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What is the sacred "Happy Disney" in the domestic production of Elsagate metamorphosis children's video?


These days, the Elsagate incident on YouTube has been discussed with great enthusiasm. This is a related issue.

How do you view the Elsagate event on YouTube, where children's inappropriate content is classified as child content playback through an automatic recommendation algorithm?

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Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: Beware! These videos flow into China and are poisoning your children!

In fact, as early as July last year, this incident has been sensationalized by the US media. And then under pressure, YouTube began a massive offline video and blocked the account. By November of last year, YouTube announced that it had deleted more than 50 channels and 150,000 videos.

But what I never expected was that these children’s videos containing violent and pornographic elements that had been banned in the extranet had already flowed into China as early as 16 years, and quickly appeared in major videos in a short period of time. Website communication

Among them, "Happy Disney" should be one of the earliest accounts in China to produce and upload related videos. The videos are widely distributed on Weibo, Youku, Iqiyi and other major websites. Exposure, the continuing consequences for children are unpredictable

Today, we started with Weibo, and what is the sacred "Happy Disney" that makes the Elsagate metamorphosis video for children.

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First of all, under the two days of public opinion offensive, "Happy Disney" Weibo account has deleted all videos and most Weibo.

However, the homepage information still exists, we can see that the production company that made these abnormal videos is Guangzhou Hao Trading Co., Ltd.

Then we can find relevant information about the company in the sky, this company really exists.

There are two people on the registration information, the legal person Lai Huizhen and the supervisor Wu Yihong (please remember these two names)

Our Mr. Wu Yihong, as early as 16 years ago, had recruited relevant personnel on some job-seeking websites and continued until January 10 this year.

We can see that the company's introduction is labeled as "video production company, and mainly based on children's video." In addition to the anime manual, there is also an English translation position, which is also true that they have finished and produced. The behavior of this child metamorphosis video

Then, what is the company’s legal person, Lai Huizhen? We can also find her relevant personal information on WeChat and LinkedIn (current LinkedIn information has been deleted)

Do you know what is the news about her sharing with LinkedIn? Zoom in on the photo.

It’s really disgusting! I can't stand this kind of photo. I think the feelings of children after reading it? Considering that this Lai Huizhen is still an overseas person, why did she and her company make such a perverted video in China? The reason why I really don’t want to make more guesses.

Finally, I will expose the address of this Guangzhou Hao Trading Co., Ltd. , I hope the relevant departments can investigate and deal with it according to law.

10F, Fuli Yingsheng Plaza, Tianhe District, Guangzhou