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Ukrainian surrogate baby's little monkey growth record 1


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Seeing that there is a problem is this question, what is the feeling of going back to Ukraine for surrogacy? My feelings are as follows:

1. When the child is picked up, is this fucking my son? We actually have children like this.

2. Too naughty, hey, he hasn’t sold much yet.

3. Too damn burning money, he has not grown up and sold it.

4. Can this grown-up thing grow up when you are? ??

Now that the little monkey is 2 years old, we have a good time. To answer some friends' questions, what is the difference between the children born to Ukrainian mothers? There is no difference, because the sperm is our own, the child's hair is black, the child's skin color is yellow, the child has no body odor at present, and the mother does not rob the child.

I have written similar articles before, but the account has been reported to be banned. The original intention was to find a place to record this thing that was very meaningful to my life. At the age of 31, I was a father. I knew that I had a lot of places to avoid the boy’s childishness and tried to fight with my parents. The little monkey's leftover milk powder is finished. It is really good to say that the milk powder is dry. I often secretly eat two spoonfuls when I work overtime. This is what his mother never knew, but it is undeniable that after the father’s role, I really become a man, a middle-aged man, like Zhang Ailing said, "A man after middle age, often feel lonely, because he opened his eyes, surrounded by people who depend on him, but there is no The person he can rely on." It sounds helpless, but the growth of the little monkey is the expectation and touch of my greasy man who is in middle age. I started eating with a spoon the day before yesterday. I painted the wall with a brush yesterday. I’m confused, I’ve been teaching him to call Dad today, but he’s always shouting.

This article began to record the growth of the little monkey. I have already evolved as a father. I hope that in the process, I can also know many fathers like me to exchange parenting experiences, learn from each other, and grow together.

————————June 1, 2018 ————————

The little monkey inherited her mother's eyes and eyelashes, long eyes and long eyelashes. The eyelashes are too long and not good. I don't know if I can cut his eyelashes at this stage. I will bend my eyelashes when I sleep, often rubbing my eyes, maybe my eyelashes will fall into it.

Off-topic: I was reported to have been banned a few days ago. I am really uncomfortable. This malicious report is not once or twice. Some words are hard to hear, but I have to say:

My personal surrogate experience article has been maliciously reported for nearly half a month and was deleted. My account was banned for two weeks. I believe that people who have read all of my articles are very clear. My answer has always been in a neutral position. I must say that I have defended the interests of some parties. That is, like us, we cannot naturally give birth to a family that needs surrogacy. In the answer, I have never advertised for an intermediary. Instead, I have repeatedly stressed that we should compare the intermediary and learn more about Ukrainian surrogacy. If we repeatedly express the intermediary, we cannot believe in the way we personally identify the intermediary.

Being an intermediary is not shameful, but shameful is the means of blinding the eyes of patients through reports. I have been reported not once or twice. Those who answered short one or two hundred words and more than two or three thousand words can be said that I have been involved in the Ukrainian surrogate plate for more than a year. Can't talk about guidance, but at least let most people like us don't go astray.

If you are a reliable intermediary, you will naturally not think that my answer is touching your interests, and vice versa.

If you are a reliable intermediary, you should spread your expertise and benefit the readers, instead of just making a contact with a rough implant, or stealing my article and pretending to be a patient. The means to gain patient trust.

If you are a reliable intermediary, you can show your company's strength with great brilliance. The wine is not afraid of the deep alley, not to mention the fact that this "alley" itself is not deep. What makes me sad is that the promotion of the intermediary is not too low-end and too despicable.

——————June 7, 2018 ——————————

Every time I go to the supermarket, the little monkey has to take the toy. I am very curious. He is only two years old. How do you know that this thing is a toy? Why didn't he take the soy sauce and not take the washing powder? Hahaha, remembering to listen to my mother when I was a child, when I was a year old, my grandfather said that I was going to catch the week. I grabbed a book, and the book is still in my parents’ room. My grandfather thought that I grew up. I am going to be a Taoist, and I am crying. It is said that children grow up with some toys. It’s really a pen. A moonlight is more than a thousand toys. I don’t think it’s necessary, but my lover thinks that children like toys is a clever expression, but also develop intelligence, I It’s not good to object, but the little monkey bought a lot of excavators. There is a big one in the house that allows him to sit in. If he grows up and screams to go to Lanxiang to learn how to open an excavator, should I kill him now? .

