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Columns appreciate openness

Not long ago, we started the small-scale internal test that the column appreciated. In just over a month, the high enthusiasm appreciated by the friends and friends brought obvious incentives to the creators who shared the truth:
A single article received a maximum of 498 appreciations, and a single author received a maximum of 984 appreciations. According to similar remuneration, some articles have reached a thousand words of 500 yuan. Using an appreciative user, an average of $5 is paid for each appreciation, which brings an average of more than $170 to all authors.
The unexpected performance during the beta period and the enthusiastic feedback from everyone supported us to extend our appreciation to more creators. Now, all the columns can be opened and appreciated . At the same time, we are constantly adjusting and optimizing the product system of “Appreciation” to help you express your support for content creators more flexibly.

Appreciate what are the requirements for articles and columns?

The authors need to comply with columns and know almost columns and articles norms . You can report violations through the "Report" feature of the article, and the violation column may be suspended for appreciation and use of the column.

How to open the article's appreciation?

In order to provide a more stable and safe experience, the author of the article needs to bind the mobile phone number to open the appreciation. The author accesses his own article page through the browser, and at the bottom of the article can operate the Appreciation module. Non-column articles, after submissions are included in the column, can also be appreciated.

How is the income of appreciation appreciated?

After receiving the appreciation, the author's web version knows that the "My Balance" entry will appear in the sidebar of the homepage. Each app appreciates the real-time settlement to the author's knowledge of the balance, the author can withdraw his balance to the WeChat wallet at any time.