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Easily shoot videos with the video tool


Once upon a time, when the friends saw " what video you used to make you satisfied with your mobile phone? ", although I wanted to share the video I loved the most, I decided to go to the editing optimization for better results. The friends who are on their way home, see " What are the local specialties with local specialties? " I also want to prepare a dish, and I plan to use video to record and share my love for my family, but I don’t know how to shoot better. recording……

Now, we provide a richer and more convenient way of sharing for our friends, hoping to reduce the cost of video creation for our friends in the professional field - everyone can directly shoot and edit videos. (The mobile terminal can be updated to the latest version)

Know friends open the knowledge, in the Q&A, columns, ideas and "My Page" will find the "Video Shooting" prompt, click on the camera to record the video directly.

After the shooting is completed, there is no need to jump, and the friends can directly edit the video to optimize its rhythm. It can also add stickers or text to provide more information content for the video and help other friends to better understand and understand. You can also choose the most temperament from the various types of music and filters to increase the texture of the video.

In addition, for different areas of shooting, we also customized a relatively professional template for the choice of friends, from the planning of the previous script to the composition of the composition of the process, the direction and skills of the tips, and then the fine editing, the friends It's easier to take a fast-paced, well-formed video. At present, the template has covered the fields of food, DIY, good things sharing, etc. We will gradually enrich the template types and refine the domain templates.

In the future, we will continue to optimize and adjust the video creation tools to provide a more convenient experience for our friends. If you have any questions during the process of using the video authoring tool, please feel free to contact us.


Think of your family, what is your first thought of Ta's skills?
Is it a good thing to let you leave home, you still have a good aftertaste, or are you talented in calligraphy, painting, etc., so that you will still be "star-eye" when you grow up? Do you have mastered the folk culture and traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation?
Come and participate in "know almost video" campaign released - video answer "What are some bright spots skills your family? "; You can also directly in ideas know almost video authoring tool # # topic page to share your shooting Finished product

Going so far, watching so many scenery, there are so many beautiful and novel, open to know, use video to record and share it.

Before the function was officially launched, some of Zhiyou also participated in the internal test and made many suggestions and opinions. Thank you. Part of the video during the beta period:

Knowing the first experience of video creation tools, "cooked rice cooked rice"

The twist of the birth of an article "burning glass bottles with thermos"

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