart-wrenching, as if it was really eliminated. Is there really no market for people in the workplace after 35 years old? Really being eliminated?

Before answering this question, Pharaoh still uses real cases to illustrate the problem.

The day before yesterday, Pharaoh and a 83-year-old working person did a one-on-one exchange. When Pharaoh saw him, he felt that he was full of faces and confusion, and he was like a crime. Through Lao Wang and his communication, he found that he is a very good professional person, but he is currently confused and uncomfortable. After the guidance and deep communication of Pharaoh, his self-confidence was awakened and he knew what he should do.

In addition, Lao Wang continued to consult with two HR directors after the 70s. When Pharaoh got the questions and resumes that the other party had to consult, through the analysis of his resume and questions, Pharaoh really did not find out what they had. The big problem is that the performance of the resume is relatively poor. When Pharaoh communicated with the two HR directors, they found two problems:

1. The presentation of the resume is too dull, and the gap between its actual ability is too great . I didn't refine my resume, and I didn't enlarge my own content and influential achievements or cases, and increased the highlights of my resume. As a result, my resume was too dull and performed poorly, which was inconsistent with actual performance and ability. That is, the actual ability is far greater than the performance of the resume.

2, the thinking is relatively solid, not jumping out of human resources to see human resources, and company operations and management . This is why many people think about problems or deal with things, instead of looking at the problem from a holistic perspective, but analyzing and solving problems on the problem, and finally the problem may not be solved or seen by the leader. Gradually cleared and eliminated. In fact, as a 35-year-old working person, you can jump out of the problem to see problems and jump out of the industry to see problems. In this way, your vision and pattern will naturally be magnified. Like one of the HR directors yesterday, Pharaoh learned about her education, experience, and communication with him. He found that he can quit the human resources circle, use the overall operational thinking to look at and solve company problems, and go to big companies. The boss's big inside assistant (the assistant general manager or the assistant to the chairman of the director level, etc.), so that her problem will be solved, and she will not be confused or even anxious.

3. Although it is a high-level, the circle of contacts is relatively small and inactive . Pharaoh found a problem. Many people in the workplace, even CEOs, are only familiar with the resources and relationships around them. Cross-border resources or connections are almost zero. Just like a few days ago, Pharaoh chatted with the CEO of a company. He said that although they are CEOs, they are too busy to deal with too many things and have no time to deal with relationships and accumulate resources. There are no other resources besides industry resources. He joked that, unlike your headhunters, you are looking at the industry and the talents of the industry outside the industry, so that your thinking and resources far exceed them.

CEOs think so, what about managers in the workplace? Obviously, the circle of professional managers is too small, and they are not active at all. When thinking about problems or asking others for opinions when changing jobs or changing careers, it is difficult to find a real solution when thinking or chatting in a circle. As another HR director said, she worked overtime every day and then went home. After arriving home, the children slept. Busy and even have no time to talk and communicate with children. How can I have time to think and socialize deeply?

Based on this, Pharaoh believes that the professional managers in the workplace are not after the 35-year-old retreat, but in the elimination or retreat of those who did not do the professional positioning and career planning after the age of 35 before the age of 35 . Pharaoh wants to say that if you are retired and eliminated after the age of 35, it is only because you have been retired or eliminated before the age of 35, and the time to be retired or eliminated is exactly after the age of 35.

Why are these problems occurring? Based on observations and deep thinking about the workplace, Lao Wang believes that:

1. People who have no long-term care must have near-worry . Many people did not think deeply about their future career development before the age of 35, but they did it entirely based on imagination. Just like Pharaoh chatting with a 30-year-old working person some time ago, he said that he suddenly felt that he did not know what to do when he was 30 years old because he did not think deeply about his career development and he was wrong. It is.

2, has been bowing to do specific things, but forgot to look up the road, and finally do not know where the road is, where to go . The day before yesterday, Pharaoh and a big factory HRD chat, he said, the last regret is that he has been bowing down to deal with specific things, did not jump out of things to see things, always think that he can only do HR, the other will not, in fact, No, you can do a lot of things yourself. He went on to say that it was originally a friend who specialized in social security training, and now he started his own business. The company is already in the C round of financing. Yes, people, not eliminated by the market, are framed and eliminated by their own limitations and behaviors .

3, the lack of overall thinking, has been busy in the local . Many people in the workplace think that they have been thinking about the overall thinking from the perspective of the company. Lao Wang wants to say that this is not a whole question of thinking, but rather a narrow question in the framework of the company, and finally your thinking is too limited. You might say that you don't think about problems in the company frame and how to solve them. Correct! You are right, it is your thinking that really puts you in it.

Based on the analysis of the above problems, Pharaoh never thought that the 35-year-old was retired or eliminated, but was too limited, did not find his own problems, and would not find a better job. One fact that everyone can't accept is that many senior HR or senior executives consult Pharaoh and how to choose their job search channels. Therefore, we cannot look at the real world with normal eyes and thinking, but we must look at the world with the vision and thinking that suits the development of the world .

Since the 35-year-old workplace is not retired or eliminated by the workplace, how do you find a development path that suits you? Listen to another case! Yesterday, a headhunter told Pharaoh that he successfully introduced a 48-year-old professional manager who was introduced to him to a company as a executive vice president. The 48-year-old professional manager and the market, is there no market for people after the age of 35?


1, job-hopping career to see the development . Combine your own experience and practical ability to go up in the industry. Just like Pharaoh’s case of the HRD in the article, she can choose to be the assistant general manager or assistant to the chairman of the operating company or the big listed company. This is very suitable for her.

2. Forget about anxiety and confusion, and constantly magnify what you are best at and proficient . There is a phenomenon in the workplace, that is, a trick to fight the world invincible. That is to say, as long as you have a unique skill that is best at you, your career development will be very long. Just like a TV interview, an old gentleman who has been engaged in Guqin for a lifetime has become a craftsman and intangible cultural heritage. Think about it, what is your unique martial arts?

3, expand the social circle, the world is so big, go out to see and talk . Don't just pull your car down. You really have to look up the road and find your own way. Otherwise, you will be eliminated or dismissed after you are 35 years old.

Written at the end

The workplace has never been retired or eliminated after the 35-year-old, if it is said to be retired or eliminated, it can only show that you have gradually been retired or eliminated before the age of 35, only after the age of 35 .

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