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Non-211, 985 fresh graduates, how to avoid the resume of the famous enterprise HR when applying for a job?


"As a non-small master, why do I vote for a famous company, can't pass the resume?"

In fact, there is actually a neglected and important factor affecting this result:

What are the top companies you voted for? How is the match?

1. If you first misjudged your comprehensive ability and advantage, and went to a company that did not match at all, it was reasonable to be brushed, perhaps not caused by the 985, 211 threshold.

2. If it is such a top investment bank in Goldman Sachs, they do have strong requirements for the target school, and it is normal to be brushed off.

If there is a famous enterprise with a clear target school requirement, can we have no choice at all? As a consultant old driver, share some experience from resume and how to participate in the job fair correctly, I hope you can gain something:

First, understand the extra points on the resume

Graduate school

It can be said that the resume system of each HR design has a school filtering function, and the target school list is also screened when recruiting. Many companies' online applications use the scoring system directly:

  • The list of schools set up by each company in the first level may be slightly different;
  • Some super-bovine companies and consulting investment banks are mainly based on the resumption of diplomatic relations in the north of the Qing Dynasty;
  • Many companies choose schools mainly for schools with a professional ranking of less than Top10. For example, liberal arts colleges in Beijing only look at Tsinghua University, Peking University, National People's Congress, Foreign Trade, Beijing Normal University, Zhongcai, etc. If you are a science and technology The famous schools of the department, such as Beihang, Beili and Beiyou, will also be considered.

2. Professional

Professionals are the best counterparts for clear explanations. Others such as MT (Management Trainee), Big Four, Consulting, Investment Bank and some well-known foreign companies have basically no strict requirements. However, in the management category, the relative choice of science and engineering is relatively wide.

3. Grades

Xueba has extra points. Xueba has extra points. Xueba has a lot of extra points!

Every year, HR will take a look at the points of high-performance employees and on-the-job resumes. The high-performance secondary school has the highest proportion. This is no coincidence, because in most jobs, fast and efficient learning is extremely important.

  • If the points are more than 3.8, the minimum A- of the professional course, congratulations, ready to pick up the offer.
  • 3.5 or more, no problem.
  • 3.0 and below, really have to prepare for this problem.

For students from non-related majors, GPA is also advantageous, indicating that learning ability is strong.

4. Social activities and specialties

  • Student cadres have extra points.
  • Community cadres are basically ignored, unless you have specific deeds to tell, if any, it is best to show your organizational skills. Don't take the things you hear, it's easy to crash with bad luck.
  • This special thing, there should be no one to take the offer alone, but the good command is often the last determination that can make the interviewer sway. And the specialty can highlight a person's character, definitely a good opportunity for the interviewer to remember you.

5. Internship experience

There are two or three reliable and relevant ones, not the whole lot. Internship in a big company is excellent, directly catching HR eyeballs. Either it is a very relevant experience, this can also impress HR.

Of course everyone wants to find out the best things to write on their resumes. However, any information point on the resume is likely to be the focus of the interview in the future.

Therefore, the resume can't just write the experience that makes you feel the most bullish, but think about the future. In the interview, what you wrote in the interview, if asked by the interviewer, how can you answer fluently and smoothly? And through this experience, I can prove that I am the right person for this position.

Second, the internship experience is not enough

1. How do you rely on volunteers and school activities to experience extra points?

When the internship is not full enough, do you want to improve your resume by volunteer experience and school activities? See how to write to really impress the interviewer!

01. The interviewer likes a specific experience

  • The more specific, the more fulfilling.

If your resume is written to be ashamed, the interviewer may feel that you have nothing to dry, so dare not write in detail. On the contrary, it is clear that the important things in the experience are written, and they will appear to be full only in terms of the number of words. A 4-line word experience feels much better than a line of words.

  • The more specific, the more real.

If we want to compile an experience, of course, the simpler the better, the difficulty of compiling a lot of content is too great. In the interview process, it is also easier to verify the specific experience.

  • The more specific, the more accurate.

The interviewer sees the experience in order to judge the ability, so the more specific the experience, the more accurate the judgment will be.

