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[Job seeking] What kind of work can I find in LinkedIn, how can I find a job in LinkedIn?


First, why should I use LinkedIn to find a job?

LinkedIn's "2015 Talent Trend Report" shows that 78% of the professionals are passive, and only 22% will take the initiative in the job search. Whether it is active or passive, using LinkedIn is a great benefit to your career. For passive talents, there is a complete professional profile of LinkedIn, which can be more easily found by headhunters and HR, and get the right opportunities. For active talents, you can apply for jobs on LinkedIn. You can see that you are applying. The ranking of people (advanced accounts) can also communicate directly with job postings (the advanced account InMail function can send messages to non-contacts), which is undoubtedly a reliable and efficient channel.

Second, what kind of work can you find on LinkedIn?

Many people have used recruitment websites when they are recruiting or recruiting, such as the China Yingcai Network used in school recruitment. There are many well-known companies in the post, such as the long-term careers used by the society, different cities. The positions, functions, and functions are very rich. There are also recruitment channels focusing on the Internet industry, such as, and Boss, which focuses on startups. What kind of work can I find on LinkedIn? Since last year, I have been doing product operations/marketing/business for nearly a year of LinkedIn, and I have been thinking about what kind of job application experience can be provided to LinkedIn users, what kind of product core value, what kind of jobs? And what kind of work our users and potential users are more interested in and what they know about LinkedIn. Have thoughts, try and practice. In 2016, we made 3 large online recruitment special events, hoping to send a message to users, that is , we can find a good job of the company in the LinkedIn , regardless of industry, scale, nature, geography, function, rank .

1. You can find a good job in the world top 500 on LinkedIn.

In mid-July, the Fortune Chinese website released the world's top 500 list. We launched the first online recruitment event in cooperation with Fortune Chinese Network, including 61 Fortune 500 companies (such as Apple, Microsoft). , HSBC and P&G), launched 7000+ jobs covering four industries: high-tech, financial investment, biochemical medicine and retail fast-moving. We also use a channel such as social media to promote a wide range of potential users while targeting interested users who are interested in it.

Activity Link: LinkedIn | World Top 500 Recruitment

Activity screenshot: (not complete screenshot, complete please refer to the link)

These 61 Fortune 500 companies are actually only the tip of the iceberg of the world's top 500 companies. There are also many Fortune 500 companies that have not participated in this event. They have their own posts on LinkedIn, which can be applied at any time. For job seekers who want to move to a good foreign company, and job seekers who are working in the Fortune 500 but consider taking the initiative to change jobs, it is good to use LinkedIn to search, apply for jobs, and communicate with job postings in a timely manner. select.

2. You can find a good job in the Internet industry on LinkedIn.

At the time of the gold, nine, and silver hops, we found that there has been a trend in recent years through the big data of LinkedIn. More and more talents are concentrated in the Internet industry, and people who switch to other industries from other industries account for a large proportion. As a result, we have prepared the most cross-border Internet online recruitment activities for job seekers who are preparing to switch to Internet companies and those who are seeking new career opportunities in the Internet industry, covering 20 of the most eclectic and eclectic talents. 10,000+ positions of Internet companies (including BAT, Jingdong, NetEase, Sina, etc.).

Activity Link: The most cross-border Internet company |

Activity screenshot: (not complete screenshot, complete please refer to the link)

The list of these 20 companies is based on LinkedIn's big data. The top jobs of the listed companies belong to the non-Internet industry, accounting for more than 50%:

The development of the Internet industry and the high turnover rate of the Internet industry have determined that its demand for talent is strong. More and more Internet companies choose to use LinkedIn to absorb talents from all walks of life. In addition to the 20 Internet companies participating in this event, there are many Internet company positions available on LinkedIn. For users who want to switch to the Internet, or who want to change jobs in the Internet industry, you can use LinkedIn to focus on the target company, browse, apply and collect targeted positions. If you are sure, you can directly browse the job information and apply for a position. If you are not sure, you can collect positions, study the requirements of the target position, and improve your ability.

3. You can find CXO jobs for startups on LinkedIn.

In December 2016, LinkedIn joined the top 10 VCs to launch CXO recruitment special event for the star startups, recruiting CXOs (such as CFO, CMO, COO, etc.) on the LinkedIn platform for nearly 90 top VC companies.

The event was targeted at the LinkedIn users who already have certain work experience and ranks, and also cooperated with partners (including VCs participating in this event: Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Northern Light Venture Capital, Zhenge Fund, Morning Xing Capital, Huachuang Capital, Safran Fund, Innovation Works, Jiyuan Capital, Fengrui Capital, and media partner 36Kr) have been widely spread on social media.

This event provides an opportunity for a senior entrepreneur who has some industry experience and wants to jump out of his comfort zone to join the entrepreneurial wave. Entrepreneurship is actually not so far away from everyone. Once you change jobs, you can start a new journey with one turn. Entrepreneurship does not have to start from being a CEO, and turning from a professional manager to a startup CXO is also a good starting point. Event time: December 19, 2016 - February 19, 2017 (can apply now!)

Activity link: In the hot start of the star startup executive position, you are the next CEO! LinkedIn LinkedIn

Activity screenshot: (Enterprise sorting logic is random, each time you enter it is different, only some participating companies are shown in the screenshot, see the link for complete information)

This year, I also did a user survey on LinkedIn, letting users talk about their own understanding of LinkedIn. Many people will unconsciously connect LinkedIn with foreign companies, but in fact, many local companies work well in LinkedIn. Whether it is a local group of large companies (such as Huawei, ZTE, Fosun Group), or some emerging startups. This event provides CXO work for entrepreneurs in the workplace, and also allows more professionals to understand the diversity and richness of LinkedIn positions.

Third, how to better find a job through LinkedIn?

First of all, you need to have a complete profile of LinkedIn . The more complete the file , the better the headhunter and corporate HR will know your background, and whether you match the position you are applying for, which will greatly increase your job search in LinkedIn. effectiveness. Specifically, personal photos, educational experiences, work experiences, project experiences, and work skills are essential. Secondly, when applying for a job in LinkedIn , if the job publisher has personal information, you can contact the other party by adding a contact or InMail. In addition to job postings, you can search the company's name on LinkedIn. You can also see a lot of employees who are currently working for the company. You can also get in touch with them to understand the company's information and job needs and improve yourself. The probability of getting a new opportunity.

Finally, for the “one-click application” on LinkedIn, pay attention to the news and job application notices of LinkedIn .

Haven't seen the work in LinkedIn? Start here!

1. Click on the "Positions" button on the homepage (if it is an App, select the "Positions" tab)

2. Go to the job search page, enter the relevant information, click the "Search Jobs" button

3. After displaying the search results, start browsing for interested positions and apply now!

Fourth, more online recruitment specials

The above are some of the activities of last year, and this year also did a series of new online recruitment specials:

1. LinkedIn recruitment meeting

2. Unicorn company special

3. Financial investment special

4. Human Resources Special Session

5. Market sales recruitment special

6. Chinese company overseas positions special

7. Intern special

8. Auto industry special

From last year to this year, our activities have helped more than 200 client companies recruit candidates, and have provided tens of thousands of job seekers with the opportunity to apply for jobs.

PS: This is basically a summary of the work content of last year. This year, I received the work of channel management, and next time I wrote about product operation and channel management.