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Jiangge murder case follow-up


Today, I loved the female Jiangge killed 618 days.

In the morning, I took my flowers and the watermelon I loved to see my little song.

Talking to her and talking, "speaking" means that I am talking to myself, I can't hear the sweet echo of the song again, saying that I am crying under the rain, can't say it anymore, just sit quietly. In front of my daughter, some people said that I was not at the same latitude as my daughter. The song can see me, but I can’t see her. Then, even if I don’t say anything, my daughter knows my mother’s heart, so quiet. Sitting quietly, accompanying...

Yesterday, I saw the hot search of Sina Weibo once again with the name of Jiangge. It turned out that the recent big cases that have been raging have once again touched people’s inner torture.

Through a link, I saw an article by Qiu Xin’s teacher, "Single-parent mothers have entered the army, saying that they only want to talk to their daughters."

A few days ago, a volunteer who helped me helped me apply for several media accounts: Baijia, headline, and Penguin.

I don't know how to be self-media. If you have a lot of media accounts, even if you are from the media, I am afraid that I am also from the media, from the initial Sina Weibo, to the WeChat public account, knowing, to the current hundred, and headlines. No., Penguin, and even the number of people who automatically link, I don't know if the real self-media people have so many accounts.

Teacher Qiu Xin said: "If you want to do a good job in the media, you need a lot of skills to get the hand. You can't just code words, you have to chase hot spots, find topics, you have to match pictures, it's better to have photography. , filming, editing... I have to update every day, and I will not break even one day."

According to this statement, I can't be regarded as self-media, because I can't and can't do everything in this passage.

Teacher Qiu Xin said: "This mother may only have the same hand, that is, a heart for the daughter to be fair!"

Yes, I have no choice but to join this "self-media industry", "only the same can be achieved": the power of life must also be a discussion for the girl.

In 618 days, the name of the female Jiangge has repeatedly entered the hot search list of the media. For me, it is the purgatory again and again.

618 days ago, there may be fewer than 100 people who know my mother and daughter? Thousands?

I never thought about this problem, just live happily and simply in my own small circle, happy day after day!

618 days ago, the names of Jiang Ge and Jiang Qiulian were not related to my mother and daughter. Today, the names of Jiang Ge and Jiang Qiulian have been placed on Baidu and Sohu.

According to the search, there is a difference.

Today, Jiangge’s murder case has been divided into Jiangge’s murder and Houjiang song case.

Because the murder occurred in Japan, the trial was in Japan, and the Japanese prosecutor only identified Liu Xin as "the victim of Chen Shifeng’s intimidation crime" and "the witness of Jiang Ge’s murder." He did not consider what Liu Xin should be in the case. Responsibility, and Chen Shifeng Liu Xin in order to alleviate the punishment for himself, the two all put responsibility to Jiang Ge who can not speak.

The Japanese verdict clearly stated that "Chen Shifeng was ambushing with the big inner apartment that Liu Xin strongly killed." During the court session, more than a dozen media outlets from China came to the court. Every detail of the trial was reported. I Jiang Ge was completely wrong in the whole case and was completely innocent!

However, in the post-Jiangge case, Liu Xin, in order to escape the punishment of the law and the moral condemnation, combined with the Shanghai pseudo-Christian and the fake Hong Kong lawyer Zongtang, interspersed with the professionalism and morality of the county of Dezhou, Shandong Province. Zhang Jinwu, a lawyer from Zhang Jinwu of Beijing (Qingdao) Deheheng Law Firm, and a large number of network water forces, have repeatedly poured dirty water on Jiangge, tampering with the file, blinding the public who knows the details, The case of Jiangge’s murder was complicated, and all kinds of insults, rumors, and rumors of my mother and daughter have been endless. The road to rights protection is long, and I will do my best to maintain the dignity of my daughter!

In 618 days, I accepted the warmth and help from the people in the society. There are countless good people on the network who support me, and many good people have also suffered from the ruthlessness and attacks of the ancestors.

Today, legal proceedings are not only to repay a fair for the love of women, but also to let the public see that our Chinese laws will not let the goodness suffer again, let the goodness continue...

The following picture is the QR code of WeChat public number, Chinese search: Jiangge mother. (Automatic identification of QR code)

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