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A small step every day, a big step in life


The old open buns have been paved for more than three years, and they have made a lot of money, and they have earned a little money. They have also won the love of residents in several neighborhoods.

Lao Zhang is not old, only in his early forties, long-term hard work, consumes health, and also consumes body shape, high blood pressure, high blood fat, neurasthenia, and all faces are vicissitudes.

After drinking and chatting with friends, Lao Zhang feels that it is important to be healthy.

Friends have developed an exercise program: running, anaerobic exercise, saving money, saving time, saving the price of the people, the way of the people, no need to do fitness cards, swimming cards, no private coach, just a pair of ordinary sports shoes.

At the beginning, twice a week, three kilometers each time, slowly, increase to five kilometers each time.

After only two months, Lao Zhang clearly felt that the mental state had changed. What is even more amazing is that the body shape has also changed. It turned out to be on the third floor. Now, I can still play basketball with my friends every other time.

If you think that the above content is fictitious, please follow the plan of Lao Zhang and experience it for yourself.

The following content of this article is not a bowl of chicken soup, at best, as a description.

Many friends mentioned in the comments that the article in this small column is not too addictive, too short, and it is over, and I hope to be able to analyze it in depth.

There are a lot of reasons for this. The most important thing is that time and energy are limited. Try to do it every day, sometimes not at all. Also refer to the previous work log, combine the current situation, the environment, and the latest experience. I hope that each time I will explain a problem with a small story or a small case. The problem is small and significant.

Most of the content of the article is a personal case, shared with everyone, and put forward their own suggestions, or introduce some of their own practices, I hope to have a little help for friends who are new to credit and financial industry.

In retrospect, when I was a client manager for a long time, I wouldn’t look at the bank’s water, I wouldn’t analyze the financial statements, I couldn’t read the credit report, I didn’t know what the industry analysis and trend analysis were, it’s too helpless, and I’m interested in my colleagues. The old account manager asks, depends on whether he has time or not. If he has time and is in a good mood, he will not. You said that sad reminder is not sad reminder?

Don't raise the bar, the account manager who has worked for many years will not analyze the financial statements, can't fully understand the credit report, and will not analyze the bank's water flow. It is not a case in many banks, especially a certain bank. This does not blame them, because no one teaches, no one wants to share.

Many of our credit-making friends have limited experience, either in a single line or in a class, with limited access to customers, plus too busy, and no incentive to study more expertise and skills.

When you talk to readers, someone consults, what is the industry concentration? Someone is asking what is a stealth debt? Some people don't know how to conduct trend analysis? Someone asked how to do the equity pledge of a non-listed company? Etc., etc.

It is the same experience, so I have a deeper understanding of the feelings of my friends.

Therefore, I am not afraid of you being disgusted. You don’t know that everyone knows; I don’t know that others don’t know. Now, share what you know as much as possible through the article. Even if it is not perfect, it can provide a platform for discussion with everyone.

Doing these things can only be done after work, and there are still many things that need to be done after work, such as training, writing PPT, and meeting. Therefore, the article is a bit shallower and shorter. Inevitably, in fact, this is just an imperfect pretext.

Some questions are more deeply touched. They are short and do not understand, or they are not rigorous, or rigorous and not systematic. These problems can only be solved in my books, papers or online courses. Interested friends can learn more.

After all, this small column hopes that everyone can read it easily, not too tired, and don't want everyone to have the feeling of reading a paper. I hope to enhance readability through small stories or cases, and have a sense of personal experience.

Sharing is a virtue and may give you a little help.

If you think that an article has a little value, please like it, comment and share it with more friends. If you think there is a bad place or have good suggestions, you can use comments, private letters or WeChat communication. I will be very grateful to you.

Your encouragement is the driving force for me to stick to it. Finally, give the esoteric topic to you:

A small step every day, a big step in life.

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