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The hearing-impaired short film "Lear-earing" finally meets with you!


The hearing aid public short film "Learning Ears" trailer:

Everyone knows friends, everyone:

On March 3rd, it was International Love Day. On the eve of the day, we brought you a short-listing public welfare short film, "Leather Ear Listening", produced by our young charity partners. Today, we will bring a promotional film for everyone, and the feature film will be launched on the video website of Youku and Tencent Video on the evening of March 2 . At that time, the video link will still be placed in the tree column, and everyone should continue to pay attention.

Before that, there are some stories and feelings about the film making process, I want to share with you.

In November 2017, after a series of planning, the project started in nothing. I am a screenwriter and with

@ 秘密 , , Together as a producer.

All members of the "Pearl Listening" public welfare project team met and met for the disabled. In the past few months, I have just graduated from a doctoral degree, have no social experience, and have been disabled with a few younger than me. After experiencing difficulties such as insufficient funds, I finally finished the production of this film. Throughout the process, everyone was full of strength, and clenched their teeth in frustration. All the bitterness and pressure were insignificant in the face of the sincere heart of public welfare.

What impressed me the most was: from the producers, to the directors, photographers, lighting engineers, etc., to the starring performances, as well as the teachers and children of the Orchestras, the sign language interpreters and the temporary actors. We, all participants, have done their best in limited conditions and within their capabilities, but not for personal reward.

Because the funds are limited, the shooting cycle is tense, the director and other people are busy at 3 o'clock in the morning, sleeping directly at the venue; a mother Cheng Ge with her 8-year-old daughter Li Jincheng, not afraid of the cold and long distance, came to participate in the filming, but also sent Since the enthusiasm for the public good... There are too many people, too many things, grateful feelings, no words! I will not tell you about it here.

However, all the members of the project team are the first producers, and the funds are limited. The script of this film is also the script that I completed independently for the first time. It is still difficult to achieve perfection as a whole. Therefore, after looking at you, you can give more guidance to help us do better in the future!

In addition, it must be noted that the subtitles of this short film are a bit different . This is to enable the inaudible audience to experience the delicate combination of environmental audiovisual information. In the absence of Chinese reference materials, we have made such accessible subtitles after several explorations and discussions . As far as we know: this is the first film and television production in China that is equipped with accessible subtitles.

Although the story is original, the details are all based on long-term deep communication between me and the hearing-impaired partners. We strive not to let go of any details and truly restore the hearing-impaired life.

I believe that most non-hearing people will use this short film to approach a world of disparate people who have not known much in the past. I believe that listening to the ears, we will break through the barriers and embrace each other's differences; together, we will let the world hear!

On the evening of March 2, "The Ears Listening" is not seen with everyone!