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How can headhunters effectively screen the resumes of "work experience"?


When HR screens resumes, [work experience] is often the most valued, and is also the core content of the resume. Especially for technical talents, the companies that have been stayed and the projects they have worked on are valuable experiences and the capital to quit to a better platform.

According to statistics, HR will pay special attention to the work experience in the last 3 to 5 years, especially the work of a recent company. When you browse your resume, you will also be in a very short period of time, the company where the talents are employed, the position held, the working years of the company, the company's working years, the number of years of work, superiors, subordinates, management experience, core job responsibilities, significant work There is a general understanding and grasp of the performance, reasons for leaving the company.

Therefore, the headhunters must pay special attention to the following six aspects on the resume:

1. Don't write the resume part of your resume too short or too long. Too simple, such as a small number of job responsibilities, only one or two sentences, work performance is not; too long, like writing a biography or a novel of more than 3 pages, a lot of nonsense, the focus is not prominent, the personality is not clear.

2. Pay attention to the continuity of work.

(1) If the candidate has not found a job for more than half a year since he left the company, he must give a reasonable explanation, such as going abroad for further study, independent project or other reasonable reasons;

(2) If there is a gap period of more than three months between the two working experiences of the candidate, a reasonable explanation should be given.

3. Pay attention to the stability of the work.

(1) If the candidate moves frequently, change one year, or quit twice or more within one year, give a reasonable explanation;

(2) If the candidate has been transferred to the business (changing industry) for more than two times, a reasonable explanation should be given;

(3) In the analysis and judgment, check the reasons for leaving.

4. View the company's situation. If the candidate has more than 2 years of experience in the top 500 foreign-funded enterprises or well-known large companies, priority is given. If the candidate has been working until now, he has been working in a small company that is not well-known and does not look at it.

5. Analyze the work content.

(1) Focus on the candidate's core job responsibilities, which reflects the candidate's core professional qualities. Pay attention to the breadth, depth, difficulty, cycle of work, the departments or personnel who communicate most closely and closely, the accumulated experience, the network of accumulated relationships, the proportion of various job responsibilities, and so on.

(2) Focus on the core performance of the candidate, which reflects the candidate's core professionalism and comprehensive competitiveness. From the achievements of talents in recent years and some successful cases to examine the talents and qualities of talents, paying special attention to specific figures, examples and facts.

6. Focus on the candidate's place of work and office environment. The actual place of work for distinguishing candidates is Headquarters or Division, Office, Plant or Retail Shops or others.