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movie lines


The movie "The detachment"

I used all my expressions and fled from the crowd.

People are alienated from each other, but their hearts are fragmented. At the end of each day, maybe you are the paranoid and crazy one in the ordinary. You are eager to get involved in the crowd, so once again become a group of followers. The price you pay for this is a long-term pain of detachment. No matter how lucky or unfortunate, your struggle, no one can see, no one can understand.

I have never felt so deeply that the distance between my soul and me is so far away, and my existence depends on this world.

It doesn't matter if it's easy, it takes courage to care.

We all have problems to solve, these problems, follow us to go home at night, follow us to go to work in the morning, that kind of helpless, that feeling, like drifting in the sea, no lifebuoy, no life jacket, and you thought that you are Throw a lifebuoy for others.

I am young, old, and even the soul is boring.

A sense of humour is the key. I don't have that talent, haha. I mean, my sense of humor is also mixed with some kind of tragic feeling.

Blood Diamond

You thought I was the devil, it was because I lived in hell.

The world is terrible, but people do good things every day.

Behind every beautiful thing is the reality of bloodshed.

I am really happy to meet you, do you know?

"The King of the Big Words"

Children, the world of adults can't lie.

"I am Sam"

How can we be so different, but how do we feel so similar?

Love does not need IQ

The Road to Glory

Father, why did I die?

Where am I doing something wrong? You don't know the answer to this question, I am sorry for you.

"Golden Shelling"

The sum in the cage is very different from the outside, he can see the problem from another angle.

"I am Marbury"

I don’t understand it now, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Regardless of the purpose of each individual, the most important thing is to be serious.


When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

I like that when I get up in the morning, everything is unknown. I don't know who will meet, what kind of ending will happen.

A person may fall in love with many people in his life. After you truly get the happiness that belongs to you, you will understand that the former pain is actually a kind of wealth, which allows you to better grasp and cherish the person you love.

Albert. Coronation

The important thing is not to cure, but to live with illness.

All maverick personality means strong.

I have no time to be interested in things that I am not interested in.

Not being loved is just unlucky, and not loving is a misfortune.

In other words, people cannot be so sensible forever.

Despite this, life is always a bit guilty.

Long winter is very, I finally realized that summer is always in my heart.

The so-called charm is an affirmative answer without asking a clear question.

Sometimes we think that it is very certain, but it is actually not the case.

A person who always does not understand him will always produce an exaggerated impression.

To understand a city, the more convenient way is to find out where the people work, how to love, how to die /

In the end, people can get used to everything.

They seem to be the same kind, but they hate each other.

There is a cliff between the character of the person and the behavior.

Freedom should be an opportunity to make yourself better.

To judge whether life is worth experiencing is itself a basic question in answering philosophy.

When I was young, I would ask for a life outside of their abilities: friendship will last forever and enthusiasm will not diminish. Today, I understand that I can only ask for the ability of the other party: companionship, no need to talk.