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Mining Amazon Certifier resources with AMZDiscover


AMZDiscover is a tool for mining the resources of the appraisers on the Amazon platform.

There are two ways to mine the evaluator resources on AMZDiscover.

1. View the list of Top 10,000 Reviewers directly.

AMZDiscover has collected, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other sites. Top Reviewer's resources are collected in a unified list of 10,000 per site.

Top Reviewer

After clicking on the site, all reviewers are in the list, very convenient

Top Reviewer list

View contact information

Contact information

Second, link all relevant Reviewers through Listing.



After entering the Listing link, AMZDiscover will start a background search.

AMZDiscover Search Task

When the background is complete, the status will be displayed as: Finished, this is the time to harvest the fruit.
Click the Check button to enter the list.

Reviewer on Listing


AMZDiscover official website: