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NBA start-up: What is the difference between a player with an annual salary of 1 million and an annual salary of 30 million?


The NBA is not only a basketball hall, but also a company that creates wealth.

The income of an NBA player is about 100 times that of an ordinary person. The most expensive player in the NBA, and the cheapest player, the annual salary difference is about 30 times.

The salary of a player is just like the income of a company employee, and the rich and the poor are uneven.

Do you also have this question:

The most expensive player, is every ability very strong?

Cheap players, is every ability weak?

With an annual salary of 1 million and an annual salary of 30 million, what is the difference?


The best employees, what are you really good at?

The best NBA players actually do 3-4 skills to the extreme.

1. Advantages in scoring

Kobe Bryant was once the NBA's number one star and the best scorer.

The biggest feature of his playing is to insist on inefficient attack methods - CIC and singles.

The NBA's score, according to the offensive area, can be divided into three categories: basket, mid-range, and three-pointers. Among them, CIC is the least efficient way, with an average efficiency of about 30% lower than the basket and three points.

NBA scores, according to the offensive style, can be divided into 10 types: face frame singles, back singles, offensive and defensive conversion, ball pick and roll, no ball pick and roll, fixed point shot, hand hand, empty cut, second attack, around the cover The ball is shot. Among them, singles are the least efficient way, and the average efficiency is 10%-20% lower than other offensive methods.

The best scorers in the world actually only pursue the least effective score, which makes many people incredible.

However, this is the unique skill that is unique to the master.

The so-called "efficient attack", although the goal is easier, there is a problem - difficult to sustain under high-intensity defense. Once the teammate's competitive state is exhausted, the entire team is often at a loss.

In contrast, "middle shots and singles" seem to be less efficient, but this kind of weapon does not rely on teammates. When the teammates are in poor condition, they can still guarantee the offensive efficiency of the team and maintain the normal level. There is an epee. No realm of front.

Currently the strongest NBA player James, in the playoffs (the knockout), will increase the proportion of their own shots and singles. At present, the strongest team Golden State Warriors, after welcoming the top singles master Durant, increased the stability of the offense and achieved two consecutive championships.

2. Advantages other than scoring

The criteria for evaluating NBA players are not just scores, but also defensive, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, etc. Among them, steals and blocks are two small branches of defense.

Kobe has been selected to the NBA's All-Defensive First Team nine times and is a defensive expert. As for technical statistics such as assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, etc., looking at a certain item alone, Kobe or performance is average, or did not invest too much energy in the game, the comprehensive seems not to be the top of the NBA.

The 05-06 season is the peak of Kobe Bryant, averaging 35.4 points per game, the highest in the NBA in the past 30 years, but his performance in other technical statistics is not outstanding.

In other words, CIC, singles, defense, these three top-level capabilities, coupled with other aspects of the NBA's midstream level, make Kobe the most chilling killer.



High salary and low salary, where is the difference?

NBA players with an annual salary of 1 million and an annual salary of 30 million have no significant gap in superior skills.

1. A player with an annual salary of 30 million is not a basketball player.

If you know the NBA, you should know that most players can't reach Kobe's height. Stronger than Kobe, there are only three deadly weapons, CIC, singles, and defense, so they stand at the top of the NBA pyramid. Therefore, for other stars, how to use their only superior weapons has become a top priority.

Of the players with an annual salary of 30 million, two types of players are worthy of attention.

The first type of star is good at CIC, and although it is inefficient and does not reach Kobe's height, this skill is scarce enough. For example, the Spurs star, the poor version of Kobe - DeRozan.

He is not top in CIC, and his defense is average, but Kobe can do it. With a non-top core skill, DeRozan leads an annual salary of about $30 million and is ranked 16th in the NBA.

The skills of another type of star are more practical. They can defend against each other's ace players on the defensive end. They are good at attacking and destroying opponents with the most efficient weapon, the three-pointer. For example, the Thunder star, once hard James, Paul George.

He has been seriously injured, and the CIC is not the main offensive means; however, he has achieved top-notch in both the three-point and defense. With top-level practical skills, Paul George leads the annual salary of more than 30 million US dollars, ranking 8th in the NBA.

2. Players with an annual salary of 1 million are not without strength.

Players with an annual salary of 1 million also have top skills, but their flaws cannot be ignored.

1) The Lakers hide the trump card outside James: Beasley

Once in the CBA All-Star Game, scored 59 points and 63 points; it is said that he is still training, single-handedly won James.

In the 17-18 season, Beasley's salary was 1.47 million.

In fact, Beasley's CIC and singles ability is equivalent to DeRozan. As the star of hope in the same year as Durant, he was even higher in the NBA than DeRozan.


2) Rockets Yao Ming's ace shooter: Novak

He used to play alongside Yao Ming in the Rockets; he was known as the most accurate three-pointer on the world; he was able to shoot 95% of his three-pointers on the training ground.

Novak retired last year and earned an annual salary of 1.55 million before retirement.

In contrast, the player who is almost the same as the Norwalk style - Anderson, who just left the Rockets, is not as good as Novak in three points, and the defensively barely reaches the NBA average. His annual salary is 20 million dollars.

Bethley, Novak's Achilles heel, is defensive.

On the real battlefield, your shortcomings will be magnified infinitely.


Clear goals, recognize themselves, and avoid weaknesses

1. If you want to be the core of the team: Accurately learn the routines of the masters to deal with the problem.

Like the NBA's CIC and singles, the people who can take on the toughest jobs don't get too bad.

This kind of precise learning depends not only on what the masters value, but also what they don't pay attention to.

Those that we put a lot of energy into, and ultimately do better than the master, are sometimes the biggest killers of time.

Because time is limited, it is more important to grasp the key than to cover everything.

2. If you want to be the mainstay of the team: first focus on polishing 1-2 practical skills

Like the NBA's three-pointer and defense, some skills, most people have mastered, but can achieve the ultimate in rare.

Those who have mastered these practical skills can achieve high salaries even if they are mediocre.

Therefore, it takes a minimum of three years to polish 1-2 practical skills, which is very affordable.

This kind of benefits will return you in real money in a few years.

3. If you do have a stunt: correct your most important shortcomings, then stick to it

Kobe is the core of the highly anticipated team, but most people in the company's position are marginal figures - such as Beasley, Novak.

Even the status of many people can't even be talked about by marginal figures.

Beasley's singles ability is no worse than DeRozan, and Novak's three-point ability is the NBA. But the fatal flaws on the defensive make the coach dare not let them play.

You may also have the same abilities as the core staff, but a fatal flaw leads the leader to dare to use it.

What is even more regrettable is that many people often have only one defect.

It is not difficult to find and correct, it is really difficult to insist on correcting.

The Buddha said that there are three thousand weak waters. I only need to take a drink.

In the workplace, there are thousands of skills, and mastering two or three items is enough.

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