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Encountered married leaders "confession"


I believe everyone will see my title and probably know what I am going to say.

It may be cumbersome to write, but I want to make it clear from the beginning and the end of the matter, to ensure that everything described is a fact, without any falsehood and deliberate destruction.

In May, I felt weak and bored with my current job. To the truth of this company, although I have been waiting for three or four years, except for a few good colleagues, I have no deep feelings, just a job. The place, in the idea of ​​doing his job in his position, is also diligent. Now I have changed a leader. To be honest, although I have been with him for more than a year, I really don’t see much about his ability to work. So at the beginning of May, I proposed the intention to resign from the leadership. At that time, I only said it verbally. Now, there is no formal process, because I think that the house I rented will only expire in August. I can go through the process in July, and there are also new people in June and July.

After I mentioned my intention to resign, the leader did not say anything. On May 23, when I got off work, the leader said that I wanted to have dinner with me after work. By the way, I thought that I was going to talk to me about my resignation. The matter, I promised. Because I added a class for a while, it was a bit late to get off work. I thought about eating it at dinner, so I ordered a meal at KFC. During the meal, the leader talked about his views on my work and said that my work attitude is very good. He valued me very much. At that time, I felt that this was probably a routine that I didn’t want to let me resign and wanted to retain me. If you smile, you don't care. Then I began to care about my life and care about my life events (yes, I am an older unmarried young woman). Although I have worked with him for more than a year, I feel that I am just a colleague and I am not very familiar, so I also Not very willing to talk about these topics. Finally, he began to say, I feel how good I am, want to recognize me as a sister, I began to resent my heart, so I refused. After dinner, when I got home, he sent me a WeChat:

I am a person, once I make a decision, it is very difficult to change. Although I expressed my intention to leave, I found that the leadership did not seem to be serious, and did not recruit new people to take over my job, so I expressed to the leadership many times. The intention to leave the company repeatedly urged the leaders to recruit people as soon as possible. At that time, the leader was to retain me while agreeing to recruit people as soon as possible.

On May 28, at noon, the leader once again retained me. I once again expressed my determination to leave. Then on the way to work, in the public place like the subway, the leader told me that he likes me, I I was really shocked at the time, holding a trace of luck, asking him, what type of like, maybe people just value my ability to work, he said that he wants to go shopping with me. Oh, forgot to explain, our leader, a married person, is estimated to have been in junior high school.

At that time, my mood was super complicated, and thousands of grass mud horses twirled at the mouth, but because it was in public, I forbearance! . When he took out his mobile phone and showed me his mobile phone photo album, he saved all the self-portrait photos of my friends circle, my discomfort really accumulated to the extreme. Suddenly, his head thought of his wife turning his mobile phone, seeing my photos, and then bringing a group of people to the company to tear the little three.

Moreover, the leader estimated that the TV series has seen more. "I met the right person when I was wrong. You are my true love." "I have no feelings with my wife. I am going to eat for AA" and "Remaining to stay." It is because I want to stay with you for a long time, keep a good memory, etc., and the words in the TV series are taken out. . I don't know what other people will do when they encounter this kind of thing, but at the time, really, I spent a lot of effort to suppress the urge to vomit in the stomach.

After returning home, he sent me a WeChat:

how about it? From these words, is it true that the expression is true, first give him a flat face, and there are a lot of faces waiting behind him.

When something like this happened, I remembered a saying that flies are not a seamless egg. I deeply reflect on whether there have been some misunderstandings before, but I thought about it, no, I really Unexpected. First, the leader is married. Second, the leadership's respect has no impulse to make mistakes. Third, the leader has a very serious addiction. Whether it is body or tone, it is unbearable. The smell of smoke, I can not touch without touching, I can't understand why, it will be me.

May 29th, thinking about life to continue, I have not officially resigned, work still has to continue, so I still go to work, but seeing that person, really from psychological to physiological make me extremely uncomfortable I took a day off before the class.

On May 30, I took time off. I went to find my good friend and told her about these things. My friend asked me to resign immediately, leaving this right and wrong, although the problem is not with me, but in this society, if this matter is exposed, then I probably probably be the one to be accused. I thought about what my friend said, and I sent a resignation email to the leader and copied it to the director.

On the afternoon of May 30, I sent a resignation email. It didn't take long for the leader to call. I started to keep all kinds of things, but I was so determined that I didn't agree, so he asked me personally. In the opinion, I immediately took out the word "contempt".

