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Men must see: the symptoms of the earliest male genital warts


Condyloma acuminata, the concentrated population of this disease is between the ages of twenty and twenty-five. The time of onset will be several months. Some patients may not be present in time when they are infected with the virus, but they will also be transmitted to others. This disease is mainly caused by sexual transmission. Some men may have unclean sex, which in turn causes condyloma. So what are the symptoms of the earliest male genital warts?

Condyloma acumin often occurs in young people. The earliest male condyloma acuminata, the early symptoms of male condyloma acuminata: the progress of the disease is slow, the patient is inadvertently found that the genital area is a painless sputum, the incubation period of 1 to 12 months, an average of 3 months.

Men are mostly in the glans and penis of the penis. Homosexuality occurs in the anus and rectum.

In patients with condyloma acuminata, the skin lesions are small reddish papules at the beginning, and then gradually grow up. The surface is uneven and soft papillary lesions, some are cauliflower-like, the roots can be pedicled, the surface is moist, the earliest male condyloma acuminata, secretion The impregnation can be grayish white, stained gray or red.

For a long time, the surface may have erosive exudate, when itching and scratching, the earliest male condyloma acuminata may be secondary to bacterial infection, purulent secretion on the surface, odor and pain.