I have a private letter from Zhiyou who asked me to love each other for many years and found that one party is unable to give birth. I think it is more important to love someone than to have children. I have always been firm in thinking. I don’t remember where I have seen such a sentence. "I love you because I love you too much." If you have children, you must have children. Many ways, can be treated, can be adopted, can be test tube, can be surrogate, do not choose to surrogate less than a last resort, the cost is too high. The fate is rare, and it is cherished.

————————June 19, 2018 ———————

Haha, I came back to work overtime last night. My lover took a shower. I ate two milk powders in front of the little monkey. I didn’t expect him to learn to eat milk powder today. The child’s mother saw madness. I didn’t dare to be there. Out of voice. . . .

I have a private letter from Zhiyou to ask me about the recent news exposure of the domestic underground surrogate status. Domestic underground surrogacy is nothing new, at least in my opinion. We have visited a domestic underground surrogate when we have not been to Ukrainian surrogate for 15 years. The specific details I wrote in the previous record. Only this time, the surrogacy incident has made headlines, and many people have opened their minds. Surrogacy is in the black zone in China, and there are huge profits in almost every node of the entire black interest chain. China's human reproductive assistant law has clear regulations, and it can be said that there are laws to follow, but in fact it is lack of supervision. The demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and the state has liberalized the second-child policy. Even the wind has said that the comprehensive liberalization of the birth policy and the design of the maternity fund system will not give more money, more money and less money, and the meaning of encouraging birth is also obvious. The pollution of the environment, the change of the working form, the trend of infertility population is gradually expanding, and the medical technology has not been synchronized for the time being. What should we do with this part of the population? What about those families who are old and have lost their fertility? These problems have not been completely solved, how to manage? Organizers who fight surrogacy can't solve such a problem: the sudden death of the cockroach, the drought of the drought. The fear is that the stronger the attack, the greater the risk of organizing surrogacy, the higher the price of surrogate black market, and the soaring price of alcohol in the United States. I don't support surrogacy, but this is also a helpless move. I hope that one day medical technology can solve the problem of infertility. Even if it can't be solved, I hope that surrogacy can be carried out under the effective supervision of the government. I don't want to see it again. To such a tragedy, who is the sin?

————————July 18, 2018 ———————

For many days, I didn’t come up to update the recent photos of the little monkey. The company took a project and rushed every day. This monkey is now eating meat. The lover loves the whole chicken sauce, the sauce ribs and the like. I really like it. The little monkey sees this trend is also with me, no resistance in front of the food.

———————— July 25, 2018 ————————

Today, my lover made a slap in the hands of the treasurer. I am officially responsible for the eating and drinking of this monkey. It is really too noisy at home. Every day, I will destroy it on time. Take him to play outside, at least I don’t need to pack my toys. I found that the little monkey grows taller and more courageous. The children who are almost as big as him are afraid to play this slide. Only he plays it over and over again, don’t say it, buy food and cook, can’t grieve this monkey.

———————— August 3, 2018 ————————

Is such a big child so fond of meat? The little monkey eats this, and I am quite awkward. How does the mountain king open the way to eat meat? Haha. The little monkey mother bought him a lot of these ones, because it is breathable and comfortable. I don’t know how he feels when he grows up and shows up when he is young.

———————— August 9th, 2018 ———————

The little monkey is not afraid of shaving now. When he is small, he will cry when he shaves his head. He is not violent and uncooperative. Now he is sensible. He knows how to shave anyway, and he doesn’t care if he is crying.

I have a private letter from Zhiyou, asking me to go to Ukraine for surrogacy. I think Ukrainian surrogacy depends on two aspects of not being separated. The surrogate industry itself is reliable in Ukraine, but the intermediary that introduces you is not necessarily reliable.

Some people are really very capable. I saw "I am not a drug god" some time ago. It said that Xu Wei bought generic drugs from India and sold them back to China. Over time, everyone trusts Indian generic drugs. One is effective and the other is cheap. .

What I want to say is that this film reflects the real event. In fact, this incident has evolved into something like this: Chinese counterfeit drug manufacturers learned that everyone went to India to buy generic drugs, and they smelled the benefits and made fake drugs. Selling in India, these fake drugs are not harmful, but they are not effective. Chinese patients are unaware of the fact that they trust Indian generics as always.

You said, how many people are not reliable?

