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Infinite blood bond! Do you want blood to pay? 丨 no road can be set [infinity pole]


Concerned about the set brother, not afraid of routines.

Hello, everyone.

Continue to talk about infinity today.

Let me start with the latest news.

According to the media

The infinitus Shaanxi branch has been investigated by the local industry and commerce department.

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As the largest direct selling company in China

"Infinitus" is still cruel to crush the fate of the gear.

Below, the set of brothers to check out the "good things" that "Infinitus" has done over the years.

I. Sanlu survived the juvenile death.

The incident, the set brother was exposed yesterday. Liang Qichao of Taoyuan Village, David Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, he believes that the local infinity store sales staff advocates that health care products can cure his son Liang Hong (a pseudonym) "double kidney stones, renal insufficiency" disease, let his son take unlimited Extreme products have been "treated" for more than a year, and their children died of uremia.

(Source: 澎湃News)

Second, the patients with purpura eat infinite product death

After 25 days of eating infinity products, the patients with sableness indefinitely admitted that the dealers exaggerated the product's efficacy in sales. The family members of the deceased still retain the infinite membership card.

(Source: China Judgment Paper Network)

In March 2016, Wen Jing, a 27-year-old patient with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in Zhumadian, Henan Province, began to take a large number of infinite products under the introduction of Infinitus sales personnel. After 25 days, she died of cerebral hemorrhage. Afterwards, the family members took the infinitus company, the infinite product sales staff Xu Yanyan and the Infinitus store to court. In the end, the court ruled that Infinitus Company compensated the victim's family for 30,000 yuan and Xu Yanyan compensated 70,000 yuan.

Third, the girl takes infinite products to cause "myocardial damage"

On January 16, 2019, a mother named Tian Shuping posted a screenshot of relevant cases and chat records, saying that her 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed as "Helicobacter pylori infection" and was in Shaanxi. Under the recommendation of the teacher, Fan Le, a large number of infinitely 8 kinds of products were taken daily, and many hospitals diagnosed as myocardial damage and hypoglycemia.

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It is reported that Ms. Tian has negotiated compensation matters with relevant personnel of Infinitus. Infinitus wants to spend 600,000 to calm the matter. After many consultations between the two sides, Ms. Tian finally rejected the compensation plan of 600,000, but raised the amount of compensation to 1 million.

Fourth, women with colon cancer in the late use of "infinity" products, the tumor becomes larger.

A woman from Hubei Huangshi suffered from colon cancer in the middle and late stage. After listening to the persuasion of her relatives, she began taking infinity products. After spending more than 30,000 yuan for a few months, she found that the tumor grew up.

5. The mother is poisoned after taking the “infinity” product.

In Weinan, Shaanxi, a mother was promoted to take infinity products after giving birth, and finally suspected of taking diabetic ketoacidosis due to overdose.

. . .

There are too many cases.

The brothers searched the "infinitus" and "right to life" keywords in the Chinese refereeing paper network and found 22 results.

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Just click in one

Is a bloody example

Today, only Shaanxi’s “Infinitus” branch has been investigated.

How many stores are there across the country?

The set of brothers searched the map, the results are as follows:

(Source: Baidu map)

I am very scared.

It turned out that we have been surrounded by these stores.

Can you pull the infinity uprooted this time?

Wait and see


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