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What foreign companies have to say - layoffs


In China, foreign companies are a kind of love and hate. It has both warmth and humanity, as well as a cold and ruthless side. Everyday, he abides by the law, and he is nine to five, who cares about the balance between work and life, but when the business goes down, he is indiscriminate and cuts across the board. He is not only a clean stream in the overtime work, but also a villain who is unacceptable and unappealing.

As an old engineer who has worked for 20 years and has experienced state-owned enterprises, the Internet, and worked in foreign companies for 10 years, the extremes of this kind of foreign-invested enterprise can be described as profound.

In the 10 years of working in a foreign company, I have experienced 3 mergers and acquisitions and two layoffs. One time, five years ago, the Greater China Division cut a hardware division. One was last year (2017), a certain division of the world layoffs, and China is the hardest hit by layoffs, basically cutting the staff in China across the board (only a small amount Business people).

The first layoffs involved the hardware department, the people who were laid off and I basically did not intersect, so my feelings are not strong. The main reason for this ruling is the software business, many of whom are familiar with me. Therefore, after they left, they looked at the bustling next door a week ago. Now they have gone to the empty space. They can’t help but feel the omnipotence of life, and there are rabbits who are dying of foxes and hurt their kind.

The layoff news was spread on the WeChat group on a Tuesday morning, and the news came from public reports abroad. So, on the following day, the inside of the company was like a frying pan, and everyone was using various relationships to inquire about the authenticity of the news. The official layoff mail was sent to the grassroots staff the next morning. In addition to the brief introduction of the background of layoffs and the gratitude to everyone for many years of service, the department and number of layoffs were announced, and the compensation standard (n+4) ). The most chilling thing is that all the retrenes must complete all formalities within 7 days, including handing over laptops, badges, and signing the separation agreement. No handover, no farewell.

Psychologically, some people have summarized the five-stage model of terminally ill patients facing death: negation -> anger -> bargaining -> depression -> calm. In fact, this model is also used in the layoffs, especially for older employees with a single skill, the layoffs are no different from the death of a career. So in the following week, people first cursed and denounced. Then the original opponents who had been fighting in the workplace at this time abandoned their former suspicions and united, and quickly set up a "departed staff committee" to unify the company's negotiations. This also vividly interprets the sentence: "There is no eternal friend, no eternal enemy, only eternal interests."

The committee has set out its own conditions, two appeals:

1. Employees who are unwilling to leave require the company to reschedule jobs.
2. The employee who is willing to leave requires 2n+4 compensation.

The discerning person knows at a glance that there is no legal basis for this request, and more is a high bargaining. The company has long been prepared, and the lawyers hired are determined: the retrenched employees must all leave, and must sign the resignation agreement within 7 days, otherwise they will go through the legal process, and then it will not be n+4, but n+1.

The so-called "departed staff committee" is also the individual's appeal. Young people with short entry years are happy to get n+4 compensation (six months or so salary), and then turn around and find another job, why not! There are still some people, although the working years are not short, but because of the recent job-hopping, they are naturally willing to sign a resignation agreement, and turned to take a compensation of 300,000 to 400,000, comfortable to find a job, more than a sneak interview in the company. The backbone of the struggle is either a person who is currently in a high position and who is not rare for this compensation; or a person with a single skill, a young age and a weak survivability.

In short, the so-called alliance soon broke down. Within a day, some people began to find the hr signature. After that, more and more people, not one week, five days, everyone signed.

The layoffs were a textbook-style "strategic" layoffs. From the director to the executive, there was no escape from the administration. They all had to sign and leave within 7 days. One of the most bleak scenes is: hr, who is responsible for layoffs. After the last employee signed the word, silently signed his name on the agreement that belongs to her, and made the final decision for the layoff. period.

After the layoffs, the pessimistic sentiment spread in the office for the next period of time. Some people even rumored privately that the company will have more layoffs next time. This unfortunate event is likely to be a certain business unit. So, during that time, every time I received an email from human resources, I was shocked. I was afraid that after I opened it, I saw the news that I was being laid off.

It may be that the employee's mood fluctuations are felt above, or the routine after the layoffs. In the three weeks after the layoffs, the human resources department held a special staff exchange meeting. In addition to the hr person in charge of Greater China. There is also a vp responsible for our business line.

The meeting opened an hour and explained two questions: one is the necessity of the layoffs, and the other is that the business unit has no layoffs in the near future. When it comes to the need for layoffs, HR logic clearly shows the company's way of survival:

"Compared with domestic competitors, we have no cost advantage and can't compete with them in low-value markets. The cut-off department is now in such a low-value Red Sea, so layoffs are also a must-have for the company. Because only in this way, the company can extract more resources and invest in the research and development of high-value products."

Subsequently, hr gave you a detailed account of the cost, so that everyone understands "why our salary is not as high as the Internet company, but the cost is higher than others."

Labor cost

Subject to the globally unified culture of the company, companies cannot promote overtime culture internally as competitors. Therefore, you can't hire a person like a competitor, pay 1.3 times the salary, and do 2 people's work (through overtime). But in order to cope with competition, the same productivity output, we must hire more people, but more people in addition to more wages, there are more social security, more provident fund. Taking into account management costs, our labor costs are on average 2.2 times that of domestic companies.

2. Genuine software

Subject to the strict laws of the headquarters, all of our software must be genuine. The company's internal statistics, on average, for each R&D personnel, the annual software license fee is nearly $5,000.

3. Rent

The company's office space and decoration, the global standard, 10 square meters per capita, and the domestic first-tier cities, this one expense, each employee costs 20,000 more than the competition each year.

In addition to the above three items, she also listed other costs, so I won't go into details here.

After completing this account, hr took the opportunity to bring out the company's business philosophy:

“Because we don’t have the cost advantage, we have to enter high-value fields and win high profits. Only with high profits, can companies have the money to feed back on R&D and back up employees, so that they can continue to maintain their technological leadership and continue to win. Take a high profit. This is a closed loop of business logic. When that link is broken, we will quickly lose the foothold in this field. The layoffs will naturally be inevitable. Because if you don’t lay off employees, the sustained losses will be like tumors. , constantly absorb the nutrition of the entire body, and eventually lead to the fall of the entire organization."

She went on to say:

"If everyone understands this truth, everyone will understand why the company's culture places special emphasis on innovation, because for us, innovation is the lifeline, without innovation, and then stacking cost disadvantages, the company will quickly fall."

At the end of the meeting, VP shared his 35 years of workplace sentiment, without a set of words, but as an ordinary employee, sharing his philosophy of the workplace, one of the words, I was particularly impressed, he said:

“The company is like a moving train, and the employees are like passengers. Every station will be under the people and there will be others. The employees’ careers are like a long journey without knowing the destination, at a station, if We have to change, please don't be resentful, because there is no love and hate here. Therefore, when you get up and take off your luggage and turn off the bus, please also go back to the passengers who accompany you all the way, thank you, thank you Her all the way."

Yes, the workplace is like this, life is not the case, from birth to death, are we not continually rushing to the middle? Welcome new lovers, send away old lovers; welcome new life, send away old parents; welcome new friends, send away old friends; welcome new colleagues, send away old colleagues... In fact, no one can accompany us to the whole department Life, so when the person accompanying you wants to get off the bus, even if you don't give up, you should be grateful, then wave goodbye and say thank you sincerely!

This is a foreign company, no chicken soup, no brainwashing, no struggle, no passion, no love, no hate, the company does not love you, you don't need to love the company, like:

" I am standing upside down with a tall tree, but I don't rely on it ."

-- Shen Yinmo