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The child is still young and can't be corrected? ! It's time for MRC to brush a wave of views!


"Our family is still very young, but I feel that my teeth are not growing very well. Can I correct now?"

There are not many parents who dare to ask such questions, but every time we meet, we can't help but give you a great compliment. You are very very smart. To know that a confident and charming smile will also be a plus item for a child's life, and correcting this matter does not necessarily have to start after the age of 12.

How old is the child for orthodontics? MRC tells you - 3 years old! !

In the professional inertia of answering questions and doubts, today we will talk about the corrective weapon for children and children - MRC .

The MRC dental malformation system was developed by Australian dental specialist Farrell in the early 1990s using a computer and combined with a large number of orthodontic clinical work. This series of products has been widely used in Australia, America and Asia.

To be simple, MRC muscle function correction is to correct the bad oral habits of children in the early stage, and adjust the lip and tongue, jaw bones, muscles, etc. to the normal position to reach a normal equilibrium state, so as to achieve the correction of dental malformation. purpose. It is very suitable for children in the 3-15 age group , because the dentition is still in the developmental stage, and early intervention can make the dentition develop normally.

Seeing this, some parents have to ask, why should we intervene early on the dentition? What is bad oral habits? Why do bad oral habits change the dentition and even the face?

Can not help but come to a science: According to modern research, children's bad oral habits (such as mouth breathing, tongue and fingers, etc.), is the chief culprit of dysplasia. Coupled with the joint strength of the unusual cheeks, lips and tongue, not only seriously affect the position of the teeth, but also affect the development of the face, which is related to the child's face value.

Let's take a chestnut and you will know.

Breathing for a long time, the airflow will impact the hard palate and deform it. Over time, the development of the face will also be affected. The upper lip will be short and thick, the gums will be pigmented due to long-term dryness, and so on.

Long-term mouth breathing can increase mandibular sagging and facial muscle tension, and the width of the maxillary arch is not normally developed. In addition to causing malocclusion, it can also cause abnormalities in facial development. Common cases: dental arch stenosis; teeth are not arranged neatly, malocclusion, upper incisors protruding to form cavities, mandibular retraction (chin contraction).

Of course, you can hold on to luck, and our children don't seem to have so many bad habits. So, remember that we had a previous science, and the power to move the teeth only needs 5g ! !

So even if there is only a common bad habit of licking your fingers, rubbing your teeth, and spitting your tongue , it is very likely that you will form abalone or mandibular protrusion, which will make the relationship between the upper and lower jaws unbalanced and destroy the face. Well, I could have been more beautiful when I grew up. If it is inexplicable because this kind of thing deducts the face, it’s not that you are a parent.

In this regard, our professional opinion is: early intervention is better than later treatment!

During the age of 3-15, the child's facial jaw is still in the growth stage. If the correct guidance can be applied at this time, the growing child can have good and correct function and habits of the perioral muscles, so that they are neat. Teeth and beautiful face can also avoid complicated orthodontic treatment after all permanent teeth have erupted.

This is why today we are going to give parents a mandatory MRC muscle function training system.

We can simply understand it as: a set of correction methods for children aged 3-15, can be used to correct bad oral habits, help children adjust the lips, jaws, muscles, etc. to normal position, to normal Balanced state.

MRC has its own independent appliance. Its magic is that different designs have different functions: hollow tongue top, tongue block and tongue pad. The training tongue is always in the correct position, breaking the habit of fingers and fingers; breathing holes, Helps to transition to proper nasal breathing; stretched lip block to prevent excessive lip muscle function and transitional activity; dental orbital, which can line the anterior teeth.

In short: to treat the child's various bad oral habits, a problem does not fall.

Under the guidance of a doctor (marked!!), wearing a few hours a day, you can effectively train your child to find the correct position of the tongue, training the correct way of swallowing and nasal breathing. There is not much time, let the child wear 1-2 hours in awake state, and then wear it all the time while sleeping. Anyway, summer vacation, there is time.

So, how long does it take to be effective?

Generally speaking, under the premise that the degree of cooperation with the doctor is relatively high and the daily wear time is sufficient, it can be seen in eight to ten months. However, considering the adaptation process and the situation of children's homework in China, it usually takes ten to twelve months to wear. Parents and friends! Don't worry, it's worthwhile to do more psychological construction for your children.

Finally, we appeal to all parents to pay more attention to their daily lives: If you find that your child has mouth breathing and other bad oral habits mentioned above, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out.

Especially need to be bold and friendly reminder is: not just any orthodontist can perform MRC treatment! ! Parents must keep their eyes open and look for doctors who have received relevant training and obtained MRC related certificates! !