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Can the infantry of horseback riding and slashing be able to turn the cavalry?


Riding and slashing is a favorite game for me. The original version, the battle group, the fire and the sword, and many other mods are all involved. The most played are the battle group and the fire and the sword. As the most well-made mod, the battle group has inherited the original version of the plaque. Fire and sword are the perfect introduction of the musket element. Some people say that riding knives do not need to pay attention to any tactics, as long as they raise a bunch of cavalry, no brain charge. However, some people say that the key to riding and slashing is to arrange a lineup. I have built a strong cavalry company in these two versions, and I have fought with various countries in the game, repeatedly playing around and feeling some personal opinions. .

Take the battle group as an example. Some people now think that the Rhodok infantry countered the cavalry. Some people sneered at this statement. In the novels and storyline of the hacking, Rhodok was part of Swadia, and after they were good at mountain combat, they successfully defeated the independence of the Kingdom of Swadia, and the Swadian knight in the world finally lost. Dok Infantry Company.

Then the question came. Since Rodock was so arrogant, why didn't he rush to Paradhan to do Svadia? I had this kind of question when I read the novel. Later I started playing and understood.

In an archive, I seized the opportunity to seize Dehreim’s declaration of self-reliance, and then all six countries declared war with me. Dehrim is not a good place to be a capital. The central location of the mainland makes the army of the six countries I am not afraid, because I have had more than 150 cavalry units consisting of Swadian knights and hiring cavalry before independence, so I successfully defeated the enemies with the lords who were recruited. .

Soon, the marshals and kings of the Rhodes Kingdom came to attack with a large number of guards. There are still hundreds of rides around me. Seeing that it is approaching my capital, I will not talk about it, copy the guy! The six-nation army, including Rhodok, was completely abused by my cavalry company. However, it was extremely fierce after the war, because it was actually a plateau near Dehlim. The place where the battle started happened to be a mountain. The cavalry could not be washed. Directly being shot by the opponent's pickpocket, on a steep mountain, the cavalry's speed of movement was far lower than that of the more flexible infantry, so the Rondok Sergeant and the spearman were rushed. Playing, I saw that the cavalry I had carefully trained had fallen, and my heart was in a hurry but I couldn’t help it. Fortunately, I saw an open field at this time, so I directed the remaining cavalry to the open flank of the enemy and finally defeated it. After the escape, after the event, our cavalry casualties more than 50 rides (the lowest damage, and the surgical skills are very high).

Talk about fire and sword again. In this mod, the strongest cavalry is a Polish winged cavalry. Although it was in the age of firearms, the winged cavalry as the strongest cavalry did not have any firearms. The weapon was a light rifle and the saber was on foot. The winged cavalry has a special feature. It is very long. It is well known that the biggest damage in riding this game is the long-range sprint damage. I have dealt 500 damage, and no armor can resist this damage. With the sword, the reason why the winged cavalry, thanks to the horse and the rifle, they are the best horses on the mainland, the speed is very fast, it is a good foundation for the sprint damage, it can be very easy The rush to any enemy.

However, the winged cavalry is not invincible. Although the author has a large group of cavalry in the game, it also needs to recruit a large number of infantry, so he often goes out to recruit. After recruiting a lot of infantry, I was returning to China. I suddenly smashed the Polish winged cavalry that had been more than 50 people. (Mom, the chaos has a clear-winged cavalry), and the infantry in my hand is not bad, but I dare not dare. Hedging with the winged cavalry, but running and running, but no help. Came to the battlefield, looking around, plain, but a wide river, so I immediately ordered the infantry to go down the river, and soon the winged cavalry rushed, and in the river, what horses could not run, long guns in the melee The effect was not so good. As a result, these second-rate infantry in my hands relied on the river miraculously to kill the most powerful wing cavalry.

After reading these battles, everyone should understand that the infantry can fight back against the cavalry as long as it is of higher quality, but the premise is to take up a very important cheap-topography, which is accurately mountainous terrain or a broad river because only This kind of terrain can make the enemy cavalry unable to rush and can't run. At that time, Rhodok was able to be independent and it was cheaper. If Rodolc was like a Suno plain, I would not have a later Rhodok kingdom. The vast plain is a cavalry, so the mountain. Between the two belong to the infantry.