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Wu Ball King, 胥Meixi to understand?


Since Shaanxi left Xi'an in 2012, the next Shanghai Football Association Cup against Changan Athletic will be the first Chinese team to visit Suzaku Stadium in six years.

If you plan to go to this team that will make the fans of ZEI countless times after the end of each game, this will be after the Shaanxi Guoli home game against Shenyang Jinde on November 30, 2003, the Shaanxi team will be again after 16 years. Against China's top league team.

16 years, 5265 days, 126360 hours, 7581600 minutes, 454896000 seconds.

How lonely is the St. Zhuque Stadium in the past years, and how eager to win the game today.

For the game that this football circle will not pay attention to, the fans in Shaanxi have invested a lot of enthusiasm. The audience of 22,000 people does not say that there are still nearly 20,000 people on a live video platform relying on one constantly shaking and The mobile phone with very poor quality is watching live broadcast...

Frankly speaking, in the face of the all-replacement lineup and no foreign aid in Zhejiang Greentown, this Changan Athletics is not a good result. Du Junpeng's goal is not so much a shot as a rival. The back line can be shaken in the second half and never fall. It depends on Song Zhenyu's three gods and the heroic play of the home.

Even with the full bench lineup, the strength of this Zhejiang Greentown team is still above Changan Athletic. Only this young team that claimed to be "China's Ajax" all the way to the youth training from the Super League, the team seems to be unable to show a strong desire to win.

Therefore, in this knockout game where the narrow road meets the brave wins, the weaker Changan Athletics, even if played rough and somewhat "squatting" in the first half, can still completely suppress the opponent in the momentum, so that Greentown has the advantage of passing the control but repeatedly with Changan. Athletics fell into the midfielder's hand-to-hand battle.

After the half-time lag, Greentown finally revealed the strength of some old teams, and the second half gradually controlled the scene. But it is still an old saying that this team seems to have some lack of desire to win.

I have repeatedly said that China’s so-called first-class players and second-rate players, third-rate players, are actually 58 points, 55 points and 52 points difference, without those 70 points and more than 80 points of foreign aid, Super League, China A, China B The level of the team's level is actually not big.

Last season's FA Cup, subject to the rules of the game can not be foreign aid, Shanghai, Hong Kong, all the main force in addition to foreign aid, still with the same team for the Suzhou team, Suzhou Soochow struggle for 120 minutes, no final, and finally The penalty shootout was a penalty of 18 rounds before making a thrilling promotion.

From this point of view, Changan Athletic can beat the Zhejiang Greentown in the Central A, it may not be able to fight back in front of the Super League in Shanghai.

There is a martial arts king in Shanghai, and we have 胥Mexi!

what? This game is not Messi?

May be afraid that your scouts in Shanghai will observe our winning hand...

Finally, welcome to go home in the sea!