02. How to write a small thing very specific?

The best way is to decompose the action. Disassemble a thing into multiple steps in the order in which it occurs, and write it down step by step. This is the action decomposition. It can be written according to the STAR principle that is highly respected by HR :

  • Situation: What happened under what circumstances?
  • Task: How did you clarify your mission?
  • Action: What kind of action did you take for this situation analysis?
  • Result: What is the result, what have you learned under such circumstances?
A, the junior debate contest won the championship

After reading these two sentences, HR still knows nothing about your ability. In other words, this sentence is basically written in white, and it does not play any role in rendering ability.

Take a look at the experience of reshaping with the STAR principle:

S(Situation): There are 5 teams in the department. What are their strengths? How is our team strength?
(Tsk): The team is familiar with the debate process and practice the debate skill
A (Action): organize the group and learn the debate. Process, develop training questions, organize group training, and adjust tactics according to the characteristics of each member. In the end, what kind of difficulties have you encountered and how you solved it.
R (Result): Finally, through hard work, I gained the
ability to demonstrate/learn the championship ability: Through this experience, I exercised and highlighted my leadership ability, communication ability, and ability to solve problems proactively.

03. Numbers: Make the experience more real

The experience with numbers seems more realistic, and the numbers allow us to compare horizontally and more accurately the level and level of perception.

More than 200 staff members from 23 participating clubs were notified, and 6 meetings were notified. The conference summary was recorded over 10,000 words and 34 rehearsal venues were coordinated. Collect 46 publicity posters from various societies and post them on the main bulletin boards in the school.

04. Typesetting: simple and effective

Each sentence expresses one thing independently and presents an ability. Compare the following two experiences:

a. The head of the volunteer group of the Shanghai Library
I served as the team leader of the volunteers to assist the leadership. I learned the skills to get along with others at work and improved my teamwork skills, especially in the process of coordinating volunteers. In the end, we got the "advanced collective" and I won the title of "personal outstanding organizer".

b. Head of the volunteer group of the Shanghai Library

  • Promote volunteer activities, recruit and select team members and conduct training
  • Handling emergencies, organizing and coordinating management personnel transfer
  • Coordinate with the volunteer management above to solve the problems exposed in the volunteer process
  • During his tenure, the team was awarded the title of “Advanced Collective” and the individual was awarded the title of “Excellent Organizer”.

05. Organized: logical clarity

The order in which any piece of text is arranged, if it does not conform to people's thinking habits, will be very difficult to read. For an experience in a resume, the usual order of expression is "chronological order" or "logical order . "

  • Time sequence: also called process sequence

If it is an independent project, you can write what you have done first and then write it out and explain it clearly. As the following experience:

Summer Social Practice Investigator, Summer Practice Group, China Agricultural University
  • In-depth investigation of how to ensure that farmers' income does not decrease when returning farmland to grassland
  • Design an easy-to-understand questionnaire for farmers and independently visit the survey
  • Cooperate with local government to comprehensively analyze relevant meeting minutes and policy materials
  • Completed a 20-page report and won an excellent social practice report

  • Logical order: If you participate in multiple projects in an organization, or do a lot of things that are not related to each other, you can follow a certain logical order.
Captain of the "One Connaught" Volunteer Service Team of East China Normal University
  • Established the “One Connaught” volunteer service team of East China Normal University, equipped with 5 teams, and reached a co-construction agreement with 14 communities and units to attract more than 400 registered volunteers.
  • Launched the "Sunflower Financial Plan" series of financial management knowledge popularization activities, training 70 financial management volunteers, edited the "Financial Action Manual", was rated as a school boutique event
  • In order to successfully carry out the "Caring for Children with Mental Retardation" activities, he was invited to join the "Love Alliance" in Minhang District with Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. In 2008, he was awarded the Minhang District Excellent Volunteer Service Team.

For HR, internship experience and campus experience are the initial ways to understand candidates. Although there are good experiences, there are extra points, but most people actually perform very ordinary. The key point is that in this ordinary experience, you established Ways of thinking and ways to solve problems.

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