It may be that I despise these two words and stimulate him. He started various self-justifications, saying that he is not what I imagined. He is not a bad person. He said how he valued the family and respected him. The wife of the year, but with his wife for more than ten years, respectful, no love, only family, now found the feeling of true love in me, Barabara said a bunch, before, just contempt for him, etc. He said these words, I really looked down on this person. I specifically recorded the phone call, don't say that I am mean, I just want to leave a hand in case of unexpected situations in the future.

On May 31, I still went to work, thinking that there are new people coming, I have to hand over the matter as soon as possible. On this day, our director called me. Regarding the resignation, I asked why I was leaving. I said that I was not happy and didn't want to do it. Then our director called the leader again.

Oh, I didn’t expect our director to have such a lovely side.

On the evening of May 31, the leader called me again and told me that I would not say anything about retaining me. I would like to talk about the post-work arrangements. I am not a matter of right and wrong, since it is a matter of talking to me. I will definitely cooperate. After the chat, I feel that this is almost the case. I will try my best to teach what I know to the newcomer. I will stay calm for a month, then I will leave, and then I will go with this person. No relationship.

However, there are always many things, but it didn't take long for the work arrangement to end. He suddenly sent me a message like this:

At that time, the fire that was about to be destroyed in my heart took off. What happened to me with you? You admit your mistakes with your wife, what is wrong with me? Also talk to me or meet, thousands of grass mud horses twitching at the mouth.

So the next day, June 1st, I was finished. Yes, I am finished. The mobile phone has also adjusted the DND mode. The idea I had at that time was to go to the professional ethics of TM, to the sense of responsibility of TM, I will complete three. God, let the company fire me, this company can't wait.

Of course, if you open the DND mode, you can still see the caller's record. In addition to the leader, there are many colleagues and the phone calls from the on-site customers. I was soft at the time and felt that because of my willfulness to colleagues and customers. It was inconvenient, and when the leader called again, I answered.

This time, he repeatedly promised that he will only talk about work at the future, and will try to avoid appearing in front of me. Unless necessary, he will not communicate with me face to face. The handover will be carried out by another colleague transferred from the Tibetan company. . I also have a recording of the above calls.

In fact, this person is still quite timid, because a person is working outside, his family is not around, even if there are good friends who will not be with me at all times, more than one thing is less, and it will be over for a month.

The next few days did indeed live as much as he promised. I tried not to appear in front of me. The work communication was basically through QQ. The new colleagues were very alert and the handover was smooth. I thought that everything would continue to follow me in this mode.

But, yes, it’s another, but on June 6, he asked to talk to me.

I didn't pay any attention to him, so this person didn't sleep at night and sent me a chicken soup:

Honestly, I completely can't understand what the virtual world he said is? I chose not to sing, choose to leave, is it wrong? And I had planned to leave, just because he was ahead of time.

Here again, give him a flag on his face, and let him be a good-looking face.

I didn't give any response to his chicken soup. On June 8th, he again said that he would talk to me. I was really bored to the extreme and refused.

Ha ha. . . Is it humiliating to despise these two words? I still insist on my own principles. I have not given any response to this information except for work.

Then on June 11th, his attitude suddenly changed. Remarks, the 721 is the time to eat KFC on that day, and the resignation process must be approved by the project manager before continuing to go down. He has been stuck in him before. Did not go down.

Do you think that this is the end of the matter, hey, don't be as naive as I am.

On June 15th, the day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, I had to go back to my hometown, and I left early in the afternoon, and then the leader began to attack again.

I didn't give any response to the whole process. I didn't download any diary. It may be that my attitude of not getting into the oil stimulated him, made him angry and angry, and his words changed style.

This is the case so far, and it is unbiased. Apart from work, all the information he sent me privately is here. I have evidence to refute his allegations against me in the text message, but I have not refuted, I I don't think it's worth it to spend time with him.

But why should I take the time to write this article here, I just want to hear the opinions of the masses, especially his thoughts on marriage and true love, which is ridiculous to me, wrong is wrong, for this person I can't understand the brain circuit.

He said that I live in a virtual world. I can't understand it. I think he is living in his own philosophy of life and morality.

̅ ̅ ̅ I am the dividing line of time ̅ ̅ ̅

On June 17th, the leader sent a text message, expressing disappointment to me, accusing me, expressing his calmness. However, I don’t want to use it anyway. However, this leader is like the scene of Qiong Yao’s drama. Finely possessed, came again on June 18