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Why choose New Ruiyun host


XRcloud is a professional public cloud platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals; it provides users with products and services such as cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud networking and cloud security.

The new Ruiyun host has the advantages of stable and reliable, ultra-high performance, powerful functions and convenient management, including elastic cloud server (ECS), mirroring service, ECS snapshot, bare metal server, elastic scaling and other functions. Below we will explain the functions and features of the new Ruiyun host:

First, multiple types of computing power

Xinruiyun provides multiple types of elastic cloud services to meet different user usage scenarios. Each type of elastic cloud service includes multiple specifications and supports the own changes of specifications; it supports cloud server multi-NIC configuration.

Second, high I / O throughput storage capacity

The new Ruiyun uses the industry's top dedicated storage, data durability of up to 99.99999%. Equipped with high-performance cloud hard disk, single disk with a maximum throughput of 200,000 IOPS, 4500MB/s, minimum 1ms delay, and is divided into multiple performances and multiple specifications. The maximum capacity of a single disk can reach 32TB. Users can carry capacity according to their own business needs. Flexible expansion; support for shared cloud disk, cloud disk encryption, volume backup, cloud server backup, snapshot, etc., to meet the various needs of different business scenarios.

Third, high-speed stable, safe and isolated network capabilities

On the new cloud platform, you can easily build isolated virtual networks. An account can create multiple VPC subnets, which can support branch migration, virtual network card speed limit, switch stacking, ACL policy, and interoperability across VPCs. The advantage is that it can provide a more secure and isolated network environment. Users can configure the security group to implement the access control of the cloud host in the security group and between the groups, and strengthen the security protection of the cloud host. The protocol type and other functions also improve network security; compared to the traditional VPS network, the new Ruiyun VPC does not need hardware equipment, software can customize the network architecture, support one-click network, deployment is more flexible and convenient; provide VPN service, will The new Ruiyun virtual private cloud is connected to the user data center to realize the security connection between the public cloud and the enterprise private cloud.

Fourth, perfect image management capabilities

New Ruiyun's image supports public, private, shared, and mirrored markets. The image management capability and the self-service capability are provided. You can use the public image or the private image to create an ECS instance. You can use the cloud host to build an image based on the current software deployment. After creating a template image, you can provide dynamic scaling services based on the template image. Each image contains a complete and independent application runtime environment that does not create dependencies and conflicts with self-installed software. After creating a host using a one-click application deployment image, you can install other software as you like, and other software installed by yourself will not interfere with the running application.

Five, flexible and efficient ability

New Cloud Cloud Load Balancing (SLB) automatically distributes access traffic to multiple cloud servers, automatically scales processing power based on application traffic, and seamlessly integrates with elastic scaling services to automatically meet changing traffic demands. Supports up to 100,000 concurrent connections to meet the user's large traffic demands; supports users to use 4 layers (TCP protocol) or 7 layers (HTTP protocol, HTTPS protocol) for load distribution.

Sixth, open cloud monitoring

Xinrui Cloud provides an open cloud monitoring service platform to provide real-time monitoring, alarming, notification and other services for resources. Users have full control over the cloud server, real-time, free, and support a variety of notification methods, so that you know the business operation status, safer and more assured.

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