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TATCHA is derived from Japanese geisha skin care products


TATCHA is a brand that I am very addicted to recently. The niche brand is inspired by Japanese geisha. As a member of the Appearance Association, this is a pure kind of grass, because my Tatcha is still on the road, there is no sense of use.

TATCHA's skin care concept is derived from the skincare secrets of Japanese geisha. The secret of beauty is simplicity and simplicity. The main ingredients of TATCHA are the three superfoods of the Japanese diet: rice, seaweed and green tea.

Victoria Tsai (left side of the picture above) is the founder of the brand. He worked in a large cosmetics company for 10 years, because the work required frequent trials of various cosmetics, causing the skin to fester. So he resigned and went to Japan. He was fortunate to live and study with geisha in Kyoto and explore their skincare cheats.

Japanese geisha needs to apply very thick makeup every day, and it needs to be very neat to wear. TATCHA 's development team went to Kyoto, which is known as the " Ten Thousand Temple Capital" in Japan, and saw a volume of manuscripts about the end of the Edo period in Japan, which recorded the daily skincare secrets of the geisha. Victoria claimed to have taken the book at the auction, and she sold everything she had worth, including her wedding ring. So combined with the current technology and reference to the geisha's skin care secrets of the year, developed today's TATCHA brand.

Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream Treatment Cream

Indigo is a native Japanese plant. In the Edo period, the warriors used the cloth dyed by the indigo plants to make the wounds heal, so this color was turned into a samurai blue. The Indigo range contains indigo plant extracts to accelerate skin repair. This cream is also recognized by the National Eczema Association. I am really looking forward to whether it really calms the skin.

The water cream water cream

The texture is milky white jelly. A little bit like sour cheese wow. Ingredients do not contain mineral oil preservatives, mineral oils, pigments, synthetic fragrances. It should be very suitable for summer use.

Rice Enzyme Powder Rice Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Star products, said to be very mild, with a touch of rice aroma. I have always had no feelings about the clean products, but the face is just a little longer, there will be no big difference.

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil Camellia Cleansing Oil

Another star product, praised countless. Contains no mineral oil. It is said that the makeup removal effect is very good and the emulsification is very good. After I have finished destroying the goods, I can try it.

Dewy Skin Mist Dewy Spray

The evaluation of this spray is very polarized. It is estimated that dry skin should be very popular. I tried the real thing in the store, and after spraying it, it has a glossy feeling, which may be the composition of squalene inside. Mixed oil and oil skin should not like it, after all, gloss and shine are also a line.

Finally, talk about these two red lipsticks that can't be done. The color is really good for me. But all sold out of stock, the degree of heat can be seen .

In the picture, the color of the geisha is the legendary cherry powder.

Another big hot, Kyoto red.

the above.