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Her idyllic "girly heart" house, flowers and sunshine and pink one is not bad


In the situation of industrial wind and Nordic style, she chose to follow her own heart and integrate the girl's feelings into her own home.

Housing Information:

Location: Beijing

Unit type: two rooms and one hospital

Area: 60m2

Cost: 5,000 yuan in soft

Originally, I wanted to have a simple Nordic style. As a result, I couldn’t hold the heart of the old girl.

Fixing nails, dressing curtains, pulling lights, removing beds, and loading beds are all done by a 158cm, 45kg female man.

When I got the house, it was a living woman who had a good time. When I rented it, I only had a bed and a wardrobe and a writing desk. However, the original hard install is very new and clean, which is also balanced. But the problem is coming, and the restrictions are much more. Later, I said... The first set is a house that completely jumps up and down, all of them get started, and a two-bedroom room with an outdoor small courtyard. All the soft objects are my own or hand-made. This is on the edge of the third ring of Beijing. It can be regarded as the aristocratic life of the renting house. Forgive me for being a little citizen here.

First come to the map to determine my girl's tone ▼

First, the master bedroom

The above is the current master bedroom. Hahaha... Purple curtains are very awkward, it was left by the original house. I wanted to change the curtain of Nordic powder and white gauze. But I finally got it... I couldn’t help myself. The opening question said that the landlord only had 158cm. Only 158, every time I climbed up, I had to kneel down for a while, so I gave up.

The lantern on the bedside once again reflects my old girl's heart.

Above is my 100-inch curtain, wow haha... I just smelled it when I arrived, and then I drank it in the yard for a few days. The result was a little bit worse. I saw this discount every time I was a virgin and a virgin big white sheep. The traces want to go crazy... In addition, everyone sees the wallpaper in this room, green floral, here again crazy... When I rented it, I was really speechless about this wallpaper, I wanted to put it at first. The wallpaper was done, and later gave up, not for anything else, because the rented house, not hard, the big project would not dare to move. .

I feel that the Nordic style is gone. I feel that I am sure to make a rural style in the end. The country style is also good. The American country is also good. I am afraid that I will eventually become a rural wind in the Northeast...

The window of the master bedroom is not big, but the sun shines in and it is also warm. Seeing the fence outside, it was the yard of the family. Here are the only photos of the master bedroom I found when I was looking at the room. The overall hard work is good and new.

The original gauze was picked up and the purple blinds left by the owner were hung. Then this gauze can't be found...

The round table next to the chair, I moved to the second bedroom, so heavy, I spent a lot of effort to get out.

I have hidden all the chairs, haha~

Second, the second bedroom

The following is the second bedroom, but also the living room, that is, now the lights are full of rooms...

This room is connected to the balcony and the yard. The owner originally made a children's room, so the room full of children's elements is also the most troublesome for me.

This should be the day after the curtain is pulled up, it is such a warm drop feel... This is a pull-out sofa bed that can be turned into a 2 meter double bed when needed. But now I can't think of why I have to buy a wrought iron sofa bed. It's too thin to be really good... I think I might have brains...

It will also be bright when the sun shines in during the day. Pulling the bed apart, the night when the curtains are open is beautiful...

The 80-inch curtain hanging in this room, seeing the back of Mickey, this room is really full of children's elements, here tears rush... there is a kitty on the wall... I really......... I bought a wallpaper Covering kitty, just still lazy, I feel used to this tone...

The round table of white plaid is the one that moved out of the master bedroom, which is really super heavy. The desktop is too broken, so I cover it...

▲ Yes, did you see the dream catcher, this color is the light after dark... Pretending to be very boring... here blush ing...

These two are casually photographed on the day of hanging gauze and string lights. From dawn to dark, it is because the wallpaper is too ugly. When I got this room, I wanted to die. I nailed the curtains and I couldn’t reach them.

After the down, the legs were soft and licking for a while... Here is the cow...

▼ It is time for you to look at the original look of this room, but unfortunately only turned one. No more...

That's right, Mickey of that wall has a colorful children's bed... It has been removed by me and I have changed my current sofa bed.

It’s just like when I just got the sofa bed... The wallpaper is really not good... is it... and the kitty...

Then it is now sauce purple... The lazy person has a lazy way, since it can't make a wall, then simply cover up hhhhh

The sofa bed is open... is it amazing?

The second bedroom is the floor-to-ceiling window. The sun shines in and it’s really happy... When the curtain is pulled, it’s the starlight of the whole room... The second time is to go out to the balcony, and then go out to play the yard...

Third, the yard

Because there is a yard, I like to drop here. In the imperial capital, I also thought about the sunrise and the sunset. When I first rented it, it seemed like this, and the yard was full of leaves. It’s all because there are two big trees in front of the door that don’t know anything.

In fact, the yard is very good, it is messy, all I have to do is to clean, and then plant all kinds of flowers and plants, wait until the spring blossoms... Then I am 15 oceans scouring a broom, ready to dry.

The gray-faced face is much more comfortable after cleaning. The beginning is just cleaning and there is no decoration, because I always want to wait for the warmth of the day to plant some flowers and plants. I still remember the snow that happened in the year after, the house in the snow is like this.

A complete face with a quiet face. At this time, there is already a set of tables and chairs on the idle fish. Then I can't wait for the weather to warm up, I can't plant flowers, so let's get some fake fools... I've got a lot of fakes and drums a little decoration.

The weather in the Royal Capital is really good, the sun-filled yard...

I used propylene to paint the original rotten flowerpots in the yard. This color is almost straight, red and green...

I bought a water pipe and prepared to wash the floor of the yard. Watering the flower pond, ready to start planting flowers and plants, and time to ask for God, otherwise I think they will die very badly... basically got it now.

Fourth, kitchen & bathroom

You may want to go to the kitchen and the bathroom... because the house is really hard, so I bought something in the kitchen and the bathroom, nothing to do...

Maybe these two places are the only places I am satisfied with the house...

Full of rural countryside, there are wood ~~

The pipeline of the bathroom is more obvious, but it’s lazy, and it’s not too bad to watch. I just don’t care~~

The Nordic style is so bad that it looks really cold and elegant, but it can't stop the warmth and cuteness that the girl wants. Don't give up your "pink complex" in order to pursue the so-called trend. The house is still living for yourself.

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Finally, can you give me a compliment?

Than heart

- END -

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