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Objectively and personally evaluate the three major beaches in Phuket! Baby who comes to Phuket must see!


Dear babies,

Recently, Miss II’s work is too busy.

So there is no way to update the Thai Raiders~

Update it today!

let's go!

The most reliable reviews of the three major beaches in Phuket are starting right away.

First of all,

The distribution of the three major beaches is like this.

In terms of location,

Patong Beach is the closest to the airport.

Karon Beach is second.

Kata Beach is the farthest (actually very close to Karon Beach).

The photo taken below this viewing platform,

It is clear that Karon Beach and Kata Beach are almost together.

Patong Beach is separated from Karon Beach by a mountain.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most lively beach in Phuket.

The largest number of tourists,

It is also the hottest beach for babies from China.

The coastline of Patong Beach is very long.

The cleanliness of the sea can be scored 75 points.

There are many water projects.

There are also many small business hawkers.

Come to a group of sandy close-ups of Patong Beach.

The sand is thicker,

Slightly yellow.

Patong Beach has the strongest business atmosphere.

A variety of restaurants, bars and shops are located in large and small streets.

There are a lot of them.

At night, when night falls,

At Patong Beach,

The atmosphere is a few times longer than during the day.

Never feel bored.

Phuket’s most convenient shopping mall, Jungceylon (Jiangxi Cold), is right on Patong Beach.

Most of the Thai specialties can be found here.

In addition to shopping malls and supermarkets,

There are also many affordable restaurant chains.

In Phuket, where prices are a little bit too high,

Jiangxi cold is simply too reliable!

Patong Beach Index:

Sea water quality: Samsung half.

It is estimated that there are too many seaside projects, and the water in Patong Beach always feels less clear.

Beach quality: three stars.

There are many people, and the feeling is more general.

Hotel quality: five stars.

There are so many hotels, and there are all kinds of prices, everyone can always choose the hotel that suits them.

Store quality: five stars.

The main cold in Jiangxi is very good, plus 711 is very much, this is very in place. There are also a lot of small shops, and buying and buying in Phuket is definitely enough.

Restaurant quality: five stars.

The streets are full of restaurants, and there are many fast food chains like KFC McDonald's. The overall situation is not too pithy.

Recommended index: four and a half stars.

If it is the first time to come to Phuket, there is definitely nothing wrong with living in Patong Beach. Because the show is beautiful and the cold in Jiangxi is here, there are many restaurants that are reliable. Although the quality of the sea is as good as the beach, it is perfect to solve these problems by booking a sea tour!

Karon Beach

Kata Beach is very quiet.

The number of people is relative to Patong Beach.

It’s almost too much!

When I first saw Karon Beach,

You will definitely think the beach is too big.

There are probably a few kilometers of rhythm!

Hotel and restaurant,

It is distributed along the road along the sea.

The water is very clean,

Overall, you can score 85 points.

The water project is not too much.

In terms of sea water,

The full value gets this tour.

The beach is almost occupied by European and American people.

Visually surveying Russians

There are fewer babies in China.

The sandy beach of Karon Beach is relatively thick.

It’s still very soft on the top,

The color is overall whiter than Patong Beach.

Kata Beach runs along a road by the sea.

Most of the small shops and restaurants are concentrated here.

The amount is not too much,

I feel that it is too addictive to stroll around...

Karon Beach Index:

Seawater quality: four stars.

There are very few people, there are not many waterside projects, and the sea is absolutely clean.

Beach quality: four stars.

Although the beach is not too white, at first glance it looks absolutely good.

Plus, it is very soft to step on, you must add points.

Moreover, the area of ​​the beach is too big and big!

Hotel quality: Samsung half.

Most hotels are concentrated on the seaside roads, the number is not too large, and the scale is relatively large.

The price/performance ratio is general, and the biggest advantage is that it is close to the sea.

Store quality: two stars.

Come here to buy and buy, absolutely can not buy the characteristics of God horse...

Restaurant quality: two hearts.

There is no cost-effective restaurant.

A coffee shop and dessert shop in the middle of the beach is not bad.

Recommended index: four stars.

Baby who likes to be quiet is very suitable to come here.

Have a leisurely time.

If you live in Patong Beach, the whole trip is only played in Phuket.

It is also possible to ride a little sheep to play for an afternoon.

Kata Beach

Although Kata Beach is not big,

Maybe it’s because many people choose to surf here,

The overall feeling is more popular than Karon Beach.

The coastline of Kata Beach is not long.

The cleanliness of the sea can be 80 points.

But the North Shore, which often plays during the rainy season,

Occasionally there are some things like debris.

Surfing babies,

It is a unique landscape of Kata Beach.

a small restaurant by the beach,

Prices are still pretty reliable,

A coconut is about 50B or so.

The sand on Kata Beach is very delicate.

It is much whiter than Patong Beach and Karon Beach.

Most shops and restaurants,

They are all on a main street outside Kata Beach.

All are not on the sea.

There are more shops,

Buying and buying the index is not as rich as Patong.

There are also a large number of restaurants.

The price is generally the same.

Kata Beach Index:

Seawater quality: four and a half stars.

In addition to surfing (only from April to October), there are almost no sea projects, and occasionally there is a paraglider or something.

This way the seawater is not too polluted and the overall is very clear.

Beach quality: four stars.

The sand is fine and white, that is, people are slightly more than Karon Beach.

Hotel quality: Samsung half.

Although the most expensive hotel in Phuket is the most cost-effective hotel, but other hotels always feel that the price is not high.

Store quality: Samsung half.

There are a lot of them, but not much to buy. Or the Patong area is suitable for buying and buying.

Restaurant quality: four stars.

The number is more than that of Karon Beach, and the price is generally the same.

Walking to a small road on the south side of the beach, there are several very cost-effective restaurants.

Recommended index: four and a half stars.

The Kata Beach Composite Index is still relatively high. Although it is not as quiet as Karon, it is not as lively as Patong.

If there is a little sheep, it is perfect!

It takes only ten minutes to ride to the observation deck and to a few local local cost-effective restaurants.

If it is the second time to come to Phuket, it is highly recommended to stay at Kata Beach.

Above evaluation,

Purely personal opinion.

Miss II fully explained her opinions objectively.

For the reference of the younger brothers and sisters,

Do not like do not spray!