———————August 15, 2018 ————————

The little monkey likes to eat ham. When the mother doesn't peel it off, she runs to me. It's not very talkable. I can only sell it and sell it. Hahaha, but I can't peel it. The guy can eat two in one breath. What brand of snacks are these brands? We don't know much about it. They all buy it. If a friend collides with Hong Kong, they will help bring it. Most of them are made in Australia. I feel that it is a bad time to quit the little monkeys to eat these meat products. Do not worry about such foods.

———————August 23, 2018 ————————

This table should be the latest standard for calculating the growth and development of infants.

When uploading a small monkey or when it is 10 months old, it feels quite different in appearance. When it is small, it looks like a girl, and the clothes are also girl-style. When I took him out, many people asked that this is a girl, and she must be very beautiful when she grows up. Now growing up, some faces are a lot longer.

A friend asked me if I could choose to surrogate in China. As a surrogate person, first of all, clearly suggest that the subject should not do subrogation in the country, do not do subrogation in the country, do not do subrogation in the country, illegal things can not do.

The lowest cost performance is the domestic subterranean surrogate, the domestic surrogate cost is about 800,000. (The data I learned two years ago, there are only a few words at the moment), which is two-thirds of the cost of the United States and about twice the cost of Ukraine.

And all domestic surrogacy institutions are illegally operated. If you just operate illegally, you will have a lot of problems. The so-called contract does not have legal benefits at all. This surrogate contract is an invalid contract from start to finish.

The content of the contract itself violates the "Human Aided Reproductive Law of the People's Republic of China". There are domestic intermediaries claiming that this law has removed the prohibition of surrogacy. For this reason, I have specifically Baidu this law and never deleted it! China has always banned surrogacy.

Surrogacy violates public order and good customs. A while ago, there were reports of related incidents, and contracts that violated public order and good customs were invalid contracts.

A little bit of legal common sense should understand that the agreement with the underground surrogacy agency is not a contract at all!

Don't make trouble, in terms of the current market supervision situation, do you dare to drink milk powder? Do you dare to fight the vaccine? If there is a perfect regulatory system, would you dare to try this illegal business project?

——————— August 26, 2018 ————————

The little monkey had a birthday with his grandmother's family. Unfortunately, he was studying outside, could not be present, and was more and more naughty. He was very touched. The mother of the mother-in-law was very good to the little monkey, and had a lot of gifts after a birthday. Shouldn't you buy a toy during this time? Haha

——————September 7, 2018 ——————————

I woke up this morning and thought about my monkey. I turned over the photo of the mobile phone and saw this one long time ago. The little monkey is blessed with gas, like his mother. I heard from my colleagues last night that their children are now one year old. Every night, they both tell stories, speak science and read news. I am very curious, can this child understand that you are a year old? Colleagues say that at this stage, it is necessary to start stimulating the nerve endings of children, so that growing up will be smart. I checked it on the Internet and it seems like this is the case. Going back, I will also set a time to talk about astronomical geography with the little monkey every day.

——————September 8, 2018 ——————————

I am coming back today, I want to die my monkey. My lover has made a pot of wings and legs, and it is getting better and better. When autumn and winter came to eat the wings and feet, my mother-in-law raised six months of duck wings and the quality was very good. When I was a child, I started eating sauce wings. After I got married with my lover, I often took her to the shop where I used to go to school. Then she talked with Auntie about the wings and legs, and then Auntie couldn’t do my business anymore. . It is not selfish to say that my lover's wings and legs are better than those sold outside.

——————September 14, 2018 —————————

Haha, recently, the little monkey developed a honey smile. This sand was bought by me. I also washed it a few times. I don’t have to go outside to spend money to play the sand.

—————September 16, 2018 —————————

Today, the typhoon mangroves came, and they were in Guangzhou. They stopped at the city, rested at home, and the roadside trees fell a lot. The supermarkets also robbed the air and collected materials to resist natural disasters. Guangzhou is just a big wind, suddenly cooled a lot, worried that the little monkey will have a fever, put on his long coat. My dad likes to tease him. It’s really laughing at me. I’m going to celebrate with his grandfather. The inheritance of traditional culture should also be grabbed from now?

—————September 19, 2018 —————————

In the morning, I clamored to buy food with my mother. In order to show that I was a strong man, the little monkey raised the dish. Haha, is the child at this stage already having a strong mentality? Or is it just pure curiosity... I think of the little monkeys who often have a long hair before they are one year old. Now it is much better, and it is getting more and more troublesome.

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