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The biggest trap in your salary, you may have already recruited


I always listen to people around me complaining that my work is busy becoming a dog, but why is it busy and poor?

It must be that the financial position is wrong, and many sisters will teach me a few tricks...

Hold, you will contribute to your work in one third of your life. It is the best thing to do.

Multi-sisters teach you how to manage your finances.

Regrettably, most people have fallen into a terrible trap of rising wages, and they still don’t know.


If there are two job opportunities in front of you, an annual salary of 100,000, work easily, 7-hour system. An annual salary of 400,000, but serious overtime, not to mention a double break, may have to give up even annual leave.

How would you choose?

Nonsense, decisively choose high wages, do not struggle when young, old and cry alone.

Congratulations, you have been successfully riddled.

Wages are not equal to the monthly salary, nor equal to the annual salary, but should be equal to the hourly salary!

This is a huge trap set by the boss in the workplace.

Do you think that tens of thousands of monthly income is a high salary? In fact, it may not be a long time to earn more.


Just calculate the 400,000 annual salary that looks very expensive.

Working overtime every day, the working hours may be 15 hours. It only takes 10 days to rest for 365 days a year, and the annual working hours reach 5325 hours.

The hourly salary is only 75.1 yuan.

Don't think that this algorithm is very exaggerated. My boyfriend is working in Tencent, and it is too early to get off work at 12 o'clock in the evening.

This kind of thing on the weekend is basically non-existent. Every year, energy saving escapes overtime, and happiness is coming to knock on the door.

Sometimes I really feel that I have talked about a fake love...

According to the normal work situation, except for the 104-day weekend and the 11-day legal holiday, the actual working day of the year is only 250 days.

So, as long as you find a job with an annual salary of 131,425, you will get the same hourly salary as the classmate who claims to be 500,000 annual salary!

And compared to them, you have more time to improve yourself, to accompany your family, and not to be too happy.


Some people may say that it is not difficult to earn money? Not all time to exchange money.

This is true, but you have to consider another point, the body is the capital of the revolution.

Long-term, high-intensity overtime can cause irreversible damage to health.

It is a trivial matter to spend money on medical treatment. In the past few years, there have been fewer incidents of overtime work.

Don't be confused by high income, it is likely to be high pay, high risk, high depreciation, you have to look at the hourly value is not worth.

Don't do anything to change your money.


There is a popular saying, the bad boss talks to you about the ideal, and the good boss talks to you about the money.

In the eyes of many sisters, the bad boss pays attention to the annual salary, and the good boss pays attention to the hourly salary.

Have you ever calculated your hourly salary?

Calculate it, not for the sake of planning, but to better manage the time and maximize the value of the unit work.

What should I do if I want to raise my hourly salary?

The world is still relatively fair. Cognition, ability, experience, education, and looks are the weights of your life.

And most people want to get these weights, which do not need cramps?

What I am going to say below may not be easy to do, but that is the beginning of your distance from others.

1. Accurate your hourly investment

The first thing to do at the workstation is to think about what you want to do today and arrange the plan on an hourly basis.

Reduce the behavior of chatting and brushing mobile phones, try to finish the work during working hours and avoid overtime.

What you have to do is not to bury your head and increase the investment time, but to increase the effective work rate.

2. Planning after work

More than your promotion and salary increase, most of the time after work is more fulfilling than you.

When you get home, don't lie on Ge, don't brush your voice, learn to learn, even if you read a book, run a step.

Any little change will be a magic weapon for overtaking in the future.

3. Understand the hidden form of work

When looking for salary to talk about salary, my heart silently converted it by hourly salary, and made the hidden form of overtime and entertainment in advance.

4. Learn how to invest in financial management so that your income source is not limited to work.

What really determines the future of your workplace is not the annual salary, but the hourly salary. Don't let yourself be the poor at the hour.

Of course, a job value is not worth doing. You can't just look at the hourly salary. It depends on the space for self-growth.

As I said before, work at the expense of health, high hourly wages, good development space, and never consider.

I agree to give more praise to the sisters.