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What are the best GIF animation tools recommended?


Among the 5 GIF authoring tools we recommend, ScreenToGif is a frequent visitor to Topbook. I hope that through this video today, you will be able to make simple, interesting and easy-to-use GIF animations. ScreenToGif, as its name suggests, is more about recording screen content as a GIF animation, but it doesn't stop there.

This is a small software that is only about 2.5 M and is free to install. Double click to open, you can see that it has four basic tools: recorder, camera, artboard, editor.

The recorder helps us record the screen content; the camera helps us record the camera content, if you have one; the artboard helps us record our painting process. The content of all the first three tools will come to the editor. In the editor, you can edit the production of the first three tools, or you can import other animations to modify the editing.

Before using each software, look at the settings first, so click [Options] in the upper right corner and try to browse through all the relevant settings to solve many of your doubts. For example, how to display the mouse cursor when recording. Count down yourself before you start recording. Set some common shortcuts to improve your recording efficiency. For example, F7 starts or pauses recording; F8 stops recording.

How to record your favorite GIF? Click on [VCR] here, the software will automatically pop up a recording frame; drag the edge to frame your recording object. It may be a video that is playing; it may be a piece of software that you are about to operate. In the lower right corner of the row of buttons, pay attention to the bottom right corner.

This cross-shaped circle is very important. Click on it and drag it to the window you want to record. It will automatically help you to perceive and change the size of the box. Of course, you can also manually modify the window resolution you want to record directly. Rate, such as 800 x 450, to record the area you want.

The frame rate here is 0-60s. If you don't miss the video before the Topbook, you will know that the picture looks continuous after 10-12 frames, but the higher the frame rate, the clearer the picture quality and the occupied files. The size will also increase. Temporarily use the default value of 15 here. Try to record a video frame.

Play the screen to the front of the content you want to record, and use the recording box to frame the content; after you start recording with F7, immediately click play with the mouse, the screen will play until the desired content ends, and immediately press F8 to stop recording. The editor pops up automatically.

At this time, I can press the space bar to preview the content. The upper playback effect consists of one frame below. We click on Edit.

Drag the progress bar below, the previous paragraph is the content you need to delete, find the last frame, click Select, click Delete before all; in the same way, delete all after; in addition, you can also remove the repeat and reduce the number of frames . Remove the repetition to understand, we can reduce the number of frames. After clicking, you can set the parameters on the right side, that is, delete several frames every few frames, so you can change the file size accordingly, but sacrifice some fluency. For example, enter 1, 1 and click Apply. For example, the WeChat public account image upload can not exceed 2M, which is a little useful.

In addition, click on the image tab of the toolbar to reset the resolution and width, which can also change the file screen and file size.

You can also choose to crop, only to generate parts of the selection; of course, you can flip, add subtitles, buttons, blurs and watermarks, and even add borders to the animation.

Finally, click Save As on the toolbar, select the GIF on the right, select the encoder, adjust the quality, check whether the loop, select the output directory, and name it.

In addition, this gadget has other powerful features waiting for you to discover. For example, the whiteboard function just mentioned.

If you just need this tool, you are welcome to follow the Topbook WeChat public account to reply to GIF in the background , get ScreenToGif and the other four animation production software we mentioned.

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